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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 600: Door of Life

Chapter 600: Door of Life

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The center teleportation array in the white jade plaza suddenly lit up with white radiance. Countless people were so surprised that they stood up. Over a hundred pairs of eyes locked onto the spatial zone above while their eyes quickly lit up.

A giant stone door gradually opened, and a young master wearing a red Chinese gown was standing there proudly. When the doors opened, he didn’t enter immediately. Instead, he turned around and looked behind while his handsome face was filled with an evil-looking smile.


When the young master with evil aura entered, the door gradually closed while the scene in the air slowly faded away.


The plaza burst into a huge commotion! The first to pass the third level was not Yi Chan but Young Master She Fei?!

Everyone knew that Yi Chan had entered the third level several hours in advance, and she had an overwhelming moment, which everyone thought she would ride on and surmount all the levels while taking the lead.

When She Fei was the first to pass the third level, it meant that he obtained six accumulation points, which meant he could obtain two treasures. The first person to obtain five points would get the seventh treasure while the first person to obtain six points would get the sixth treasure. She Fei might only have passed the third level, but he obtained two treasures.

The sixth and seventh treasures were also transcending saint artifacts. Although they weren’t extremely valuable, they were still transcending saint artifacts. Many young masters and young ladies in the plaza didn’t even have a single one. Perhaps, only a person with Fei Qi’s status would possess one while She Fei had obtained two of them. How could all of them not be envious?

Yi Chan had entered the third level a few hours before, and there was still no news of her, which made everyone worried. If such a gorgeous and beautiful young lady was to perish in the third level, countless young masters’ hearts would be shattered.

One hour later!

When everyone regained their composure, the center teleportation array lit up again. This time, everyone was even more confused, as the second individual to pass the third level was actually Yin Ruobing, and Yi Chan had yet to pass the level yet.

Two hours later, the teleportation array lit up two times. Wu Ni had passed along with two servant girls while the Sword Thearch’s grandson followed closely at the back.

Wu Ni had brought four Heaven Monarch servant girls along with him. All four of them had refined the dao pattern shards and weren’t considered formidable. For two of them to perish in the third level… it was imaginable how horrifying the third level was.

Everyone’s hearts grew suspenseful, and they were worried about that purple-haired young lady. There were a few descendants there who were somehow related to the Yi Clan, and they had all knelt down to pray for Yi Chan’s blessings.

Half a day later…

The teleportation array radiated with light while the purple-haired young lady finally appeared in everyone’s vision. Many young masters cried out in surprise as Yi Chan’s white robes were filled with blood and were tattered, revealing her snow-white skin. There were ghastly scars on her body while she staggered as she walked, making everyone’s hearts ached.

“Young Lady!”

There were a few young masters and young ladies who were related to the Yi Clan that couldn’t help but shed some tears. As long as Yi Chan could survive the third level, it meant that she wouldn’t be in any life danger. As long as one could pass the third level, they would be able to teleport out safely with the treasure they obtained.

Yi Chan was injured, and this treasure hunt had become unpredictable. No one except the heavens would know the people that could finally obtain the remaining treasures.

“The sixth and seventh treasures were taken?”

After She Fei passed the third level, Jiang Yi’s mind appeared with a scene where two treasures descended from a crevice in the sky. He was slightly shocked which caused him to exit the Union of Heaven and Man state.


Jiang Yi was appalled when he saw the eight spatial ripples in all directions. He had no choice but to release all the ghost flames he had to envelop himself while he swiftly entered the Union of Heaven and Earth state. If he didn’t do so, he would instantly die in this place.

It didn’t matter to him that the treasures were taken. How could he have the mood to bother about treasures when he was about to die? He had to admit that the temptation for treasures was truly too much for a martial artist.


As the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles passed through the ghost flames, they didn’t manage to enter Jiang Yi’s mind and were all incinerated. Jiang Yi’s had depleted a few bundles of ghost flames and had less than 40 bundles left.

Jiang Yi stood in place and didn’t move. His mind was at a loss, and he didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

Chi! Chi!

Even though Jiang Yi wasn’t moving, the surrounding spatial zone would still have ripples after a certain period of time. Eight Soul Devouring Crocodiles flew over with the aura of death. Jiang Yi didn’t even bother to attack anymore as he simply used the ghost flames to envelop himself and allowed the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles to attack him.

As time passed and after waves of attacks, Jiang Yi’s ghost flames were getting lesser and lesser. When he had less than 20 bundles of ghost flames, those Soul-Devouring Crocodile finally made it past the ghost flames protection and entered Jiang Yi’s mind to attack his soul spirit. When Jiang Yi’s soul spirit collapsed from the attacks, they would then devour his soul spirit.


The Fire Spirit Pearl transferred the energy over which caused Jiang Yi’s soul spirit to flourish with golden light. The eight Soul-Devouring Crocodiles might have entered his soul spirit, but they had all been burned by a layer of the ghost flames and were only a third of their original size. Thus, their attacks weren’t too powerful. Jiang Yi’s soul spirit received the impact again and again, which caused him to grab his head and yelled out in pain. Ultimately, his soul spirit didn’t collapse.

Ss, ss…

Jiang Yi knelt on the ground with one leg and had this fierce expression. He had already consumed the Appearance Alteration Elixir three days ago, and he was back to his original appearance. His delicate face looked pale, and he was grimacing towards the dusky sky. He cursed silently, “Mystic Thearch, why do you have to make all these sick things? There is no need to kill all the younger generations just because they come in to seek treasures, right? Haven’t you already ascend to heaven? Then what is the use to have so many people to perish along with you…”

Jiang Yi’s own unyielding complaint had stunned himself. He muttered despondently, “Kill? Kill? That’s right! The Mystic Thearch didn’t leave behind this palace and mystical restriction to kill. It is to nurture talents. To nurture a heaven-defying expert, so that the Human Race can continue to prosper for generations and suppress the Demon Race.

“Since that is the case… then all the levels in this place shouldn’t be unbreakable. As long as one could find the door of life, then they would be able to pass the level! That’s right, it must be like the case. As long as I can find the crucial point to break the level, I will be able to survive!”

Jiang Yi’s eyes lit up as his desire to survive had caused his entire body to shudder while he looked up to the sky. He regained his composure and didn’t bother about anything else. He sat cross-legged and was going to enter the Union of Heaven and Man state.

Originally, he had trouble to enter the Union of Heaven and Man state; but at the Bridge of Helplessness, he had reached the first stage fatefully. Now that he had a deeper understanding of this state, he could enter it instantly as long as his heart was at peace and without any distracting thoughts.

He allowed himself to fuse with this place and sensed everything with detail. He had forgotten everything, he had forgotten about the threat of death. After a period of time, nine Soul Devouring Crocodiles appeared from mid-air; and he didn’t even release the ghost flames to protect himself. He simply locked his mind on those Soul-Devouring Crocodiles and sensed delicately.

He was looking for the door of life, the door of life on the second level!

The nine Soul-Devouring Crocodiles let out sharp piercing sounds when they assaulted with the evil winds. Jiang Yi could clearly feel their sharp teeth and their ferociously red eyes. He could clearly sense the aura presence of death that enveloped him.

Chi! Chi!

From start to end…

He didn’t release a single bundle of ghost flames and allowed those nine Soul-Devouring Crocodiles to bury in between his eyebrows and rush at his soul spirit. With so many Soul Devouring Crocodiles—if he continued to do nothing, his soul spirit was definitely going to crumble.

Right at this moment, he moved. His body didn’t move; it was the corner of his mouth that arched up!

He smiled.

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