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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 602: Soul Spirit Splitting

Chapter 602: Soul Spirit Splitting

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In the desolate mountain path, a youth wearing battle armor was slowly advancing, but he looked to be walking leisurely. His eyes were sharp like a wolf, and after taking four or five steps, when there were spatial ripples at the front, he would stop and close his eyes.

Swish! Swish!

Nine sinister and horrific crocodile-headed creatures flew in between his eyebrows. The youth didn’t even mind and just closed his eyes while standing motionless. Soon enough, his body started to shiver while the corner of his mouth revealed a painful expression. In just two blinks of the eye, he opened his eyes again and took a deep breath before advancing.

On this second level—the Yellow Springs Path, Jiang Yi had been walking for thirteen days and still couldn’t see the end of this road yet. However, he was actually wishing that this path was a little longer as his soul spirit would be able to grow stronger.

As compared to three days ago, his soul spirit was already stronger by more than 50%. He had this mysterious feeling that once his soul spirit grew stronger by two-fold, his soul spirit would advance to the next stage.

Jiang Yi already had no fear for the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles’ attack as his soul spirit form would just need a single clash to smash the Soul-Devouring Crocodile into pieces. They were no longer a match for him.

Of course, he didn’t dare to walk too quickly. What if dozens or even a hundred Soul-Devouring Crocodiles rush at him at once? His soul spirit was definitely going to crumble. He wasn’t in a hurry either as he didn’t have any intention to get the treasures. Thus, he simply walked peacefully and aimed to advance his soul spirit level first.

At the White Jade Plaza outside, the first and second teleportation array had radiated multiple times. Ling Qijian, Ling Shiya, Tu Long, and the others had all entered the third level. There were many of those ancient aristocratic descendants that entered the second level, too.

There was something worth mentioning.

There was an ancient aristocratic descendant, Liu Xing, who had this great momentum in the normal-grade difficulty. In just a few days, he had passed several levels and was now attempting the fifth level.

A pity that Liu Xing picked the normal-grade difficulty which only gave him one point per level. Thus, he was unable to obtain any treasures. He might be able to pass very quickly, but the normal-grade difficulty gave a relatively low result.

She Fei, Yi Chan, and the others entered the fourth level, and there weren’t any more news from them. None of them entered the fifth level, and it was very suspenseful when everyone outside was trying to guess who would be the one to obtain the fifth and fourth treasure.

Anyone could still take these two treasures while the top three treasures would have to be determined by luck as well. If one was able to continue obtaining all the treasures, then that would mean that individual had absolute strength.

More than ten days had passed.

There still wasn’t any news of Jiang Yi, and those who placed their bets on Jiang Yi were all silently cursing. They obviously assumed that Jiang Yi had already died on the Yellow Springs Path, and all their celestial stones had been wasted.

On the other hand, Fei Tian was having a very pleasant mood. He was satisfied to know that Jiang Yi was dead, and he had won over a thousand celestial stones. He was also an imperial prince, but his status was far inferior to Fei Qi, which was why he had much lesser celestial stones. All these celestial stones that he had won were truly a great fortune.

In the outside world, the commoners used purple gold as their currency while the martial artists used celestial stones. After all, having celestial stones, meant that one could create a group of peak-stage Soul Travel Realm experts as they please. Furthermore, these celestial stones had many other uses—like secret cultivation rooms and great formation arrays all would require celestial stones.

The days flew by, and there were plenty of people that continued to pass the levels. Most of them were in the normal-grade or terror-grade difficulty. There were some young masters and young ladies that didn’t have any more news after they entered the second and third level.

Three days later, someone broke through another level, and it was Liu Xing from the ancient aristocratic clan. He had passed the sixth level and obtained six points. If he was to pass another level, he would obtain the fifth treasure.

Liu Xing was 23 years old and was rather competent for his age as he had reached the peak stage of Vajra Realm. When compared to the descendants from the nine great prestigious clans, he was far inferior. In the past, he didn’t like to reveal his talent; but this time, it didn’t matter if he obtained any treasures, he would still be making a name for himself. Passing the levels weren’t considered being capable, but it was incredible at how fast he was passing the levels.

On the same day, Tu Long, Ling Qijian, and the others all entered the fourth level. All the descendants from the Nine Thearchs’ clans were stuck in the fourth level. Everyone in the White Jade Plaza was feeling the suspense and couldn’t guess who would be the one to obtain the fourth and fifth treasures. The various descendants possessed numerous abilities. Ling Qijian and Tu Long might have entered last, but what if they happened to have an artifact or an ability that could counter the creatures on the fourth level?

“I succeeded!”

At the same time, there was a delighted shout on the Hell-Grade level.

Jiang Yi was standing on a small pathway. He might be closing his eyes, but his face was filled with expectation and delight. He had just felt his sword-shaped soul spirit form reaching the limits and was about to evolve.

During these few days, he had slaughtered innumerable Soul-Devouring Crocodiles, and his soul spirit was constantly growing stronger. Right now, Jiang Yi would be able to easily kill every Soul-Devouring Crocodile with a single attack, and he wouldn’t even suffer any damage. He was already no longer on the same level as before.

At this moment, his sword-shaped soul spirit was already two-folds bigger than before. It was releasing a red light, and he could faintly see two fire dragons swimming around. It was completely a miniature version of the Fire Dragon Sword.


As the sword-shaped soul spirit’s red light was growing more intense, Jiang Yi felt extremely nervous as well. After all, his soul spirit form was already very strange, and he didn’t know what it was going to become after it evolved.


The sword-shaped soul spirit suddenly flourished, and Jiang Yi was flabbergasted by what he saw. His soul spirit form actually split into two, turning into two fire dragon swords.

Of these two fire dragon swords, one of them was exactly the same size as before while the other was smaller by half the other sword.

Damn! Is my soul spirit breaking? Am I going crazy?

When the brilliance on the soul spirit had faded, Jiang Yi was completely stunned. Everyone always said that those crazy people were crazy because their soul spirit had broken apart. Many lunatics had something wrong with their soul spirit, and right now when Jiang Yi’s soul spirit split into two, wasn’t it the same as his soul spirit breaking apart?

Something isn’t right though!

Jiang Yi realized that his mind was very clear. Even though his soul spirit had split apart, he didn’t feel anything strange; and he was the same as before.


In the distance, another Soul-Devouring Crocodile was attacking, and Jiang Yi had to concentrate. Now that his soul spirit had split apart, would it be as powerful as before? He hoped that he wouldn’t be simply destroyed by this Soul-Devouring Crocodile.

Chi! Chi!

When the Soul Devouring Crocodile rushed in, Jiang Yi didn’t bother anymore. He used his thoughts to control the two sword-shaped soul spirit forms to clash with the Soul-Devouring Crocodile. The result shocked him again.


When that Soul-Devouring Crocodile rushed in, Jiang Yi’s smaller sword-shaped soul spirit gently clashed into that Soul-Devouring Crocodile and instantly turned it into white smoke. This smaller soul spirit that was split out actually had two-folds the strength than before his soul spirit was split up. It was outrageous ferocious.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

As the Soul Devouring Crocodiles came in one after the other, Jiang Yi’s bigger soul spirit didn’t even have to move as that smaller soul spirit simply flew around and slaughtered everything. The strange thing was that the smaller soul spirit actually didn’t devour the remanent energy from the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles. Instead, the main soul spirit circled around and started to expand again.

“Uh. This split out small soul spirit is very powerful, and it doesn’t feel like a soul spirit. It is more like a little brother, a subordinate of the main soul spirit…”

The bigger soul spirit was just like the previous soul spirit while the smaller soul spirit didn’t have any awareness. Instead, it was like a sword made by the soul energy and a sharp weapon meant for attacking.

He took a closer look and determined that this smaller soul spirit wouldn’t affect the main soul spirit. He didn’t know the exact function of it, but at least… it seemed to be protecting the main soul spirit. It was minimally capable enough to easily smash all those Soul-Devouring Crocodiles that entered, right? If something wanted to attack the main soul spirit, then that had to first destroy this small soul spirit.

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