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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 603: Passing the Level

Chapter 603: Passing the Level

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Chi! Chi!

Moments later, the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles attacked again. Jiang Yi’s main soul spirit didn’t move while he controlled the other small soul spirit to attack. Whenever one of the crocodiles came in, he would smash it. When the eight or nine Soul-Devouring Crocodiles had all been destroyed, his main soul spirit would circle around and continued growing bigger.

“This main soul spirit is growing bigger again? Don’t tell me it is going to split out another small soul spirit after it had reached the limits again?”

Jiang Yi muttered bewilderedly as he examined the soul spirit repeatedly. After confirming that there was no issue with his soul spirit, he no longer paid any concern to it. In any case, he had already turned into a weirdo after his soul spirit and dantian had gone into a transformation, which he had already gotten used to.

His pace was extremely slow. If it wasn’t because this eerie forest that caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable, he wouldn’t even wish to move around. He would just stay here for a year while waiting for the teleportation array to send him out. It was very safe here, and his soul spirit was being nourished unceasingly. What was there not to be happy about?

One day, two days… three days!

Just like how Jiang Yi had anticipated—when his main soul spirit had reached the limits, it started to split apart. Three fire dragon sword-like soul spirits were formed within the soul spirit sea. There were two small soul spirits protectors, causing his main soul spirit to be even safer.


Suddenly, Jiang Yi’s interest peaked. He increased his speed abruptly and turned into afterimages as he dashed forward. He wanted to see how powerful these two small soul spirits were.

Chi! Chi!

The moment he increased his speed, the surrounding wilderness started exploding ferociously. There were countless spatial ripples and dozens of Soul-Devouring Crocodiles shot out as they turned into a stream of light and charged into Jiang Yi’s soul spirit sea.

“Come on!”

Jiang Yi controlled one of the small soul spirits to guard the main soul spirit while the other rushed at the incoming Soul-Devouring Crocodiles like a ferocious beast.


Without a doubt, they were basically not on the same level. The Soul-Devouring Crocodiles disintegrated with just a casual knock from the small soul spirit before they dispersed into smoke. All of them died, and it didn’t matter how many more of them came.

Within a few blinks of the eye, those dozens of Soul Devouring Crocodiles that had flown in were all annihilated while Jiang Yi’s main soul spirit was floating around the soul spirit sea. He absorbed all of those remanent energies, causing the soul spirit body to be amplified numerous times.

“Hahaha! Continue…”

Jiang Yi had gotten addicted to it. In any case, these small soul spirits were beneficial and harmless to him. He actually wanted to see how many of those small soul spirits could he ultimately possess. Furthermore, the more small soul spirits he had, the safer his main soul spirit would be. In the future, would there still be anyone who could injure him using soul spirit secret arts?


He turned into an afterimage as he dashed across the narrow pathway. It startled countless Soul-Devouring Crocodiles as numerous white lights sparkled endlessly. The Soul-Devouring Crocodiles charged into his soul spirit sea unendingly. Ultimately, they were all slaughtered by the small soul spirit.

More than an hour later!

In just more than an hour, Jiang Yi’s soul spirit split up once again. Currently, he possessed three small soul spirits while his main soul spirit was still expanding.

“My god. How strong would my soul spirit become if it continues to grow? If I were to possess a dozen or even more than a hundred of these small spirits, who would be able to injure my main soul spirit then?”

Jiang Yi grew excited when he imagined those experts launching soul spirits attack on him, but when their attacks went into his soul spirit sea, all of it would be crushed by the small soul spirits into tatters.


Jiang Yi clenched his fist firmly and continued to dash across the narrow pathway. As the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles attack, his soul spirit split apart continuously. Five, ten… fifteen.

Every hour or so, his main soul spirit would reach its limits and split out a small soul spirit. In more than a day, there were more than twenty small fire dragon swords floating in his soul spirit sea. Fortunately, these soul spirit bodies were small and didn’t take up much of a space.

Two days later…

There were a total of 36 soul spirits, and Jiang Yi had finally stopped himself because he had come to the end of the Yellow Springs Path, and a stone door had appeared before him.


The stone door gradually opened up. However, Jiang Yi started hesitating. Although the second level gave off an eerie feeling, it was still quite safe. Who knew what kind of danger would await him at the third level?

However, if he entered this door, he would have more opportunities to continue challenging the levels as well as chances to obtain the most valuable treasures or even the Destitute Dragon Grass he had always wanted!

Chi! Chi!

Countless Soul-Devouring Crocodiles whistled as they charged over from both sides while he turned a deaf ear to it and muttered to himself for a few moments. It was only after he had killed all the Soul-Devouring Crocodiles did he decide to walk into the stone door.

At this moment, he recalled something that Jiang Yunhai said: “A martial artist must have a courageous heart and must not fear of any challenges. If you didn’t have resistance against fear, you would be destined not to have any big accomplishment in this lifetime. Along the road of martial dao, you are to defy the heavens to change your fate and to resist against the heavens. Also, you have to fight against your fate. If you did not have the heart to defy heaven, how are you going to reach the pinnacle?”


The big gate closed itself unhurriedly, and the Yellow Springs Path regained back its tranquility as the surroundings became lifeless.

“My god. What did I just see?”

“This, this…”

“How is this possible?”

Everyone was stupefied in the White Jade Plaza. Their minds were still replaying what they had just seen. A youth wearing combat armor and helmet stood before the stone gate toweringly while countless Soul-Devouring Crocodiles whistled over and infused in between the youth’s eyebrow. However, the youth paid no heed to it as he stared at the gate in a daze while he was lost in thoughts. After two blinks of the eye, the youngster lifted up his legs and walked into the big door, disappearing from everyone’s line of sight.

The stone door was of the hell-grade difficulty. The combat armor was still that same combat armor. However, the youth was no longer the former youth.

However, there were still people who were able to recognize that handsome face. Fei Tian cried out hysterically, “It’s him. It’s him. How is this possible? Impossible! How could he clear the Yellow Springs Path successfully? This is not logical…”


Fei Tian’s cries caused four or five-person eyes to brighten up because… they had betted on Jiang Yi clearing the second level. Furthermore, the returns were five-fold.

A lot of people’s eyes had also brightened up. This brat was actually able to create miracles. If by any chances his dog luck was to continue, allowing him to clear the third, fourth, or even allowing him to obtain the Destitute Dragon Grass, they would be rich.

The returns were hundred-fold!

A hundred celestial stones would give them ten thousand celestial stones! Fei Tian wasn’t counted anyone important, but since Fei Qi was around, they couldn’t possibly renege on the debt, right? So many of them had staked a bet, and there was no lack of clans who had a comparable influence to the Fei Clan. If they were to renege on the debt, the Fei Clan would cause the masses to rise an attack against them.

Originally, a lot of them belittled Jiang Yi. They felt that he was an idiot and hoped that he could die earlier. At this very moment, they started to pray in silence as they wished that he could clear as many levels as possible. This way, they would be able to make a huge profit.


Fei Qi’s complexion had also turned somewhat unnatural. His cold eyes swept past Fei Tian as he scolded him a moron silently. Clearly, Jiang Yi had used an appearance alteration elixir beforehand and had regained his original looks after the effects expired. If Fei Tian hadn’t spoken, they might have a chance of reneging the debt. Now that he had confirmed the person who cleared was Jiang Yi, they were set to compensate these celestial stones.

“Who is that brat?”

“He was actually able to clear the hell grade Yellow Springs Path with just the strength of a first-stage Vajra Realm expert. All of you had seen how brutal those Soul-Devouring Crocodiles were. Unexpectedly, nothing happened to him. How strong had his soul spirit became?”

“That’s right. Soul spirit defense artifact is the rarest, and it was impossible for this brat to have it. In that case, he must have the ability to defend his soul spirit…”

The plaza was filled with discussions. Jiang Yi had already become famous, regardless of whether he would be able to clear the third level. That handsome face of his had engraved itself firmly into everyone’s heart.

Clearly, Fei Tian knew that he had spoken out wrongly after he heard everyone’s discussion and saw the densely cold expression of Fei Qi. He lowered his head with his eyes filled with resentment and muttered, “Brat, you better die at the third level. If you dare to come out, I will definitely let you experience a fate worse than death!”

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