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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 604: Fengdu City

Chapter 604: Fengdu City

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“Fengdu City [1. It is a city that has many shrines, temples, and monasteries that are dedicated to the afterlife.]?”

After entering the stone door, a giant stone monument came into view. This stone monument had the flamboyant blood-colored words painted on it. When Jiang Yi saw these words, his mouth twitched as he looked around and thought that this Mystic Thearch was truly damn talented.

Fengdu City had another name in the human world, which was the Netherworld.

The first obstacle was the Bridge of Helplessness, the second obstacle was the Yellow Springs Path, and the third obstacle was the Netherworld. Let alone crashing through the obstacle, just the thought of it would be enough to frighten a person to death.

The unknown was always the most frightening. If it was demonic beasts or mutated beasts—even if martial artists couldn’t win against those beasts, they still wouldn’t be so fearful. Instead, what humans truly feared were things like the living dead, malicious spirits, ghouls, and demons.

No matter how powerful an expert was—when they were up against unreal things like this, they would still feel a chill down their spines. No matter how powerful a demonic beast was—as long as one had enough combat strength, they would be able to slay it. However, things like malicious spirits had no way to be destroyed no matter how powerful an expert was. Their attack methods were normally horrific and so evil—one wouldn’t even know how they had perished. This was also why the martial artists were fearful against them.

If the heart wasn’t strong enough, they would die even faster.

I don’t care. I have already gone to the Netherworld before. Didn’t I survive that horrific underground world?

When Jiang Yi thought about it, he didn’t feel that it was that horrific anymore. He had already seen the yin soldiers of the underground world, which were those zombies. As long as one had enough strength, they would be able to slaughter a way out.

He took a look at his soul spirit and realized that his main soul spirit was about to reach the limits again. A pity that he was still lacking a final bit of energy. Otherwise, it would be able to split out one more small soul spirit.

Right now, in his soul spirit sea, there were a total of 37 sword-shaped soul spirit forms. The main soul spirit was in the center while 36 smaller soul spirits were revolving around it with prowess. Jiang Yi believed that even a regular Heaven Monarch’s soul spirit attack would be effortlessly blocked by him.

Lifting his leg to move forward, Jiang Yi extended out his divine senses to check the situation and was immediately shocked.

His divine senses, which were originally able to extend out by 20 or 30 miles, were now able to scan over 40 to 50 miles away; and he wasn’t even at his limits.


Although his Divine Perception could reach much further, it was troublesome when using it as he needed someone to protect him. The divine senses were different. He could casually release it, and it had many different functions.

Sixty miles, 70 miles… his divine senses finally reached 80 miles and couldn’t extend anymore.

Despite so, Jiang Yi was ecstatic in his heart. His divine senses were much stronger than most Heaven Monarchs. He had once asked Feng Luan and knew that her divine senses could only reach out to 50 miles.

“Let’s go!”

Being able to scout the situation 80 miles away, Jiang Yi was rather confident as he ran and scouted. However, his heart quickly dimmed.

This place was a giant wilderness and was filled with overgrowth. There were no mountains, trees, rivers, or any living creature. There was only a patch of dark red soil which was covered with dark red shards and a heavily deathly aura.

Is this really the Netherworld?

Jiang Yi thought about it and quickly denied it. This should be a special spatial zone created by the Mystic Thearch. Its objective was to set fear in the martial artists that ventured in here and reduce their fighting spirit. There was never a case of the difficulty increasing.

“How big is this place exactly?”

Jiang Yi sprinted for a hundred miles and stopped. His divine senses had scouted nothing but deathly stillness. There weren’t any life, enemies, or creatures.

“Divine Perception!”

Jiang Yi’s eyes flashed. Since he had been walking for a period of time and didn’t encounter any dangers, it meant that he was temporarily safe. It also meant that he had time to release the Divine Perception to check the situation and find a way out.

After releasing his divine senses to make sure there was nothing dangerous, Jiang Yi sat cross-legged; and a breeze rushed out from his body and extended out in all directions.

A hundred miles, a thousand miles… ten thousand miles!

After scouting out for a thousand miles, Jiang Yi still couldn’t find anything; but he wasn’t dispirited. Since this place was called Fengdu City, there must be a city and not just emptiness.

Ten thousand miles, fifty thousand miles, a hundred thousand miles… a million miles!

Jiang Yi finally found that so-called Fengdu City which was a giant and magnificent city. It was unknown how long and wide it was, but the walls were three kilometers high and reached for the heavens. In the center of the desolate and ancient city walls, there was a giant city gate. It was brownish-red in color, and it was closed, with two lanterns hanging outside releasing a dusky light.

Jiang Yi attempted to scan the city with his Divine Perception but was cut off by a mysterious energy barrier. His only choice was to scan the top of Fengdu City, but there was nothing but darkness below, and he couldn’t scout anything.

He didn’t stop scanning and continued to extend his Divine Perception. His Divine Perception could easily scout the entire Stellarsky Continent, and no matter how big this strange spatial zone was, it wouldn’t be bigger than the Stellarsky Continent, right?

Two hours, four hours… ten hours.

Jiang Yi finally opened his eyes exhaustingly. He had scanned the entire strange spatial zone, but apart from the giant city in the center, there was nothing else.

“It seems like… I have to enter the city in order to pass this stage.”

Jiang Yi realized something. Since this place was called Fengdu City, it was impossible not to enter the city. He didn’t want to go and think about what was waiting for him in the city as he collapsed on the ground and fell into a deep sleep.

There were times he wanted to sleep on the Yellow Springs Path, but he was already awakened by the attacks of the Soul-Devouring Crocodile. Had it not been for his tough soul spirit, he would have already laid down due to fatigue. Now that he had a rare period of peace, he naturally wanted to have a good sleep. Before he fell asleep, he suddenly had an idea—to simply cultivate here for a year. He would just wait for the time to be up and allowed the Mystic Divine Palace to teleport him out.

He had a very peaceful sleep for an entire day. He didn’t wake up naturally and was actually alerted by fatal warning signs.

He slammed his hand on the ground and bounced off the ground. He scouted the place with his divine senses and quickly understood where the source of danger was coming from.

There was a sudden blowing of the wind.

Moreover, it wasn’t some gentle breeze; it was a horrific tornado. Seventy miles away, a giant tornado was shifting towards him. That tornado had a diameter of at least 300 meters, and it was swirling up sand and rocks straight towards the sky. In addition, there were flashes of lightning bolts in the tornado, too. If someone was engulfed by this tornado, what would be the result? No one would know.

“How could there be a tornado out of nowhere?”

Jiang Yi couldn’t understand, but he knew that he had to leave this place quickly. Otherwise, it would be grave.

As the violent gale blew over, his battle armor was fluttering loudly in the wind. He ran desperately while taking out and consuming several elixirs from the ancient divine essence ring. He might have plenty of rations in his ring, but how could he possibly dare to eat in such a situation?

If he was to eat, he would definitely have to release his bowels; and if it was a dangerous situation, he would be toasted. These energy elixirs didn’t have any taste and simply replenished the body with essential energy. A single elixir was enough to last for half a month, and it was a necessity for all martial artists when venturing in treacherous land.

After consuming five energy elixirs, Jiang Yi ran with all his strength as he wouldn’t feel hungry or thirsty temporarily.

He didn’t rush towards the Fengdu City; he was rushing towards the left side of Fengdu City. He wanted to avoid the tornado first and plan again.

Fengdu City was very dangerous, and he had yet to decide if he wanted to enter it. It was just like the time before he went to sleep. He was actually thinking that it would be a great idea if he was able to leave in this place peacefully for an entire year. He didn’t bother if he would still be pursued one year later.


Thirty minutes later, he let out a bitter smile and suddenly changed his direction as he rushed towards Fengdu City.

It wasn’t because he wanted to enter the city, but he had no choice as the tornado had been chasing him nonstop. If he didn’t enter the city, the tornado would catch up with him in due time, ripping him into pieces.

“What is inside Fengdu City?”

Jiang Yi’s steps were very firm, but his heart was feeling very heavy. Would there be malicious spirits in the Netherworld? Would Yama, the King of Hell, be there?

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