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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 605: Soul Sword

Chapter 605: Soul Sword

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A million miles might be far, but for a martial artist like Jiang Yi, it wasn’t considered so.

The Stellarsky Continent was about five million miles from the east to the west. If it was the Yazi Beast, it would only require around a dozen days to cross the continent. Jiang Yi’s speed was just two-fold slower than the Yazi Beast, but it was already very fast. Thus, he would need around four to five days to reach Fengdu City.

The tornado’s speed was slightly faster than Jiang Yi, but for it to catch up, it would need at least half a month. Jiang Yi was in a rather leisure state as it was an easy task for him to be running for four to five days.

It was rather boring to just be running like this. As he ran, he should find something to do.

Comprehend sorcery arts?

Impossible. The comprehension of sorcery arts must be done in a meditative state, and there must not be any distractions. Even if he was to enter the Union of Heaven and Man state, he still would have to check the surroundings, right? What if a monster suddenly appeared and killed him? This tornado was something that appeared out of nowhere.

He didn’t have the Destitute Dragon Grass and couldn’t cultivate his essence force. Now, he couldn’t study on the sorcery arts as well, and he realized that he had nothing else he could do.

After running for half a day, he suddenly had an inspiration and thought of something fun!

Previously, he didn’t have time to take a closer look at those 36 small “Fire Dragon Swords” in his soul spirit. Right now, since he had some spare time, he might as well spend it on them. This transformation of his soul spirit was too strange, and if he could fumble around and develop some new usage for them, it might just increase his survivability in Fengdu City.

He first used his divine senses to scout the place and made sure it was safe, he then entered the Union of Heaven and Earth state. He was closing his eyes and running while his thoughts were inside his soul spirit.

In his soul spirit sea, there was a floating Fire Dragon Sword that was the thickness of a soybean. On the side, there were 36 smaller Fire Dragon swords suspended motionlessly. When Jiang Yi didn’t control these 37 swords, they would be quietly floating. They didn’t even release any radiance and seemed to be very ordinary.


With a thought in his mind, the main soul spirit remained still while the 36 Fire Dragon swords immediately flew around. They turned into 36 streams of light that flashed around in the soul spirit sea.

Jiang Yi understood how to split his mind as he could casually control almost a hundred clones of his Myriad Clones to flee and move. Hence, controlling these 36 smaller swords was naturally not a challenge, and they wouldn’t even clash.

“These small swords should be made of soul energy, and apart from protecting the main soul spirit, they don’t seem to have other functions?”

After studying it for a moment, Jiang Yi didn’t notice anything significant. These small swords were different from the main soul spirit, and there were more like 36 bundles of soul spirit energy. Of course, they weren’t purely energy, or else they wouldn’t have such ferocious attack power. Those Soul-Devouring Crocodiles were crushed effortlessly and were entirely on a different level.

“Ferocious attack power? Then could these small swords be used for attacks?”

Jiang Yi’s soul spirit shook. An offense was also the best defense. If these soul energy swords could be used as attacks, then they would definitely be ferocious. Soul spirit attacks were always horrific attack methods, and once the enemy’s soul spirit had been destroyed, even a peak-stage Heaven Monarch would have to die.

“Small sword, emerge!”

Jiang Yi was born with a bold heart. He controlled one of the small swords to exit out of the soul spirit sea. Previously, he didn’t dare to do such a thing, but he was rather fearless right now. Mainly because he noticed that the main soul spirit was completely different from the other soul spirit swords. They did have some connection, but even if this small sword was to be destroyed, it wouldn’t have a great impact on the main soul spirit.

As expected!

The small soul spirit sword rushed out of Jiang Yi’s soul spirit sea easily and into his body. This soul spirit sword was just like the Soul-Devouring Crocodile and didn’t have any physical body. They could easily move within the body, and after roaming the entire body, it flew back into the soul spirit with lightning speed.

“It doesn’t affect anything!”

When the small sword was roaming around his body, Jiang Yi had been using his divine senses to monitor the main soul spirit. When he realized that there were no problems, he got even bolder as he controlled that small sword to fly out again. This time, it flew out from between his eyebrows.

“Uh, it’s fine. This soul spirit sword really doesn’t have a huge connection with the soul spirit and wouldn’t affect the main soul spirit either.”

When the soul spirit sword exited the body, Jiang Yi was ecstatic. This soul spirit sword could be like the Soul-Devouring Crocodile which could freely enter his body and fly around with the control of his divine senses.


After spinning around his body, Jiang Yi controlled the small soul spirit sword back into his soul spirit sea. When the small soul spirit sword returned to the side of the main soul spirit, Jiang Yi took a closer look to make sure that nothing was wrong. As a result, he was extremely delighted.

He didn’t know how powerful this soul spirit sword was, but he was certain that he possessed a soul spirit attack from now onwards. Although, he still couldn’t know what the limit of this soul spirit sword was and what cultivation realm’s soul spirit could he kill. He didn’t know would it affect his soul spirit if the small sword was damaged. All these required testing.

Of course… these tests were a huge problem. If his small soul spirit got destroyed and caused damage to his soul spirit, he might even die if his soul spirit was to crumble.

“Let’s not bother about it first. Since there isn’t any humans or demonic beasts for me to test it. Let’s see how fast and far this soul spirit sword could fly first.”

Jiang Yi experimented with excitement, and this boring journey had suddenly become very interesting.


A red sword pierced through the sky and flew at an astonishing speed. Jiang Yi pushed the small sword to its limits and realized that the speed was much faster than the Soul-Devouring Crocodile and was about the same speed as Feng Luan.

The soul spirit sword first circled around the nearby vicinity. Jiang Yi then resolutely sent it flying straight ahead, making it traveled more than ten miles in just a blink of the eye. A few moments later, the small soul spirit sword had flown more than 80 miles, and Jiang Yi felt that he couldn’t control it anymore. The soul spirit sword stopped in mid-air while Jiang Yi quickly pulled it back and into his soul spirit sea.

Jiang Yi opened his eyes and looked ahead. He was overwhelmed. “En… this soul spirit sword flying distance is the same as the divine senses. Eighty miles is already good enough! If it could really attack the enemies’ soul spirit, then it would truly be able to kill enemies invisibly through a distance of dozens of miles.

“I shall name this soul spirit sword as Soul Sword then. If it could truly attack and not affect the main soul spirit after being destroyed… it would truly be a great ability for sneak attacks!”

Jiang Yi was deeply overwhelmed, and just as he was going to continue studying it, his mind suddenly appeared with a scene. The sky had a flash of white light, and a giant ax descended from a crack in the sky. The crack then vanished, along with the scene in his mind.

“Eh, something obtained another treasure? This is the fifth treasure, right? I wonder who got it.”

Jiang Yi’s eyes had a smear of disappointment. He might not have any excessive expectations to obtain the Destitute Dragon Grass, but he did have that desire.

Seeing all the people obtaining the treasures, he could see how fast and how ferocious these young masters and ladies were passing the levels. He wasn’t even sure if he could pass this level, and it was needless to say that he wasn’t going to have a share of those treasures.

“I wonder who will obtain the Fire Cloud Bow and Fire Cloud Armor. What kind of mystical secret skill would be the Heaven Evasion divine skill? What does the Destitute Dragon Grass look like? And where exactly is Young Lady Yi Chan?”

There were many doubts in Jiang Yi’s mind, which followed him while he ran and sprinted towards that majestic and mysterious Fengdu City.

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