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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 606: This King Bestows You With Eternal Life

Chapter 606: This King Bestows You With Eternal Life

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“Liu Xing. It’s actually Liu Xing who had obtained the fifth treasure!”

“Awesome. In the past, Liu Xing was just a nobody. This time, he’s going to make himself known throughout the whole Stellarsky Domain. He was actually able to clear the seventh level in such a short span of time when he was only at the peak stage of the Vajra Realm, allowing him to receive seven credit points. Could he possibly be a secluded supreme expert’s disciple?”

“Seems like Young Master Xie has finally met his match. From the speed Liu Xing had cleared the levels, I suppose he might very well seize the Fire Cloud Bow, Fire Cloud Armor, or even the Heaven Evasion divine skill, and the Destitute Dragon Grass.”

“Hmph. So what if he managed to seize them? On the contrary, it would only cause him to be a prey to others. Don’t think that Young Master Xie and Young Master Tu had come alone. In fact, there were experts from their clan helping them out in secret. Liu Xing’s life will inevitably be in danger if he had obtained the Heaven Evasion divine skill.”

“That’s true. Haha… I suppose Young Master Wu Ni and the others should be cursing as well, right? Originally, they would be able to obtain the fourth and fifth treasure after clearing the fourth level. Instead, one of them was snatched away by Liu Xing.”

“En. I reckon after the challenge is over, there would be a bloody battle happening outside the Mystic Divine Palace!”

The fifth treasure had been seized away. It inevitably caused clamor in White Jade Plaza. If it was won by the Nine Thearch Clans’ descendants, it wouldn’t have been that much of an uproar. Liu Xing’s clan was pretty decent and was comparable to the Fei Clan. However, it was far too inferior when compared to the Nine Thearch Clans. Therefore, it would naturally cause everyone to feel surprised, envy, and jealousy.

On the contrary, Fei Qi’s mood had gotten a lot better. Liu Xing—this black horse had allowed him to earn a big profit, and it was sufficient to make up for the loss Fei Tian had suffered from the bet on Jiang Yi.

Fei Qi was somewhat in resentment when he recalled what Jiang Yi did. He swept a glance at Fei Tian and spoke, “Fei Tian, go and guard the exit. If that brat clears the third level, there might be a chance of him teleporting out. Bring Qu Lao and the others along to keep watch. The moment he exits, kill him immediately.”

“Third level? Is it even possible…?”

Fei Tian rolled his eyes. He wasn’t sure how dangerous was the third level, but Jiang Yi was challenging the hell grade difficulty. If he could clear the third level, it will be tantamount to clearing the sixth level of terror grade. How could that be possible? She Fei, Yi Shan, and the others were still trapped in the fourth level.

Therefore, he would never believe Jiang Yi would be able to clear it even if he were beaten to death. Besides, before they came in, he had sent Qu Lao and the others to surround the Mystic Divine Palace. Thus, it didn’t matter even if Jiang Yi was to make it out alive or not.


When Fei Qi saw Fei Tian not moving, his eyes turned cold. Fei Tian could only rub his nose in grievance as he dashed toward the exit. A teleportation array appeared at the entrance of the ravine after the closing of Mystic Divine Palace gate. Everyone in the White Jade Plaza could exit anytime they wanted. Of course, now that the gate had closed, they couldn’t come back in after they had exited. Unless it was a thousand years later…

“Seems like the treasure hunt this time is going to be slightly shorter than the past!”

Fei Qi stared at the teleportation array in regret after Fei Tian had left. In the past, the treasure hunt would at least take one to two months or three to five months, even a year. This treasure hunt would only end when it had reached the one-year limit, the ten treasures had been obtained by others, or everyone who had gone in had perished.

Liu Xing obtaining the fifth treasure had caused him to turn into a black horse. Regardless of whether he was able to continue challenging the levels, he had already evoked the pride of Wu Ni, Tu Long, She Fei, and the others. How could the Nine Thearchs Clans’ descendant lose to others? If they were to go all out, this treasure hunt would certainly end in advance.

It hadn’t even been a month when the fifth treasure had already been seized after the opening of the Mystic Divine Palace. Perhaps in another half a month time, this treasure hunt would have ended; and the slaughtering outside the Mystic Divine Palace would inevitably unfold.

Others might not know about it, but he knew that the Sword Thearch’s grandson was someone who would start a slaughter easily even though he might look extremely harmless. If he was going to seize the treasure away from them, the Pegasus Empire would have to wage a war against him in full strength.

Four days later…

Jiang Yi stood outside the Fengdu City as he stared at the magnificent and enormous city. He was in shock as he stared at the three-kilometer-tall city walls that were built using the big black stones. Without relying on his divine senses to probe while standing outside of the city, he would never be able to feel the imposing magnificence of it. At that moment, he felt that he was like an ant while the city was a huge elephant; illustrating how puny and powerless he was.

“Who built this city? Could it be the Mystic Thearch? What kind of heaven-defying ability is this?”

A vision for the future grew in Jiang Yi’s heart. The outside world was indeed miraculous. When he saw the Fengdu City, he felt that this trip wasn’t in vain.

He had not slept for several days as he fled. At this moment, the tornado had yet to catch up with him and was still dozens of miles away. There was sufficient time for him to make it into the city.

He didn’t enter the city immediately. Instead, he sat down and circulated the Nameless Divine Art to cultivate. He wanted to recover his essence force and energy to his prime.

There was a kind of enlightenment in him. This tornado was simply forcing him to enter the city, and he was definitely able to enter the city easily. Once he had entered the city, the tornado would disappear. Therefore, he was not in a rush.

Cultivating in silence could not only help him replenish his essence force but also alleviate his body and mind, allowing him to reach his optimal state.

“Oh… what a dense heaven and earth essence force. Cultivating here is over a hundred folds faster than outside, right?”

The moment Jiang Yi started cultivating, he realized the difference. This Mystic Divine Palace was indeed a valuable treasure. His cultivation speed here was simply soaring. Furthermore, unlike the celestial stones, it would not harm the body and the body’s natural formation.

“Whoever managed to obtain the Mystic Divine Palace, their descendants would enjoy eternally.”

Jiang Yi sighed in sorrow. Of course, he did not dare to have any extravagant expectations and cultivated with full concentration. The large tornado behind him had already engulfed its way over. However, he turned a deaf ear to it and cultivated in silence.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The tornado was getting closer. Fifteen minutes later, the gale had caused his body to start swaying left and right. He finally stopped cultivating and turned around to gaze at the enormous tornado. He smiled slightly while gazing at the whizzing and disarrayed thunder dragons. He took out his Fire Dragon Sword and took large strides towards Fengdu City’s gate.

Creak! Creak!

When Jiang Yi was a hundred meters away, the city gate opened slowly like the opening of the gates of hell. It was pitch black inside like a tremendous mouth of a monster as if it wanted to devour everything.

The tornado behind him brought along the flying sands and rocks that it had engulfed. The thunder dragons bellowed as heaven and earth shook. A grand yet lifeless giant city opened its city gate unhurriedly. The youth held onto his sword and walked towards it. That scene was extremely breathtaking as it brought a shock to people’s heart.

Jiang Yi didn’t stop, and the expression on him was very neutral and dull. He walked into the city at a stable pace, and the red-painted enormous door gradually closed like a huge monster closing its mouth.

The tornado wreaked havoc towards the other direction since it had lost its target. Very quickly, it disappeared into the horizon while the surroundings regained its serenity. Only the two highly suspended lanterns were lit as they swayed with the wind.


The moment Jiang Yi had entered Fengdu City, a burst of laughter that caused his hair to stand resonated out from the city. That laughter resembled the howling of wolves during midnight and was also similar to the weeping of a person. It was exceptionally eerie, causing Jiang Yi to have goosebumps while a gale of cold air caress over from the street ahead of him. It caused him to shudder incessantly.

“Once you enter the Fengdu City, the Yin and Yang are separated in both ways. Abandon those pointless struggles, and this king shall bestow you with eternal life. Fengdu City welcomes you, human!”

An aged voice that seemed like it came from the Netherworld could be heard from the end of the shadowy street. The voice contained a kind of intangible demonic power as it enveloped Jiang Yi’s soul spirit and body in cold air for a moment. Even his bone marrow had started to freeze.

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