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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 607: Ghost Town

Chapter 607: Ghost Town

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A ghost town!

This was Jiang Yi’s first impression on Fengdu City as he felt a strong smell of death. He even smelled death on the aged voice just now, which was the same as the one in the underground world beneath the west sea on the Stellarsky Continent.

That aged voice made his whole body shake, but that death smell caused his heart to quiver with cold. Living people were full of vigor; they could give up heat and possessed unlimited vitality. However, this city was dead—it smelled of death everywhere. The cold and evil were the odor of this city.

The sky was completely invisible; boundless darkness was the eternal view. The black fog rolled in and overcast the sky and the ground. That was probably why Jiang Yi couldn’t detect this city with his divine perception.

There was light in the city. Along the two sides of the street, there were two lanterns identical to ones outside the city, with a 500-meter interval. The lanterns were lit with dim candles and swayed gently on the street, illuminating the entire city. However, the city appeared more ghastly because of the lanterns.

To Jiang Yi’s deepest horror, he couldn’t look into this city. In other words, his divine senses were useless here. The only thing he could rely on was his eyes.

He had fairly good eyesight. Unfortunately, it was really dark here so he could only see as far as 250 meters. He saw a wide long street in front of him, which was several hundred meters wide. Buildings were arranged orderly along two sides of the street and were all made up of black stones. There was nothing inside the buildings as though they were haunted houses. Everywhere exuded a desolate, chilly, and weird feeling.


That aged voice, which seemed to belong to the ghost king, never sounded again; Jiang Yi let out a deep breath. He carried his long sword and slowly went forward. Since he was already here, there was no room to fall back to.

No matter what kind of fiendish demons were hiding in this city or who let out that aged voice just now—be it the ghost king, a powerful demon, or the king of hell, he only had two options. He either killed his way out or… die!


His footsteps were very low, but it was still very clear on this quiet long street. The sound resonated on the street, which was especially spine-chilling.

However, Jiang Yi was extremely calm at this moment. He wasn’t scared at all. It was the same to him regardless of how strange or horrifying this place was as he had no alternatives. If he didn’t carve out a way through, he had to die.

As he continued walking, he closed his eyes and entered the state of the Union of Heaven and Man!

Though the divine senses didn’t work, the Union of Heaven and Man was different. He became one with heaven and earth and knew every fluctuation in this world, which was far more powerful than divine senses. For example, if he used the divine senses to detect the Soul-Devouring Crocodile along the Yellow Springs Path, he would only notice something when the Soul-Devouring Crocodile appeared and caused an oscillation of the space.

However, the Union of Heaven and Man was different. Even the slightest movement, without causing any space fluctuations, could be sensed by him. Thus, he could make judgment easily and found ways to cope. Before the space fluctuated and the Soul-Devouring Crocodile appeared, his attack was already ready; and he would stay proactive.

With his eyes closed, he moved forward, step by step. He stopped after 500 meters. The street was not a straight line extending forward but turned into a cross, and an appalling picture appeared.

Dead bodies!

Dead bodies were everywhere. Streets, rooms, corners, roofs, and underground irrigation canals were swarmed with dead bodies. At a glance, there were at least thousands of them.

Some were in war armor, some were in ordinary warrior robes, some were in ragged clothes… some had swords, axes, long sticks, bows and arrows in their hands. They were of different ages. There were old people and the young, men and women.

They only shared one thing in common—horror!

The whole body was pale and green, with no color. Some corpses were covered with dried blood stains and ugly ruptured scars. Some even turned, their nails and canine teeth grew longer; they looked exactly like zombies.

These corpses were surrounded by faint black vapor. Though one could hardly smell it, everything that was happening in this world right now couldn’t escape from his eyes as he had entered the Union of Heaven and Man. The surroundings were spooky and gave out a horrendous and horrifying atmosphere, which might also be caused by the black aura.

These black auras gave him a familiar feeling. They were the exact same as those surrounding the Devil Star Vines and the dead soldiers in the underground world.

Fengdu City!

It was indeed a nether world. Even the most powerful martial artist would be frightened by this scene, and their combat power would be greatly reduced, especially for a woman. Even if she possessed omnipotent strength—in such circumstances, her soul would quiver with fear; and she would be too weak to wave the sword in her hand.

In fact…!

The fact that Yi Chan was stuck in the third round for so long had a lot to do with the horrible Fengdu City. Despite her almighty strength, she was still a 17- or 18-year-old young girl who grew up under the protection of her family. All women’s hearts were soft and fragile. She was doing okay that she wasn’t frightened to death by such a hellish situation.

She Fei could pass the first round because the She Clan had been practicing evil sorcery for generations. He came into contact with such an evil and ugly thing from a young age. For him, this Fengdu City was no different from a random wild field. Naturally, he passed the city unimpeded.

As for Yin Ruobing who was the second one to pass the Fengdu City, Jiang Yi had to admit that this woman’s mentality was so strong. Of course, the fact that Yin Ruobing could detect Jiang Yi’s Union of Heaven and Man itself was already very strange. It was normal that some descendants of the Nine Thearchs had a very strong mind.

Jiang Yi returned to his calm after the initial shock. He forced himself to not regard these corpses as dead bodies, but demonic beasts and strange beasts. He split those zombies that were on his way into half using his sword.

He took a step forward, and the situation in front changed again. The dead bodies awoke.

That’s right!

All the corpses moved at this moment. Those in the room crawled out, those in the trenches climbed up, those on the street stood up, and those on the roof jumped down.

There was still no trace of life on all the dead bodies, but the black gas surrounding them got denser and denser. The weapons in their hands were covered by the black vapor and illuminated with a black light.

They showed no expression on their faces and no aura around their bodies. They just silently marched forward and swarmed to Jiang Yi at a speed that was even comparable to that of the Vajra Realm martial expert.

“Come on! I am not even afraid of living monsters, let alone the dead ones. Since you have been dead once, then I’ll let you die again!”

Jiang Yi roared angrily in his heart. The deadly danger sparked his innate desire to survive. His soul was shrouded by a frenetic fighting spirit; balls of earth fire emerged from his body, surrounding him. There were only twenty balls of ghost flames left, which were completely insufficient. He understood the power of the black gas. He was almost turned into a zombie by the black aura in the underground world back then, so naturally, he put up his defense immediately.


He gave a yell in his heart. The body turned to a faint image and darted forward; the fire dragon sword glowed with red light and was slammed down all of a sudden. Tens of thousands of fire dragons whizzed out, illuminating the sky with a red color.

Chi! Chi!

The little fire dragons carried fierce energy and shot forward. The army of the dead swarmed here, completely ignored the attack from the little fire dragons. On three long streets farther away, countless dead men woke up and rushed towards Jiang Yi. They appeared so dark and dense with no boundaries as though they were going to submerge Jiang Yi.

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