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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 608: Man Does not Give up Easily!

Chapter 608: Man Does not Give up Easily!

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Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous zombies were blown by the small fire dragons. The weaker ones directly burst into pieces; more were blown out and sent flying, crashing onto the rolls of zombies behind them.

Jiang Yi’s mid-grade dao pattern was quite powerful. Along with the essence force of the Vajra Realm, the power was comparable to that of a fifth-stage Vajra Realm martial artist’s hardest blow. These zombies didn’t have any essence force. How could they resist the attack just with their physical bodies?

In an attack, Jiang Yi shattered almost one hundred zombies and sent hundreds to flying. Those that were blown up had their limbs and bodies damaged. The power of destruction was formidable, but Jiang Yi wasn’t feeling the slightest relief.

As those zombies got up immediately if they were still able to do so. Even if they were left with only one leg, they would hop up, turn into a faint image, and sprint forward. However, those with their brains smashed couldn’t move anymore.

These dead bodies didn’t have any soul spirit, and naturally, they couldn’t feel pain. As long as they could still move their bodies, they would swarm tirelessly. Even if they had no legs, they would still crawl with two hands.

Chi! Chi!

Jiang Yi’s Fire Dragon Sword lit up and slammed down again, tens of thousands of small fire dragons whizzed out with the momentum of destroying the world. Jiang Yi lit up the Fire Dragon Swords and let out two more strokes without looking at the small fire dragons.

To his surprise, his attack was very strong. Some small fire dragons would crash onto the black slates on the ground or the houses along the street. However, the ground and houses were not damaged at all. Even the lanterns hanging on the houses remained intact.

“How are the floor and the houses in the Fengdu City made up of? Why are they so tough? Is there any invisible restriction protecting them?”

Jiang Yi was secretly alarmed. His attack could even raze a mountain to the ground, let alone these small houses. The black slates actually had no mark left on them.

However, another idea occurred to him. Many martial artists definitely had broken into this place in the past; absolutely, there were also Heaven Monarchs. Even their attack couldn’t leave a mark, it was perfectly normal that he couldn’t either.

“Let’s go!”

His body turned into a faint image and shot straight to the front. He could detect that a continuous flow of dead soldiers were marching towards him. The idea of killing them all was naive and ridiculous.

If he wanted to live, he had to carve out a way through and find the entrance to the fourth round!

There were three main streets. He didn’t know which one to take and had to try his luck. He decided to go straight. Fire Dragon Sword was constantly thrown down, continuously shooting out small fire dragons. The zombies in front of him were either killed or blown out, clearing a path for him. He ran forward along this path.

“There is indeed something wrong with this black auras. Luckily, I still have some Earth fire left in the Fire Spirit Pearl!”

After running for several hundred meters, Jiang Yi also realized the problem. The black aura around those zombies killed by him infiltrated to the street. As he moved forward, he was inevitably attacked by the black aura.

Luckily, his body was shrouded by Earth fire, and the black aura couldn’t permeate through Earth fire to reach his skin. Otherwise, if these black aura touched him, he would also lose control of his body. If his soul spirit was also attacked by it, he would turn into a zombie—a dead soldier.

“Hurry up!”

There was not much Earth fire left. Under the attack of the black aura, Earth fire was gradually consumed. If he ran out of Earth fire, he had to circulate the Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames to protect himself. Right now, his essence force was constantly released every time he let out his Wind Myriad dao pattern. If he used the essence force for Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames, too, it would be a tremendous drain on his essence force. Once all the essence force inside three star spheres ran out, he had to wait for his death.

Of course!

He had plenty of essence force inside the three star spheres. He could still easily last for half of a month even with such intensive attack. Therefore, he only needed to find the way out in half of a month.

The Fengdu City was very big, but Jiang Yi was fast enough to take a round of the entire city in half of a month and find the exit.

The dreams were beautiful, but the reality was cruel!

After Jiang Yi ran for about 1,500 meters, he reached another crossroad which was identical to the last one. He had no idea which way to choose.

Although the Union of Heaven and Man enabled him to detect everything that was happening around him, the region was limited to 500 meters around him. He couldn’t find which way led to the exit at all.

“Mystic Thearch, you are shrewd!”

Jiang Yi finally understood the difficulty of this round was that the city was too big. Divine senses were unable to reach the boundary of the city. Martial artists had to wander around aimlessly in the city, but the zombie soldiers were inexhaustible. If one couldn’t find the exit, they would be killed by the zombie soldiers.

Even for a Heaven Monarch, there was a limit to the number of zombies they could kill and the amount of time their essence force could last. The buildings here were indestructible, and the visibility was extremely poor. There were streets everywhere. Anyone would be lost here, exhaust his essence force, and be torn apart alive by the zombie soldiers!

“Let’s go!”

Jiang Yi didn’t care anymore; he rushed straightly forward. He slammed his Fire Dragon Sword for three times in succession, and nearly 100,000 small fire dragons flew forward in a fan formation, clearing out a bloody road.

Right now, if one watched the city from the sky, he would see an extremely horrifying scene. Inside a giant city, countless streets were lit up by dim candle fire. Dead bodies were all over the street, lying indiscriminately.

On a street, a young man was walking with a sword in his hand. All the dead bodies that were within five kilometers distance from him would awaken and run to him. The young man wielded his sword, shooting out tens of thousands of small fire dragons continuously and illuminating the sky with a red light.

Countless zombie soldiers turned into minced meat and flew all over the sky. Countless zombie soldiers were smashed away but struggled to get up and run to the young man again. He closed his eyes and looked calm and comfortable. He breezed along the street as though he was strolling in the countryside. It was a strange contrast to the horror around him, which was also extremely impactful to the eyes.

After one hour…!

Jiang Yi had passed several hundred kilometers and ran into numerous crosses. He never changed direction and went straight. He had no idea how many zombie soldiers he had killed, maybe several thousand or tens of thousands. He only knew that the zombie soldiers were inexhaustible, and this long street appeared to be endless as well.


He had no way to go and could only blindly go forward. He couldn’t rest; once he stopped, the zombie soldiers would swarm from all directions. He would only die faster.

After two hours, he still didn’t reach the end of the street. This Fengdu City was really boundless, and the zombie soldiers were infinite, too. It was unimaginable—the exact number of zombie soldiers in Fengdu City. Perhaps, there were ten million… or maybe a hundred million?

After six hours, he had already run for about 10,000 kilometers before finally reaching the end of the long street. However, he was extremely disheartened to find a black wall of three kilometers in height!

His worst nightmare came true.

Fengdu City was too large. He had at least passed nearly 10,000 crossroads. In other words, there were at least 20,000 streets in Fengdu City.

The exit was definitely somewhere in the city, but only God knew the exact street that led to the exit. It took him six hours to walk through one street, and it would take 60,000 hours to finish all 20,000 streets. However, the essence force in his body could only last for half a month.


The zombie soldiers followed up from behind, Jiang Yi had no choice but to turn around and begin running and killing again. He didn’t know whether he would ever find the exit, but he was sure for one thing that—man wouldn’t give up easily!

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