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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 610: Men were Confined by Ghosts

Chapter 610: Men were Confined by Ghosts

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On the Yellow Springs Path, Jiang Yi was trapped in a typical mindset and believed that the Soul-Devouring Crocodile was a horrible monster and would devour his soul. Thus, he instinctively put up a defense and thought of ways to prevent the Soul-Devouring Crocodile from attacking his soul.

Later, he changed his ways of thinking and found the location of the door of life. He had searched for the door of life for days in this Fengdu City but still found nothing. Thus, he made a daring assumption. What was the most unexpected place? It was most likely to be the key to pass this round.

Normally, the thing that most people couldn’t think of where the solution was. Otherwise, how could the Mystic Thearch show his wisdom?

Without a doubt!

The most unexpected thing was the infinite zombie soldiers. They were ugly, harrowing, filthy, and disgust. Who would want to pay more attention to them? People were dying to annihilate all the zombie soldiers; who would want to study them?

If the key to pass this round indeed lied on these zombie soldiers, Jiang Yi would absolutely give the Mystic Thearch a thumbs-up and respect him with all his heart.

Be bold in making an assumption, and stay careful when proving it.

Jiang Yi stopped going forward. Instead, he slammed down his sword for countless times and cleared all the zombie soldiers around him. After that, he endured the disgusting aura, stepping on the rotten meat, and entering a room along the street.

He was completely safe in this room. He didn’t have to worry about the zombie soldiers outside at all. He just needed to occasionally give a stroke to kill the approaching zombie soldiers. Thus, he had enough time to study these zombie soldiers.

After going into the room, he entered the state of the Union of Heaven and Man and devoted all his energy into detecting the zombie soldiers around him.

A zombie soldier rushed in. It was in rugged armor and held a pitch-black halberd. He had already turned. His tens fingers were black, and long nails grew on them. Canines grew from his mouth, and his pale face showed a faint black color. He showed no sign of living and was surrounded by a black aura.

He rushed in silently. His footsteps were quiet, and he was nimble. The halberd was surrounded by a black aura and was suddenly slammed at Jiang Yi. His empty eyes showed no emotions. He was really a walking dead.


Jiang Yi casually gave a strike of the sword, and two fire dragons flew out, squashing the zombie’s armor and weapons into pieces, along with several other zombie soldiers behind him. The minced meat shot out in the room. Some bounced back onto Jiang Yi and were burned into ashes by the Earth fire, letting out an unpleasant, burnt smell. However, Jiang Yi acted as if he never smelt them. He stood calmly in the room, waiting for more zombie soldiers.

“There is nothing abnormal with this zombie soldier. He showed no signs of life. Though he was fast, he was as stiff as a zombie. Do I guess wrong?”

The zombie soldiers were blown into pieces one by one. The walls, the ceiling, and ground were covered with minced meat and bloodstains. There was so much meat in the room, which almost buried Jiang Yi. Thus, he rushed out and changed to a smaller room, continuing to look into the zombie soldiers.

After one hour… after two hours…!

Jiang Yi had slaughtered several hundred zombie soldiers and changed dozens of rooms. He examined the zombie soldiers over and over again but didn’t find anything.

His mind was filled with deep doubts. He suspected that his thoughts were wrong. He had checked several hundred zombie soldiers, but every one of them was similar. There was nothing suspicious.


He had no choice but to exit the state of the Union of Heaven and Man. He felt even more exhausted this time. The inner disappointment and physical exhaustion tired him out. He was dying to just lie down and sleep for days and nights.

However, he couldn’t fall asleep. If he did, he would never wake up… the same for Jiang Xiaonu, Feng Luan, Zhan Wushuang, and the rest.

Jiang Yi stared at the incoming zombie soldiers dumbfoundedly. He casually shot out two fire dragons. Seeing them bursting in front of him, Jiang Yi sighed deeply, frowned, and mumbled, “What’s the secret of these dead men?”

After he said this, he suddenly lifted his brows and sensed something was wrong. However, he couldn’t name the exact problem. An idea suddenly occurred to him; he repeated the sentence just now. “What did I say… what’s these dead men’s secret? That’s right… dead men. ‘Dead men’ is an inappropriate phrase!

“They are not dead men. How can the dead attack on their own? How can the dead detect my direction and chase me all the way? Since they are dead, they shouldn’t know anything or move. They should be no different from a pile of mud or ashes. So, why can they still attack? They are not dead men; I was misled. Mystic Thearch, you have my 100% respect. Hahaha!”

Jiang Yi burst into laughing. He found the key to pass the third round unknowingly; he found the door of life!

These dead men were indeed the door of life, but they were not dead!

Or… they were not simply dead; they were puppets. They were refined by someone with immense power. They were puppets that were able to attack and discern enemies on their own.

At this moment, Jiang Yi was certain about one thing. Ghosts didn’t exist in this world… same for the zombies, zombie soldiers, zombie beasts!

Dead meant death. Everything turned into vanity. If the soul was dispersed, and the mark of life disappeared from this world. How could one turn into a ghost, or become zombies or zombie soldiers?

There was no soul spirit or aura of life!

Dead men were indeed no different from a rock or a pile of mud. Even if ghosts, zombies, and zombie soldiers really existed in this world, they were created by men, refined by men with some witchery.

In other words, men were not confined by ghosts, but men were behind the ghosts!

The Bridge of Helplessness, Yellow Springs Path, Fengdu City, Nether World… were all made up by men. The Soul-Devouring Crocodile, ghosts, zombies, and zombie soldiers were created on purpose to whip up fear and weaken men.

The goal was very simple: it was to steel the martial artist’s will. If a martial artist didn’t have a strong heart, how could he persevere in the face of difficulties and change his destiny? Therefore, Jiang Yi was totally in awe of the Mystic Thearch. Jiang Yi was turned around by his brilliant ideas. He was indeed worthy of the title of the no.1 Emperor in history.

After sorting out the matter, the tiredness in his heart was swept away, and his mind was suddenly enlightened. He looked at the approaching zombies, and he no longer felt frightened and showed a trace of a smile at his lips. As he found the crux of the problem, he was confident that he would crack the matter as long as he was given enough time. It was highly likely that he would pass the third round.

“These zombies are just puppets. As long as I can find the core of the puppets, they will break without attack. Moreover, if I am able to refine their cores, they may even be at my disposal.”

Jiang Yi murmured with great confidence. He took a deep breath and entered the Union of Heaven and Man state again. He had seen through the facade, and so he just needed to pinpoint the core accurately and—therefore—find the way to pass the round.

Since the zombie soldiers were manipulated, then he just had to find their central processor. Then, he would easily defeat them.

He glanced at the zombie soldier over and over again. In just five minutes, his soul trembled. He found the core—the key to control the zombie soldiers.

The black aura was the core. The black aura surrounding the zombie soldiers was the key to control them.

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