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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 611: Guardian

Chapter 611: Guardian

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Jiang Yi had examined many zombie soldiers before and was aware that their bodies were surrounded by a black aura. He didn’t think much at the beginning and thought it was normal to have a black aura around zombies. Without the black aura, they looked less like zombies.

Now, he understood that the dead were dead; how could they have a black aura? If it was to appear scarier, these zombies might as well look more horrible such as having blood or pus.

Besides, the black aura could attack the living and diminish one’s body and soul spirit. Thus, there was something wrong with the black aura, which was definitely the key to control the zombie soldiers.

After looking into them carefully, he finally realized the problem. These black auras didn’t come from the bodies of the zombie soldiers. Instead, they were emitted from the soul spirit body in the zombies’ heads.

The problem was…!

They were already dead, and their soul spirits were gone. At best, the soul spirit body was just liquid in the brain; how could it release black aura?

After further exploration, Jiang Yi found that this soul spirit body wasn’t even pure. It was an artifact refined by someone!

Somebody used some extremely powerful skills and refined the soul spirit bodies of the dead so that black aura constantly came out of each soul spirit body. This was why the dead turned into puppets and zombie soldiers.

Therefore, it was really easy to defeat the zombie soldiers. One just had to break their soul spirit body. After that, they would turn into real dead men and could no longer move or attack. This was the most logical explanation to why the zombie soldiers with their head smashed by Jiang Yi were unable to move anymore.

Despite finding the door of life, it was still quite troublesome to break this door of life. Jiang Yi contemplated for a while before experimenting. The Fire Dragon Sword disappeared from his hand. He shot a finger force from the other hand, directly aiming at the head of the zombie soldier that just flew in.

Jiang Yi seldom performed extroversion of essence force, but this didn’t mean that he didn’t know how. Even a Soul Travel Realm martial artist could perform extroversion of essence force. He could easily release tens of thousands of fire dragons from his Fire Dragon Sword. It was a dao pattern attack, which was much more powerful than the extroversion of essence force. Thus, he normally couldn’t be bothered to use extroversion of essence force.

However, in order to prove his assumptions, he shot a finger force at the zombie’s glabella. He aimed to pierced his head and destroy his soul-spirit body.


He underestimated the level of hardness of the zombie soldier and overestimated the power of his essence force attack. The finger force landed at the glabella of the zombie soldier, but it only knocked him flying, alongside with two other zombie soldiers. However, it only left a mark on his head and scratched the skin on the surface.


Jiang Yi got anxious. He found the door of life, and it seemed like he couldn’t break it? The zombie soldier’s body was really very tough. However, when he thought about his dao pattern attack which only killed nearly one hundred zombie soldiers, even with the help of tens of thousands of small fire dragons released by the Fire Dragon Sword, he felt the result was perfectly normal.

“What should I do?”

Jiang Yi pondered over the possible solutions. He was brainstorming. If he couldn’t destroy the soul spirit of the zombie soldiers easily and had to rely on the Fire Dragon Sword, he would still die from exhaustion. Finding the door of life wouldn’t really make a difference.

“Got it!”

Soon, he had a crazy idea, which even scared himself at first.

Swish! Swish!

A zombie rushed to him again, and Jiang Yi clenched his teeth and suddenly opened his eyes. A white light flashed at his glabella and instantly shot into the zombie’s glabella, entering his head.

That’s right!

Jiang Yi wielded the Soul Sword. There were 36 small Soul Swords in his sea of soul spirit. These small things were very ferocious. If a Soul-Devouring Crocodile would be crushed by the Soul Sword.

He was going to use the soul sword to destroy the soul of the zombie soldiers and wreck their cores. Thus, zombie soldiers would become completely dead.

His attack was actually very dangerous. If the soul sword was damaged, his principal soul spirit would be harmed, too… even invaded and infected. He would also turn into a zombie and die without a place to bury his body. However, what other options did he have now?

Chi! Chi!

The soul sword flashed and easily entered the zombie soldier’s brain, shooting straight into the soul spirit body. Jiang Yi was nervous to the extreme, both his soul spirit and his physical body. Whether he could live depended on this strike!


Jiang Yi heard a sound of watermelon bursting. The soul sword knocked at the zombie soldier’s soul-spirit body, crushing it in an instant. A black aura diffused from the soul spirit body, and then the entire zombie soldier began to give out black smoke. After that… the zombie soldier collapsed onto the ground!

“I succeeded!”

Jiang Yi’s soul trembled again. His eyes were as bright as stars. The soul sword didn’t let him down. It easily destroyed the soul spirit body and the core that controlled the zombie soldier. Most importantly… Jiang Yi’s soul sword was not harmed at all or corrupted by the black aura. It returned to Jiang Yi as good as new.


Jiang Yi looked up at the sky and laughed loudly. All his distress and misery were cleared away and were replaced by endless delight and happiness. He had to once again rely on his wisdom to turn the table around. Fengdu City would collapse by itself.


Another zombie soldiers rushed to him, Jiang Yi’s glabella glistened with red light, and the soul sword entered the zombie soldier’s glabella immediately before returning to Jiang Yi. The black aura around the zombie dispersed. The zombie crashed onto the ground and was completely dead.

Three, five… eight!

After eight zombie soldiers that rushed into the room were effortlessly slaughtered, Jiang Yi inspected the situation carefully and found that there was no problem. He rushed out of the room, laughing. Thirty-six soul swords whizzed out from his glabella and shot towards the zombie soldiers that were swarming from all directions. He let out the Earth fire to cover himself and strode forward.

Pong! Pong! Pong! Pong!

Jiang Yi wandered on the long street that was filled with dead bodies. With his body surrounded by Earth fire, he was like an invincible god. Thirty-six soul swords turned into 36 streams of light, dancing around him. Zombie soldiers carried deadly aura and sprinted towards him from all directions. However, before they got near him, their glabellae were pierced by a soul sword, which exited from the back of their heads. After that, the zombie soldiers fell onto the ground with a crash and fell into a never-ending slumber.

This scene was very awe-inspiring. Jiang Yi’s indifferent expression and calm footsteps posed a striking contrast with the flock of zombie soldiers, providing an extreme visual impact. Those 36 soul swords appeared like divine swords that guarded the deity. Everywhere that the red light passed, zombie soldiers crashed down one by one. It appeared absolutely effortless.

Jiang Yi didn’t even have to consume any essence force right now. It was so easy for him to control these 36 soul swords that it felt like a game. Now, he had ample time to find the exit. It didn’t matter even if there were tens of millions or billions of zombie soldiers. His 36 soul swords would still kill them all like mowing the grass. Who could stop him from marching forward?

After six hours…!

Jiang Yi reached the end of a long street. Behind him, there were immeasurable dead bodies. This time, they were genuine dead bodies which were no different from a rock or a pile of mud.

He had no idea how many zombie soldiers he had killed over the last six hours; he just knew that he hadn’t found the exit yet. If he didn’t find the way out, he would continue to kill until all the zombie soldiers were completely dead; and this Fengdu City became a genuine dead town.

“Je! Je! Je!”

However, as he was going to continue to explore another long street, a burst of sinister laughter broke out, the aged voice that he heard before when he just entered the city echoed again. “Alright, human. Stop killing! Go straight for five kilometers, and turn right. The exit is at the end of that street. If you want to leave the Fengdu City, then come and have a fight with me! Of course… I shall bestow you with eternal life!”

“The ghost king?”

Jiang Yi looked at the sky on his left. He didn’t show any panic or fear on his face. Instead, his lips curved up. He suddenly laughed demonically, “Senior, please drop the act. If I guess correctly, you are not the ghost king. You are—the guardian of the Mystic Divine Palace!”

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