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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 612: Return My Freedom

Chapter 612: Return My Freedom

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There were many spaces inside the Mystic Divine Palace, which were refined separately with mighty restrictions and supernatural powers. It was the same for the Witch God’s Universal Palace. Of course, this Mystic Divine Palace was much superior to the Universal Palace.

There was a very special space in the bottom of the Mystic Divine Palace. This space wasn’t very big and was much smaller than the rest. A thatched cottage was located in the center of the space. Outside the cottage, there was a large lake. Apart from this, there was nothing else.

It was extremely cold in this space. Even the thatched cottage froze. A sheet of ice covered the ground outside the toilet. The giant lake far away was blanketed by thick ice. The temperature was incredibly low. An average martial artist would freeze to death, let alone a common man.


Just at this moment, all the ice floating on the lake shattered and shot towards the sky. Countless waves surged from the icy water. A giant head slowly emerged.

This head was as big as an elephant’s head. It was black and was strikingly similar to a turtle’s head. Its bell-sized eyes shone with turbid light, which was like the gaze of an old man. His gigantic body revealed a small part. It was really a huge old turtle.

The old turtle moved slowly to the thatched cottage. Everywhere it passed, the ice split up automatically; and colossal waves rose and hit the ground along the lake before quickly freezing again.

After a while, the old turtle swam to the shore. Almost all of its giant body was exposed to the air. If someone was here to see it, they would be awestruck.

As this old turtle was really too big. An ordinary demon king was about 30 meters long; the demon thearch was bigger and was at least 70 meters long; and the length of the powerful demon thearch even reached 160 meters. However, this old turtle was… 300 meter in length!

This gigantic, 300-meter in diameter old turtle was like a moving castle, a mountain! Even a Vajra Realm martial expert would be crushed into powder if this turtle stomped on him.

This actually was not the point!

The point was that there was a giant chain made up of cold iron at each of the four corners on the shell. Only part of the iron chains was visible, the remaining part extended to the deep water. In addition, the old turtle even had its four legs tightly chained by the cold iron chains. The chains shimmered with chilly light and shook as the old turtle swam, causing the lake to be more turbulent.

The old turtle was pitch black. There were some confusing patterns on its shell. After it swam to the shore, one of its giant legs slapped on the ice surface. The iron chains that tied up to it moved as well, creating a splashing sound.


A dull sound rang. Immediately, the thick ice cracked on the lake and the ground, protruding into a distance.

The old turtle turned to the hut. Its turbid eyes quickly became clear before instantly turning extremely cold. Its eyes appeared even colder than the temperature in the space. One would feel his entire body frozen at first glance.

“Je! Je! Je!”

It suddenly opened its huge mouth and burst into laughter. The laughter was old and full of the vicissitudes of life. However, it sounded happy and sharp. Its colossal body shook along with the laughter. Eight iron chains crashed together. The lake churned, and waves surged one after another.

If Jiang Yi was here, his soul spirit would totally quiver. As this laughter was exactly the same as that of the ghost king in Fengdu City.

“Over 700,000 years!”

The old turtle raised its gigantic head. A hint of wrath flickered across its eyes; it bellowed hysterically, “Over 700,000 years. I’m trapped in this damn place for over 700,000 years and can finally get out and see the light again! Je-je-je. I thought I would never be able to return to the Stellarsky Domain within my 1,000,000-year lifespan, but now I can finally escape?! Mystic Thearch, you prided yourself on being the Heavenly prodigy and having matchless wisdom! Isn’t your little trick seen through, too? Je-je-je, as promised, if your ploy is disclosed and my identity is revealed, you must return my freedom. Otherwise… I’ll raze your Mystic Divine Palace! Give me back my freedom, give back my freedom!”

The old turtle let out deafening roars, which cracked the ice on the ground and created turbulence in the space. It was horrible to the extreme.

The old turtle wielded its front claws, causing two giant black cold iron chains to shake while making terrifying noise. The sway of the giant turtle caused the entire lake to tumble. Waves gushed to the sky; it was a distressing scene.

What was more terrifying was the aura of the old turtle. It felt like the sky was overcast by black clouds, the mountains collapsed, and the sea back flowed. It was extremely appalling. If Jiang Yi was here, he would definitely be suppressed to death by the aura of this old turtle.

The old turtle kept on roaring at the cottage. Strangely, its howl could make the ice on the ground burst but couldn’t harm the cottage at all, not even the ice on the roof.


However, the thatched cottage shone at this moment. An aura that was more frightening than that of the old turtle permeated out. The space instantly stopped oscillating, the rolling lake returned to peace, and the old turtle’s high-up head was immediately crushed down. Its bell-sized eyes were filled with terror and hatred, the kind that was engraved to its heart.


The space in front of the cottage fluctuated slightly; a figure slowly congealed. The image was very clear, but it turned out to be blurry if one wanted to look at it carefully. It was only obvious that it was a man, but his exact features couldn’t be seen distinctly.

The man was in a common black robe. His spine was as straight as a pine tree. He appeared like an invincible sword. His cold murderous aura caused the old turtle to shrink its head repeatedly, but its eyes looked more fearful and resented than ever.

“Ao Lu!”

An extremely ethereal voice came from the figure. It was a very deep voice, with the charisma of the man. It possessed an inexplicable conviction and imperiousness, which made people unable to defy him.


Upon hearing his voice, the old turtle trembled. It was so scared that it tumbled back for several meters. The bitterness in its eyes disappeared and was replaced by horror and fear that emerged from the deepest part of its soul.

“First of all, I want to congratulate you. The appearance of this trace of my remnant soul means that you have regained your freedom. I don’t know how many years have passed, but since we made a deal back then, naturally, I will keep my promise and give your freedom back to you. However, before I do that, I have something to tell you. If you can’t keep your promise, I will guarantee that you’ll die. You should know… my ability very well!

“First, go back to your Endless Deep Sea, if you dare to step into the field of the human race, you will die! If you dare to kill a single human, you will die! Secondly, place the Mystic Divine Palace on the peak of Mt. Mystic Divine and leave it to those who are predestined to get them. If you dare to touch any treasure in the Mystic Divine Palace, you will die! Thirdly, continue to cultivate. Trapping you inside this Mystic Divine Palace is not solely for you to protect the palace. It is also a privilege and an opportunity. If you can take the final leap, you can break the shackles and find me for revenge…”


After finishing the last word, the image faded away, but the space where the image was at cracked. A bright light shot in, and it was actually a blade light.

The blade light slammed forward with an aura of destroying the world. The strike knocked the giant body of the old turtle flying and smashed the eight iron chains into powder!

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