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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 613: Situation Change in the Treasure Hunt

Chapter 613: Situation Change in the Treasure Hunt

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The giant tortoise’s mountain-like body had been lifted and sent flying. Its tortoiseshell had a giant crack while the abdomen had a bloodied scar. As its giant body flew far away, there was a blood mist that was left behind. The originally peaceful lake now had a giant deep gutter at the surface of the lake. Giant waves were splashed up again and gushed towards both sides.


The old tortoise’s body crashed heavily on the shore of the lake which was 300 meters away, smashing up the ice on the surface of the ground into pieces, while a deep pit was left on the ground. The old tortoise lay on its back while the abdomen was drenched in blood. Fresh blood was still gushing out violently from a deep scar that was on the abdomen.


This old tortoise which was addressed as ‘Ao Lu’ by the Mystic Thearch had this black light that flashed on his body. Subsequently, its giant body vanished while a black-robed old man appeared by the side of the deep pit. The old man had a head of green hair and was kneeling on one knee while his wrinkled old face was ghastly pale. His eyes were closed, but blood kept oozing out of the corner of his mouth while his aura presence was extremely weak.


Ao Lu suddenly vomited a mouthful of old blood while he slowly opened his eyes which were filled with fear and alarm. His eyes looked at the thatched cottage in the distance and let out a sigh before saying, “You are indeed worthy of being the heaven-defying expert throughout the ages. A wisp of the remnant soul is actually able to severely injure this Emperor. Mystic Thearch, how formidable is your true strength?”


Ao Lu revealed a smear of his bitter smile, which was filled with desolation, agony, and helplessness.

After being trapped in the Mystic Divine Palace for more than 700,000 years, all the overflowing resentment, hatred, and fury in his heart had been dispersed by that blade.

The Mystic Thearch used that blade earlier to tell him that there was no difference in killing an insect or to kill him. Back then, the Mystic Thearch didn’t kill Ao Lu wasn’t because of his formidable defenses, but because the Mystic Thearch didn’t want to. He had let Ao Lu defended the Mystic Divine Palace was to give him a great opportunity, but it was a pity that Ao Lu didn’t understand the Mystic Thearch’s heart.


Ao Lu laughed bitterly for a moment and let out a long breath. He staggered while he stood up, and his aura presence had turned peaceful. His had this calm expression while he despondently muttered, “Free, free at last! I can finally return to the Endless Deep Sea. More than 700,000 years have passed. I wonder if my descendants are still around.


He stood for a moment while his body violently throbbed as he spurted out another mouthful of fresh blood. His face looked even paler while his body swayed and almost fell over.

Moments later, he sat cross-legged and let out a helpless sigh. “Seems like I better recuperate my injuries first. Otherwise, I might just be killed by the Human Race’s pinnacle expert when I bring the Mystic Divine Palace to the Mt. Mystic Divine.”

Ao Lu had been frightened stiff by the Mystic Thearch’s blade. He might not understand why the Mystic Thearch transcended more than 700,000 years ago. Since he had already regained his freedom, how was the Mystic Thearch going to kill him? However, that blade earlier had given him this indescribable feeling that… if he didn’t listen to the Mystic Thearch’s orders, he was definitely going to die. Hence, he had no choice but to obediently bring the Mystic Divine Palace to Mt. Mystic Divine before returning to the Endless Deep Sea.

He was of the demon race, and Mt. Mystic Divine was located in the East Imperial Continent. He was currently inflicted with severe injuries, and no matter how appalling his combat strength was, he would still be slain if all the experts worked together. So he decided to recuperate first before leaving. After all, this Mystic Divine Palace was the safest place in the world.

He gradually closed his eyes. After he was recovering for a period of time, he suddenly recalled something and opened his eyes. He casually struck out a white light which pierced the sky and vanished. He muttered and closed his eyes again. “En… this Emperor would be able to recuperate in half a month, this attempt on the levels shall be ended in advance. Since that kid has already neutralized two of the hidden pieces that were set up by the Mystic Thearch, then there is already no meaning to attempt in passing the levels…”


The moment Ao Lu struck out that white light, the entire Mystic Divine Palace flashed with light and emitted a blinding radiance. Qu Lao, the various secret guards, and those people waiting for battle after the treasure hunt had all been shocked.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Various secret guards all flew out from their hiding places and looked at the Mystic Divine Palace nervously with eyes of doubt. It had been less than half a month since the treasure hunt started. How could it already end? Could all the treasures have been obtained? Or had all the people that attempted the levels already be dead?

When thinking about the latter, everyone’s heart suspended. If all those young masters and ladies had perished, they were unable to imagine how furious their lords would be.



The spatial zone outside the large doors of the Mystic Divine Palace shuddered which made everyone even more nervous. However, they were all quickly disappointed. Those that were teleported out didn’t include their young lords and mistresses.

“First Prince!”

Qu Lao and his men’s eyes lit up while Fei Tian, who was riding on a pterippus, was also reinvigorated. He quickly ordered someone to control the pterippus to fly over. The over-a-hundred people that were teleported were Fei Qi and the others in the White Jade Plaza.

“Big Brother, what happened?”

Fei Tian shouted out from a distance, “Is the treasure hunt over? Who obtained the Destitute Dragon Grass?”

In fact…!

Fei Qi and the others all had bewildered expressions as they looked around. Their eyes contracted and someone exclaimed, “Heavens, no one had obtained the Fire Cloud Armor, Heaven Evasion divine skill, and the Destitute Dragon Grass, but we were teleported out. Could it be…?”


Countless experts yelled out as well. A Heaven Monarch expert who was filled with cold killing aura flashed and grabbed a person’s neck and roared, “Is there really no one that obtained the Fire Cloud Armor, Heaven Evasion divine skill, and the Destitute Dragon Grass?”

Fei Qi’s eyes revealed a trace of fear while everyone looked at each other and had a great alteration of expressions. Just moments ago, no one had been able to pass any levels since She Fei, Yi Chan, and the others were stuck in the fourth level. Not even Liu Xing was able to pass the eighth level. There were so many witnesses, and it couldn’t have been wrong. This meant that no one obtained those three treasures!

Since they were suddenly teleported out, there was only one explanation… the treasure hunt had ended. In the past, the treasure hunt would only end if the one-year time limit was up, if all ten treasures had been obtained, or if everyone inside the levels were dead!

It was less than half a month since the Mystic Divine Palace’s doors opened and since the treasure hunt started. There were still three treasures that had yet to be obtained. Hence, there was only one explanation… everyone had perished!

When thinking about this, Fei Qi’s body shook non-stop. The Sword Thearch’s grandson, Jian Wuying, was still inside there, that True Astral Body that only appeared in 10,000 years, the Sword Thearch’s favorite grandson had actually perished in the Pegasus Continent? No one should be blamed for the treasure hunt in the Mystic Divine Palace, but if the Sword Thearch was infuriated, the Fei Clan might be able to survive. However, Fei Qi, Fei Tian, Qu Lao, and the others wouldn’t be spared.

Time ticked by, and the spatial zone outside the Mystic Divine Palace didn’t have any more movements. Everyone’s faces were growing even more awful while their hearts were feeling more despair.

There were plenty of people outside the Mystic Divine Palace. After including the spectators and the various clans’ guards, there were at least a few tens of thousands of people. Right now, none of them dared to let out a single voice as they were afraid they might incur the wrath of the great clans’ secret guards. When that happened, everything outside the Mystic Divine Palace would be turned into a river of blood.

Half an hour, one hour… one and a half hour!

Everyone was in despair now. If there was anyone else to be teleported out, they would already be out by now. The Mystic Divine Palace only appeared once every millennium, and every clan had recorded that everyone would be teleported out immediately once the treasure hunt ended. However, more than one and a half hour had already passed.

“This isn’t right!”

An expert suddenly burst out with a yell. “Something is not right. The Young Master and the others might not be dead yet. Once the treasure hunt of the Mystic Divine Palace ended, not only would the people be teleported out, but the Mystic Divine Palace would also immediately vanish!”

“That’s right!”

Everyone suddenly realized it, and their dimmed eyes suddenly brightened up again. It had been one and a half hours, but the Mystic Divine Palace was still here. It meant that there was a situation change. She Fei, Yi Chan, Wu Ni, and the others might still be alive.

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