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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 614: Who is Cheating

Chapter 614: Who is Cheating

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She Fei and the others were indeed still alive, and they were doing fine. Everyone who was attempting the levels was all still alive.

Wu Ni, She Fei, Tu Long, Yin Ruobing, the Sword Thearch’s grandson, Jiang Wuying, Ling Qijian, and Ling Shiya were all still trapped in the fourth stage which was of the horror grade difficulty, the Evil Spirit Ridge!

The Evil Spirit Ridge had a total of 108 mountains. Each mountain was so large that it had no borders. The ridge didn’t have any evil spirits, but there were countless horrific demonic beasts. Each mountain had a demon thearch guarding it. In order to pass the fourth level, one had to pass through the layers of demonic beasts obstructions. They had to travel across 49 mountains to reach the Wild Spirit Village which was located in the center.

She Fei and the others didn’t work together as everyone had been teleported away from each other once they entered this level. They weren’t even given the chance to cooperate with each other. Hence, everyone had a hard time and had to kill a path of blood out of this place. Fortunately, the demon thearchs in the Evil Spirit Ridge wouldn’t leave their own mountain, or else all of them would have been dead without any burial grounds.

Yi Chan had led the group and already broken through the fourth level, which stirred up everyone’s arrogant pride. Wu Ni and the rest were still pushing on desperately while She Fei had already crossed several mountains and had passed the 42nd mountain. Ling Qijian had used their clan’s artifact to locate Ling Shiya, and they were rushing towards Wild Spirit Village. Yin Ruobing had already passed through 38 mountains in the Evil Spirit Ridge and was about to break through the level.

However, right at this moment…

There was something that happened which shocked and baffled everyone. There was a flash of white light in the sky, a crack appeared, and all the demonic beasts were siphoned into the crack. The countless demonic beasts on the Evil Spirit Ridge were all wiped out cleanly.

Everyone held on to a bewildered and disturbed heart and rushed to the Wild Spirit Village, only to realize something even more shocking. The Wild Spirit Village’s stone door couldn’t be opened, and they couldn’t enter the fifth level!

The same time happened to Yi Chan as she was in the fifth level, the Soul-Returning Cliff. There were no malicious spirits or any demonic beasts here. There were various kinds of horrific restrictions instead.

The sky would occasionally have a rain of rocks and ice, spouting of Earth Fire, blowing of whirlwinds, and striking of lightning bolts. Just a moment earlier, all the restrictions had lost effect. Yi Chan used an extremely fast speed to reach the end of the Soul-Returning Cliff and found the stone door to pass the level. However… the stone door couldn’t be opened!

In the normal grade difficulty’s second level, third level, and the level that Liu Xing was in. All the martial artists attempting the various levels realized that all the dangers had vanished. They were completely safe, but no one could open the stone doors and enter the next level.


Right as everyone was at a loss, a scene appeared in everyone’s mind. There was a flash of lightning across the sky, which opened up a crevice. Immediately after, luxurious and fiery red battle armor, a book, and a jade box all descended from high altitude. Afterward, the crevice vanished, and the scene vanished as well.

“The third, second, and first treasure were all obtained at the same time!”

This information that appeared in everyone’s mind made their bodies trembled while they were dumbstruck. Had it not been for the dispelling of dangers and the stone doors which couldn’t be opened, everyone would think it was an unreal dream.

The third treasure required nine points, and it was normal for someone to obtain it. The second treasure—the Heaven Evasion divine skill—required twelve points, and the first treasure required fifteen points.

What did this mean?

It meant fifteen levels for the normal grade, eight levels for the horror grade, and five levels for the hell grade!

This wasn’t the crucial point. The crucial point was that no one obtained the third treasure, and even if someone was to consecutive pass several levels at once, it would still require time, right?

Even for the hell-grade difficulty, one would have to fly from the third level to the fifth level. Was it possible?

This was obviously impossible!

It was why She Fei had struck out a stream of light, which slammed loudly on the stone door. He then yelled out furiously, “Cheating! Someone is cheating. This is impossible! This is absolutely impossible! Mystic Thearch, you are unfair…”

It was a sky-shaking roar as She Fei’s resentful roar echoed throughout the Evil Spirit Ridge. Wu Ni, Tu Long, Jian Wuying, Ling Qijian, and the others were also feeling indignant. They had gone through all the hardships and clung onto their lives but didn’t even obtain a single treasure.

If someone was to pass the levels honestly and in an upright method, obtaining treasures along the way, they would be envious and jealous and would think of all ways to rob it. However, now, they were filled with anger and were unconvinced.

“What happened?”

The only person that didn’t have any emotions was Yin Ruobing, as even Ling Shiya was fuming. Yin Ruobing’s beautiful eyes stared at the sky while her shapely brows knitted. She muttered with doubts, “Who could be so heaven-defying? So much that the rules of the Mystic Divine Palace’s treasure hunt rules were altered? Is it him?”

“Who is it?”

At the same moment, a purple-haired young lady was standing by the edge of fifth level’s Soul Returning Cliff and letting out a bewildered voice. The winds at the cliff were huge, and her white dress and purple hair were fluttering violently. There was a pair of limpid eyes under her demon mask that were extremely puzzled.

Three of the most important treasures had been taken, but she wasn’t furious or unconvinced. The Buddha Thearch had taught out plenty of ancient Dharma teachings since she was young. Teachings like ‘there were things in this world that aren’t meant for you and things that you must not forcefully obtain’ or teachings like ‘it is fortunate if I am to obtain it, but it is my fate if I fail to obtain it’.

She wasn’t too mindful about the treasures as the Buddha Thearch was such a person that only concentrated on his own cultivation. The Buddha Thearch had one of the top ten supreme treasures of the world, the Vajra Scepter. However, he had already left this world-renowned supreme treasure in the Buddha Thearch City many years ago and would never use it in battle. Yet, his combat strength would increase instead of decrease, giving him his fame for his martial prowess.

She was simply curious about the person that obtained the three treasures. She was just like Yin Ruobing and had never doubted the Mystic Thearch’s character. If someone could have cheated, what meaning did it have for the Mystic Thearch to leave behind this Mystic Divine Palace?

He was the no.1 emperor throughout the ages, the guardian deity, and the greatest hero of the Human Race. This Mystic Divine Palace was left behind to help the Human Race thrive; if not, why wouldn’t he just bring it with him when he transcended?

When there was a strange occurrence in the Soul Return Cliff and when all the restrictions lost their effectiveness, Yi Chan already had suspicions that the treasure hunt had ended, resulting in this situation. She had yet to figure out why everyone wasn’t teleported out yet.

“Could it be him?”

Yi Chan looked into the distance while her limpid eyes were glistening with curiosity.

She thought of a single individual. She was the first individual to pass the first level, but someone actually took the ninth treasure which was supposed to be hers and was the first person to obtain three points.

She had immediately determined that the individual must have chosen the hell-grade difficulty; otherwise, he wouldn’t be so fast. Right now, she also believed that if someone was to obtain the first three treasures, it must be that individual who chose the hell-grade difficulty!

“What is happening?!”

In the hell-grade difficulty’s Fengdu City, Jiang Yi was stunned when he saw three treasures descending from the sky.

Didn’t he simply speak of a statement, pointing out that the Fengdu City’s ghost king was actually the guardian of the Mystic Divine Palace? Why did all the zombie soldiers in Fengdu City vanish, and now, the sky was dropping treasures?


The fiery red battle armor crashed on the ground and let out a crisp echo while the jade box dropped down and rolled to his side. There was also a manual that was written with the two words ‘Heaven Evasion’ which Jiang Yi could clearly see!

“Fire Cloud Armor, Heaven Evasion, and Destitute Dragon Grass!”

Jiang Yi might have a strong heart, but he was unable to stay calm. There were only three remaining treasures left of the ten treasures. This battle armor and the Heaven Evasion divine skill couldn’t be fake. Even if he was a fool, he would know that this was the first three treasures.


For what reason?

Why were they bestowed to him? Could it be that he clearly understood the Mystic Thearch’s earnest intentions? Just because he used a unique method to break through the second and third levels? Just because he guessed that the Fengdu City’s ghost king was actually this Mystic Divine Palace’s guardian?

It wasn’t enough; he thought that it was far from enough. The Mystic Thearch would never cheat and would never change the rules. Even if someone cheated, it was that guardian who cheated. However, why… would he cheat?

Just as Jiang Yi was still bewildered, an aged and forceful voice echoed in his soul spirit. “Kid, what are you standing there like a retard for? There are dozens of Heaven Monarch martial artists standing by outside the Mystic Divine Palace. Half a month later, you will be teleported out. If you cannot refine the Fire Cloud Armor and comprehend the Heaven Evasion in two weeks, you can just wait for death…”


Jiang Yi’s soul spirit shuddered as he finally understood. There was someone that actually cheated. It was the Mystic Divine Palace’s guardian that cheated!

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