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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 616: Mystic Thearch, You are Unfair!

Chapter 616: Mystic Thearch, You are Unfair!

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the hell-grade difficulty… at the Wild Spirit Village which was located at the center of the Evil Spirit Ridge… there were these constant echoes of explosion and She Fei’s angered roar: “Mystic Thearch, you are unfair! Unfair! If you don’t give a proper explanation, I will not rest this case!”

She Fei’s expression was filled with fury while he incessantly struck streams of light at the giant stone door. The restriction on the stone door kept on radiating, but there wasn’t a hint of damage no matter how She Fei attacked it. This was a truly horrifyingly powerful restriction.

It had been seven days!

Seven entire days had passed while Wu Ni and the others had regained their composure and were all seated cross-legged. They were gathered by an old tree by the side of the stone door while She Fei was still indignant and roaring furiously.

“Young Master Fei, forget about it [1. She Fei is being addressed by his given name instead of his clan name.]!”

Wu Ni looked very graceful and had an extraordinary bearing. He tried persuading him, but She Fei turned a deaf ear. Wu Ni had no choice but to let out a bitter smile and said, “Young Master Fei, this is madness.”

Tu Long—who was wearing strange beast pelt battle armor—spoke, “Young Master Fei, the Mystic Thearch had already transcended more than 700,000 years. It is useless even if you damage your throat from all the screaming. Shall we all brainstorm for a way to get out? It is already the seventh day, why are we not teleported out yet?”

“That’s right!” Ling Qijian’s thick and straight brows lifted. He sighed worriedly and said, “There is a change of situation in this treasure hunt. We better not be trapped here to our death.”

The Sword Thearch’s grandson, Jian Wuying, held a jade flute in his hand while dressed in these yellow robes. He had such adoring red lips and white teeth. When he heard Ling Qijian’s statement, his eyes revealed a trace of fright while he leaned towards Yin Ruobing. He looked at her pitifully and asked, “Big sister Bing, are we really not able to get out from here?”

As Jian Wuying spoke, he got even more afraid and wanted to lunge at Yin Ruobing suddenly. Unexpectedly, Yin Ruobing reached out with a fair-white finger and pointed at Jian Wuying’s forehead, pushing him away. “Young Master Wuying, don’t try to act pitiful to me. I am not your clan’s Big Sister.”


Wu Ni, Ling Qijian, and the others all laughed loudly. Tu Long couldn’t help but state, “Young Lady Bing, this crafty kid is abnormally talented. There are rumors that he started playing with women at the age of seven. Many of the well-bred young ladies in the Sword Thearch City were all ruined by him…”


Jian Wuying’s shame turned into anger as he suddenly stood up. He brandished his long flute and said to Tu Long in a cold and grim voice, “You Beastman, do you wish to die?”

“Oh? Do you want to fight? Don’t think that I am afraid of you just because you are wielding the Soul-Hooking Flute!”

Tu Long stood up fearlessly and spoke in a provoking voice, “I will put out the ugly talks first. Everyone witnessed it. This kid is the one that came looking for trouble. If I am to cripple him, please help me to reason out with the Sword Thearch.”

“Alright, alright!”

Wu Ni quickly mediated the situation. “What kind of circumstances are we in again? Is there any meaning to fighting and killing? Let’s think of a method to get out of this place first, okay?”

“That’s right!”

Ling Shiya spoke indifferently as well, “If you guys want to fight, go out and first. We don’t care what happens once you are outside. We’re in this kind of situation, and you are still messing around?”


Tu Long and Jiang Wuying grunted, turned away, and sat down silently. The Nine Thearchs’ Clans were like sibling clans, and they wouldn’t fall out so directly. Tu Long and Jian Wuying knew about this, too, and even if they fought, they wouldn’t cripple each other—let alone kill.

“Mystic Thearch, get out! If you don’t give an explanation, I, She Fei, will not be convinced! Not convinced…”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

She Fei was still shrieking and attacking the stone door nonstop. He was just like a lunatic and was terrifyingly stubborn. Ling Shiya was already concerned, and her mood was worsened because of Jian Wuying and Tu Long’s conflict. She then spoke with fuming anger, “Lunatic, the She Clan are all lunatics.”

“Litter Sister Ya, you are wrong.”

Yin Ruobing smiled lightly as though a blooming fresh flower. She sent a glance of admiration at She Fei and said, “She Fei is being persistent isn’t because he went mad. It is actually what he is clever about. The Mystic Divine Palace’s rules have changed, and he wants a share of the action. Persistency is also a kind of good character, and what if he manages to attract the Mystic Thearch’s attention? Furthermore, he is behaving like this because he wants to go out.”

“He wants to go out?”

Ling Shiya couldn’t understand. Tu Long and Ling Qijian’s brows were knitted tightly, and it seemed like they couldn’t understand either. Wu Ni and Jiang Wuying looked towards She Fei with thoughtful eyes.


Right at this moment, the sky suddenly fluctuated and had shocked everyone. She Fei immediately stopped his attacks while his eyes lit up and stared intently at the sky, revealing a devilish smile.


In the next second, he couldn’t smile anymore. A ray of lightning pierced through the heavens and rapidly struck down. He was totally immobilized and had no choice but to see the lightning bolt strike down.

Chi! Chi!

She Fei’s red gown was blasted into smithereens, and his entire body was charred—even his hair was all turned into dust. There was an electric snake which coiled around his body and radiated brightly, causing his body to constantly thrash around. Had it not been for the beast bone necklace that lit up and immediately channeled a trace of energy into his body, it would probably be dead by now.

“Oh no!”

Since She Fei’s gown was turned into dust, he was naturally naked right now. His might be entirely charred, and so was his groin area, but his private part was still visible. Ling Shiya instantly turned shy and turned around while Yin Ruobing’s face was flushed red as she looked down.

Chi! Chi!

The electric snake was still flicking on She Fei’s body, and everyone could smell meat being barbequed. Tu Long and the others looked at one another, but no one dared to move. No one even wanted to rescue She Fei. Even though the Nine Thearchs’ Clans were like sibling clans, but they weren’t on such good terms to risk their lives.


Suddenly, She Fei’s body flashed with white light while his body vanished without a trace. The fluctuation in the sky gradually dissipated while the surroundings returned to normal, apart from the floating dust.


Ling Qijian, Wu Ni, and the others let out a surprised voice, looking around assiduously and scanning with their divine senses. No matter how they looked around, they couldn’t see She Fei’s figure. Tu Long blinked his eyes and spoke out involuntarily, “Young Master Fei, couldn’t be… blasted into scraps, right?”

Ling Qijian’s had this awkward expression. If She Fei was dead, the Evil Thearch would surely be infuriated, and the East Imperial Continent was definitely going to have a storm of blood.

“No way!”

Wu Ni’s eyes were filled with brilliance as he shook his head and said, “Young Master Fei has the bones of the ancient demonic god as protection. Wasn’t the lightning strike unable to kill him earlier? He must have been teleported out. Could Young Lady Yin’s conjecture be true? Young Master Fei’s persistence had moved the Mystic Thearch, and he was given a great opportunity?”


Wu Ni’s statement caused everyone’s eyes to light up. Tu Long even took two steps forward and wanted to imitate She Fei hitting the stone door. When he recalled that horrific lightning strike, his scalp went numb as he thought of the possibility that She Fei had been turned into scraps.


Yin Ruobing laughed lightly and walked back to her original place, soon sitting on a block of stone. When everyone looked over, she let out a faint smile and said, “If I didn’t guess it wrongly, She Fei must have been teleported out. We should be teleported out soon as well.”

“Young Lady Bing is truly peerlessly intelligent. Wu Ni is convinced!”

Wu Ni paused for a little and lightly nodded while raising his clasped hands elegantly at Yin Ruobing. He then laughed out. “Everyone, please take a seat. Young Lady Bing is correct. I reckon that we will all be able to get out after a short moment.”

“Get out!”

Everyone’s eyes glowed with light while Jian Wuying, Tu Long, and the others’ eyes had a flash of raw killing intent. The meaning was obvious.

As long as they could get out, and if the three treasures weren’t obtained by Yi Chan, that individual who had the treasures was definitely going to be killed.

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