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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 617: Transferring of Reinforcement

Chapter 617: Transferring of Reinforcement

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She Fei was indeed teleported out. His seven days of ceaseless attacks on the restriction and his curses had infuriated Ao Lu. Ao Lu didn’t intend to kill him and had abided to his agreement with the Mystic Thearch. Thus, he simply taught She Fei a lesson and teleported him out.


There was a flash of light outside the Mystic Divine Palace as a charred and naked body which was fuming with black smoke was falling from midair. Everyone outside got startled.

“Young Master!”

An expert clad in blood red battle armor scanned with his divine senses and turned pale with fright. His body turned into an afterimage as he flew over and caught hold She Fei who was in an unconscious state. When he noticed that She Fei was still alive, he was instantly delighted as he carried She Fei and left.


The secret guards of the various clans couldn’t reserve themselves anymore. She Fei had come out alive while their young masters and young ladies were still newsless. Multiple afterimages flew over and surrounded She Fei. One of them spoke, “Xie Jun, Young Master Fei is severely injured. You better bring him down to recuperate first.”

The She Clan’s secret guard let out a helpless sigh. If these people didn’t manage to find out the situation of their young masters and ladies, they weren’t going to let him leave. He had no choice but to carry She Fei towards the Heaven Fate Canopy.


Everyone had vanished into the Heaven Fate Canopy. There was a huge commotion on the outside. Everyone had been guessing what had happened within the Mystic Divine Palace and guessing if everyone was already dead? Right now, there was finally a turn for the better as She Fei was out, but the Mystic Divine Palace was still around. It meant that everyone could still be alive.

“Damn it!”

She Fei wasn’t actually unconscious, and he was just pretending. He was in such a pathetic state, and everyone had seen his naked private part. If he didn’t pretend to be unconscious, he would rather find a hole to hide in.

After entering the Heaven Fate Canopy, he instantly transmitted a message to his secret guard, asking the secret guard to provide him with recuperation and help him… wear some clothes.

The Heaven Fate Canopy might look small, but it was a completely different world inside as there was a luxurious manor. This tool was created by the generational Tool Refinement Grandmaster, Tang Tianji 1. He had specially built this tool for those prestigious clans, and the Tang Clan was able to capitalize on the Heaven Fate Canopy for their sudden rise in influence, helping them achieve the position as one of the top ten merchant associations on the East Imperial Continent.

Xie Jun asked everyone to wait in the side hall while he brought She Fei into the inner chamber and circulated his essence force to help She Fei recuperate using She Clan’s most superior spirit medicine.

In just one hour, She Fei’s entire body had shed pieces of black scars; and his skin looked fresh. The hair on his head and body was temporarily unable to grow out anymore. He had no choice but have a similar bald head like Jiang Yi, but he was also a browless man.

“Young Master, what happened?” When She Fei’s situation had stabilized, Xie Jun frantically asked.

She Fei opened up his eyes and didn’t say anything. He took out a set of graceful robes and wore it with a gloomy expression. He then spoke in a chilling cold voice, “Uncle Jun, don’t ask so much first. Immediately transfer people over. Use the fastest speed to transfer the Heaven Monarch experts over. Bring as many as you can.”


Xie Jun’s mustache shivered as he spoke in a grave tone, “Young Master, what exactly happened? Don’t be rash. If it is too big of a commotion, the Clan Head will certainly be infuriated. You know how serious our clan rules are, too.”

Xie Jun initially assumed that She Fei was going to transfer reinforcements over to start a war with the other descendants of the Nine Thearchs’ Clan, making him naturally tensed up. These youth generations were all outstanding individuals, but they were frivolous and impetuous. Xie Jun must not be as rash as his young master.


She Fei was already suppressing his anger in his heart, and once he heard Xie Jun, he was immediately angered. He snorted and said, “Uncle Jun, am I such a person that has no sense of priorities? Hurry up and go transfer the people over. The first three treasures have been obtained by some unknown bastard. We have to act quickly and seize the initiative. With enough people, we will be able to obtain all three treasures.”


Xie Jun might not understand what was happening, but since She Fei wasn’t starting a war and to plunder the treasures, he definitely had to obey the orders.

One of the rings lit up while a multicolored giant bone appeared. He clenched on the bone, which instantly emitted a multicolored glow. There were some mysterious wordings that could be subtly seen which looked evil and mystical.


One hour later, Xie Jun opened his eyes and said, “I have already sent a message to the East Evil City, Xie Tian will probably be able to gather 30 Heaven Monarchs and come here. Even if they were to use the great teleportation array that directly teleports to the Pegasus Empire, they would still need around five to six days!”

“We have done our best. Now it is up to fate! Uncle Jun, you go out first and remember not to say that I have awakened. Just say that I am still unconscious and would only wake up after at least five days.”

She Fei let out a faint sigh and closed his eyes to recuperate. Xie Jun originally wanted to ask about something, but since She Fei didn’t want to say it, he had no choice too. No matter what, She Fei had come out alive; and as a secret guard, he could finally put a huge burden off in his heart.


After Xie Jun went out and activated the room’s restriction, She Fei then opened his eyes and snorted.

Yin Ruobing was right. She Fei might seem reckless, but he was an incredibly intelligent individual. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to teleport out in advance.

He had already concluded that the person that obtained those three treasures was either Liu Xing or that person who obtained the Everlasting Mirror. In any case, it was impossible that Yi Chan had done it. Because Yi Chan’s strength was just slightly stronger than him, and she had nearly perished in Fengdu City. She might have entered the Soul-Returning Cliff, but it was definitely too challenging for her to pass the level.

It was impossible for the Mystic Thearch to have cheated. Even though they were the descendants of the Mystic Thearch’s nine subordinate generals, such a thing had never happened once in 700,000 years. It was obvious that something was wrong.

Since no one was cheating, it meant that someone must have activated the mystical intentions that were left secretly by the Mystic Thearch; hence, that someone was bestowed with this huge opportunity. If this someone wasn’t Yi Chan—or Wu Ni, Tu Long, Ling Qijian, and the others who were with him—it must have been the other people attempting to pass the levels.

It didn’t matter who it was. As long as they weren’t from the Nine Thearchs’ Clans, he could rob it. The Fire Cloud Armor, Heaven Evasion divine skill, and the Destitute Dragon Grass could only belong to him!

Five days later, She Fei ‘regained consciousness’. She Fei’s reinforcement had already teleported to the Pegasus Empire. There was a total of 30 Heaven Monarchs, and one of them was at higher stages. Their arrival had caused a huge commotion in the Pegasus City.

The imperial city had a total of 18 Heaven Monarch Realm consecrators, but they were all transferred over to Sandy Soil City by Fei Qi. If these 30 Heaven Monarchs were to make a move, the entire imperial city was definitely going to be annihilated.

Fortunately, the 30 Heaven Monarchs headed straight out of the city and towards the Sandy Soil City. The Emperor of the Pegasus Empire immediately gathered all the Heaven Monarch martial artists in the continent. He didn’t know what was happening, but he knew that the aftermath of the treasure hunt was definitely going to be intense.

She Fei told the secret guards of the various clans that their young masters and ladies were fine, which helped them to calm down. At the same time, they got to know that the She Clan’s reinforcements were arriving, and it was already too late for them to transfer over their clans’ experts. Most importantly, their clans’ young masters and ladies were not out yet; and they didn’t dare to act recklessly.

As the time elapsed, Sandy Soil City was getting livelier!

The Pegasus Empire had transferred over an additional dozen of Heaven Monarchs. They were going to wait for Jian Wuying to teleport out; and if this little young master was to give the orders, the Pegasus Empire’s Heaven Monarchs would start a war of plunder with the experts of the She Clan.

Many of the lower realm martial artists didn’t dare to get near and had put a 100-mile gap between themselves and the Mystic Divine Palace to hide. They simply wanted to observe the show, and it wasn’t going to be worth it if they had to pay it with their lives.


On the eighth day after She Fei emerged, the entire Mystic Divine Palace suddenly lit up with radiance. There were multiple fluctuations in the air as figures started to appear out of nowhere. Yi Chan, Yin Ruobing, Tu Long, and the others were obviously within these figures.

In one of the Heaven Fate Canopies outside the Mystic Divine Palace, She Fei burst out while a giant skull flashed in his hands. He was brimming with murderous aura as he swept with his cold eye and burst out with a yell, “Apart from the members of the Nine Thearchs’ Clans, seize everyone else!”

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