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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 618: It’s Him?

Chapter 618: It’s Him?

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Swish! Swish! Swish!

In the mountains at the eastern side of the Mystic Divine Palace, 30 Heaven Monarchs soared into the air at the same time. Each of them had an astonishing aura presence and was radiating with golden light after activating the divine shield. No one even dared to look at them directly as the 30 of them rushed at the Mystic Divine Palace like afterimages. One of them yelled out, “Apart from the members of the Nine Thearchs’ Clans, kill anyone who dares to resist!”


Even though it was expected that the aftermath of the treasure hunt was going to be brutal, the atmosphere immediately boiled up. The She Clan had 30 reinforcements, and in addition to She Fei and Xie Jun, they had a total of 32 Heaven Monarchs. Who could actually go against such combat strength?

“Young Master! Young Lady!”

Those that dared to venture into the levels were basically descendants from the various clans. They had all brought along some guards, and right now, they were all having imperative expressions. Many guards rushed into the air as they want to protect their young lords and mistresses. For a split moment, the entire place was filled with figures, making it a chaotic scene.

Swish! Swish!

Right at this moment, a few dozen individuals soared up on the western side of the sky, and they had all activated their divine shields. There were a blinding radiance and horrific aura presence. The leader was actually Fei Qi, and he yelled out as well, “Young Master Wuying, Fei Qi’s army is ready for your command!”

From the crowd, there was a seven- or eight-year-old child that flew out with lit-up eyes. His tender voice burst out. “Plunder, plunder everyone!”


Fei Qi revealed an expression as though he already knew this would happen. From the eyes of Jian Wuying, he could see a trace of pleasant surprise and praise. It didn’t matter if this operation was a success or not, but he had successfully established himself as a loyal follower. As long as Jian Wuying didn’t perish, he was certainly going to be appointed as the next Fei Clan Head.


The Pegasus Empire originally led five Heaven Monarchs here and had transferred over 18 consecrators here afterward. During the past few days, they had over a dozen more reinforcements that came. There was now a total of 43, and they had outnumbered the She Clan’s experts. They even had two high-staged Heaven Monarchs, and when all these experts rushed over, the young masters and ladies who had just been teleported out were all dumbstruck.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Yi Chan, Wu Ni, Tu Long, Ling Clan’s siblings, Yin Ruobing—all flew towards the south like streams of light. They stood in mid-air and looked at the two Heaven Monarch armies rushing towards the crowd. Their various secret guards all soared into the sky and stood beside them to observe this chaotic battle.


Yin Ruobing and Yi Chan looked at each other. The two of them sighed when they swept their eyes across these people and were certain that none of these people had obtained the three treasures. However, She Fei and the others still continued to rob them.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

Many guards who wanted to bring their young masters and ladies’ guards and escape were all killed before they could even approach. Some people that attempted the levels didn’t want to yield and actually fought back. As a result, they were all slashed up into pieces.

Two armies, over 70 Heaven Monarchs. It was as though more than 70 hungry tigers were rushing into a herd of sheep, and they would kill anyone that dared to resist. If they didn’t resist, they would be immediately seized. She Fei and Jian Wuying didn’t bother so much and didn’t care if these people had the three treasures or not. They would seize first, ask later.

There were more than a few hundred that attempted the levels, and most of them were intelligent people. Many of them quickly yelled out and asked their guards to stay away. Many raised both their hands as an indication to surrender. In such a situation, if they were to resist, only death was waiting for them.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

Many of the guards didn’t understand this logic. They only knew that if their young masters and ladies were to meet any mishaps, they had to die as well. Many of them desperately flew towards the sky but were all ruthlessly killed by the Heaven Monarch experts from the She Clan and Pegasus Empire.

There were countless streams of light that were flying around in mid-air. Plenty of weapons, artifacts, dao patterns, and abilities were released. When the She Clan and Pegasus Empire’s army were in the midst of seizing the people, it was inevitable that there would be conflicts which ignited a chaotic battle.


Jian Wuying was being protected by his secret guard, that Golden-Winged Roc and flew up into the high altitude—while Fei Qi led two individuals to guard Jian Wuying closely. Jian Wuying had arrogant eyes that even crossed with She Fei who stood on the other side of the sky as though they were provoking each other.

She Fei paid no attention, and he was clear that the Pegasus Continent’s Fei Clan was a lackey of the Sword Thearch. When his reinforcements came in through the Pegasus Empire’s teleportation array, it had definitely alerted the Pegasus Race’s members, which was an inevitable situation.

He scanned through everyone’s body again and again with his divine senses and was disappointed after every scan. After scanning everyone’s expressions and behavior—apart from Liu Xing who was a little suspicious, it didn’t seem like anyone had obtained the three treasures.

Almost everyone below had nearly been plundered while those corpses and ancient divine essence rings were also all cleaned up. She Fei cast his sights over at the Mystic Divine Palace again, which caused his soul spirit to shudder. He exclaimed, “The Mystic Divine Palace still has yet to disappear? Could it be that… someone is still inside?”

Not only She Fei but also Jian Wuying, Tu Long, and the others had noticed this as well. Yi Chan and Yin Ruobing had longed locked their eyes on the Mystic Divine Palace. Yi Chan even muttered softly, “It seems like that person had obtained the three treasures. A pity that… once he is out, he is destined to perish!”

“That individual?”

Yin Ruobing stood beside Yi Chan. She had an insane hearing ability; thus, she looked over at Yi Chan and asked softly, “Big Sister Chan, is it that person who attempted the hell-grade difficulty?”

Yi Chan looked at Yin Ruobing with an indifferent look. As she was wearing a mask, it was impossible to see her expression, but Yi Chan’s clear and limpid eyes were filled with praise. The two of them looked at each other before looking over at the Mystic Divine Palace and waited for that individual to appear.

The battle in mid-air was about to end, and there were a few hundred casualties. They were mainly guards from the various clans while a few dozen people who attempted the levels were dead. Most people were captured by both the She Clan and Fei Qi.

That ancient aristocratic clan’s Young Master Liu Xing, who was the dark horse for this treasure hunt, had been seized by the She Clan. From start to end, he didn’t make any movements; there wasn’t even a trace of surprise on his face. He immediately transmitted a message to his guards and asked them to stay back. He then took the initiative to surrender to She Clan’s Heaven Monarch army.

“Hand over your ancient divine essence ring and dispel the soul spirit seal mark. Otherwise… die!”

The two sides started to carry out She Fei and Jian Wuying’s instructions to search for those three treasures. The people who attempted the levels were forced to hand over everything they had. Once they were searched and were not in possession of the Fire Cloud Armor, Heaven Evasion, and the Destitute Dragon Grass, their rings and artifacts would all be returned; and they would be allowed to leave.

“Nothing, nothing, still nothing…”

Fei Tian led a team to search, and after checking all the ancient divine essence rings, there were still no findings. The She Clan had already searched through more than half the captives and got nothing, too!

“Young Master Wuying, there are no findings!”

“Young Master Fei, nothing!”

Thirty minutes later, Fei Tian and Xie Jun transmitted their message to report the findings. She Fei and Jian Wuying’s expression immediately ashen. They didn’t bother about the people below and looked at the Mystic Divine Palace while waiting patiently.


Finally, the Mystic Divine Palace lit up again, and a fiery red figure appeared in mid-air. When that figure appeared, the Mystic Divine Palace vanished without any presence from the mountain peak as though it was never there at all.


She Fei, Jian Wuying, Tu Long, Wu Ni, Ling Qijian, and the others all had brightened up eyes. The person who was the last to be teleported out was wearing this luxurious fiery red battle armor. This battle armor was revolving with divine light and filled the sky with a red light which deterred anyone from looking at him directly. Even a blind person would be able to see that this armor was extraordinary, and all the present Heaven Monarchs could immediately recognize that this battle armor was definitely a pseudo-divine artifact!

“Fire Cloud Armor!”

Countless people exclaimed. This world didn’t have plenty of pseudo-divine artifacts and defensive type battle armors were even rarer. If this person was teleported out from the Mystic Divine Palace, he must be wearing the Fire Cloud Armor.

“It’s him?”

At the same, Ling Shiya, Yin Ruobing, and Yi Chan all let out a voice of surprise. The trio knew this individual, but they never expected that… it was he who changed the rules of the Mystic Divine Palace and obtained the three treasures!

“Take him down!”

“Fei Qi, do it!”

She Fei and Jian Wuying burst out with yells at the same time. More than 70 Heaven Monarchs rushed at that individual like afterimages with horrific aura presence.

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