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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 619: Everyone, Don’t Move

Chapter 619: Everyone, Don’t Move

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Yi Chan, Yin Ruobing, and Ling Shiya naturally recognized Jiang Yi. Although Jiang Yi wasn’t in disguise and had restored his original looks, Yin Ruobing and Ling Shiya were familiar with his soul spirit aura presence. It was needless to say for Yi Chan as she had encountered Jiang Yi twice at the Sea of Death. Afterward, she even rescued him at the Desolate East Sea as the two of them spend over a dozen days in an ancient coffin with just the two of them.

The three of them didn’t initially pay too much attention to Jiang Yi. Yin Ruobing remembered Jiang Yi because of his Union of Heaven and Man state. Ling Shiya remembered Jiang Yi because he knew Yi Chan. Afterward, the incident at The Bridge of Helplessness made a deeper impression on the duo, but it was merely a little more significant. As for Yi Chan, she didn’t even bother about Jiang Yi; otherwise, she wouldn’t have left him at Phoenix Cry Continent and brought him back to her clan.

The trio was all heavenly prodigious ladies and was the direct bloodline descendants of the Nine Thearchs’ Clans. Their eyes were as high as the ceiling, and they had seen plenty of astounding prodigies. Prodigies like Jiang Yi were considered nothing; moreover, Jiang Yi’s body had already been ruined by the refining of the celestial stones.

Of course!

After today, Jiang Yi held higher regards in the trio’s hearts especially Yi Chan and Yin Ruobing. They were both looking at Jiang Yi with eyes of pity and which obviously roused their appreciation for talents.

Jiang Yi relied on his Vajra Realm strength, a status that didn’t have any background, and courage to compete against a group of young masters and ladies who was like tigers. This itself was already praiseworthy. He had chosen the hell-grade difficulty, which was something that none of them dared to pick. Not only did he not die, but he also continued to pass the levels, suppressed all the elite prodigies of the various clans, and obtained the three absolute treasures.

Most importantly, he actually changed the rules of the Mystic Divine Palace. If it was anyone else, they would say that he had lucked out. However, the trio understood clearly that no matter how Jiang Yi obtained the three treasures, it wasn’t luck.

The Mystic Divine Palace’s treasure hunt had been conducted for over 700,000 years, with an interval of 1000 years. Although there were times when the Mystic Divine Palace appeared in a way too secluded place, which didn’t give people enough time to even make it in. After 700,000 years, how many prestigious clans’ young masters and ladies had entered the palace? How many elite prodigies had entered the palace? Why didn’t anyone change the rules of the Mystic Divine Palace before? This itself was already a heaven-defying achievement.

If one had the capability to comprehend the dao and ascend in a single day, even the heavens would change the rules for this person. If that happened, the world wouldn’t say that the person lucked out; they would praise that the person was an exceptional genius.

The rules of the Mystic Divine Palace had not been changed for 700,000 years, but Jiang Yi managed to change it, which meant that Jiang Yi was extraordinary. It meant that the Mystic Divine Palace had acknowledged Jiang Yi, and who else was able to achieve this feat?


No matter how extraordinary he was—in the trio’s opinion, Jiang Yi wasn’t going to escape from the fate of death today. It would be useless even if Yi Chan and Yin Ruobing were to stand out and protect Jiang Yi. She Fei and Jian Wuying were definitely not going to give any face as they were determined to obtain the three treasures! Thus, the trio revealed this trace of pity in their eyes, and Yi Chan even let out a light sigh.

“Everyone, don’t move. Otherwise, I will destroy the Destitute Dragon Grass!”

There was an astonishing roar which caused the trio’s delicate bodies to shiver. Yi Chan and Yin Ruobing’s eyes lit up and secretly approved of this kid’s intelligence. From the looks of it, there was still a chance to turn for the better.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

True enough—!

The over 70 Heaven Monarchs all stood in mid-air as they had all received Jian Wuying and She Fei’s transmitted message. This Destitute Dragon Grass was just too precious as it could cleanse the meridians and bone marrows. Anyone who refined this would have a flawless body constitution which allowed an increase in cultivation by several folds. If one was lucky enough, two stalks of it might appear within a few years. If unlucky, not even one might appear for tens of thousands of years. Thus, no one dared to move recklessly; if Jiang Yi really destroyed the jade box, then it would damnable.

All eyes were locked onto the white jade box in Jiang Yi’s hand while their divine senses secretly extended out as they attempted to find out if the Destitute Dragon Grass was truly in there. A pity that the jade box had a restriction that didn’t allow anyone to scan inside the box.

“It’s true! The Destitute Dragon Grass is truly inside!”

The first to speak was actually Yin Ruobing. Her lips moved as she spoke lightly, “I can feel the presence of the Destitute Dragon Grass.”

Yin Ruobing had the ice body constitution, and no one doubted her words. The fact that Jiang Yi was wearing the Fire Cloud Armor meant that the Destitute Dragon Grass was definitely on him.

“Hey, you, I am the Sword Thearch’s grandson, Jian Wuying. Handover the Destitute Dragon Grass to me. I will leave the Heaven Evasion divine skill and the Fire Cloud Armor to you. I can even guarantee you a lifetime of glory and wealth!”

“I am She Fei, the She Clan’s Young Clan Head. Hand over the Destitute Dragon Grass, and I guarantee that no one can touch you. I will even if you glory and splendor for a lifetime.”

“Kid, I am Wu Ni. North Thearch Wu Shang is my grandfather. If you give the three treasures to me, I will guarantee your life. How about it? I can even let you join the Martial Arts Hall…”

“I am Tu Long…”


At almost the same time, several transmitted voiced echoed in Jiang Yi’s mind. Not only did Jian Wuying and She Fei transmitted their messages, but Wu Ni, Tu Long, and Ling Qijian actually did it, too. He got to admit that the latter trio was truly shameless, and if Jiang Yi was to give it to either of the trio, he would probably die without knowing why.

Jiang Yi was wearing the luxuriously red battle armor. This battle armor wasn’t just torso armor. It was an entire set, which included the greaves, torso armor, arm guards, and helmet which clad Jiang Yi’s entire body.

This battle armor was forged with mystical materials and had various gorgeous patterns. Not only did it look majestic, but it was also flowing with a layer of light red light. It caused Jiang Yi’s entire aura to change quantitatively, and he looked just like an unrivaled god from the distance. No one dared to look him straight in the eye.

“Alright, everyone, stop transmitting your messages!”

Jiang Yi didn’t know how to fly; hence, his body naturally descended. Fortunately, when the Mystic Divine Palace vanished, his body was gliding in mid-air; and he had landed on the peak of the mountain.

His face didn’t seem flustered at all. He looked around and spoke insipidly, “Everyone, this lowly person knows that my strength is incompetent, and I have committed a grave sin just by possessing these three treasures. I know that I will certainly perish in this place if I do not hand them over, and I do not have the intention to take them for myself. Would everyone wait for a moment for me to finish settling one thing, and then I will hand these treasures over? All of you then can fight for them relying on your own strength. How about it?”


When Jiang Yi’s statement finished, there was an instant uproar. Who would have expected for Jiang Yi to be so humble? He was actually prepared to offer the three treasures? Wu Ni, Tu Long, and Ling Qijian’s eyes lit up. The three of them originally thought they wouldn’t have a chance, but there was actually a change in the situation? If the three of them were to obtain the treasures, the She Clan and Pegasus Empire wouldn’t dare to kill them, right?

She Fei and Jian Wuying’s eyes lit up as well. Their clans had a whole group of experts, and it would surely be the two of them who would ultimately obtain the treasures. As long as Jiang Yi didn’t destroy the Destitute Dragon Grass, everyone was negotiable.

Yi Chan and Yin Ruobing looked at each other and had this flash of doubt in their eyes. Jiang Yi’s obstinate and unyielding character back at the Bridge of Helplessness was still in Yin Ruobing’s mind. In her opinion, Jiang Yi was definitely not the type of person that would surrender so easily. What was he trying to do? Yi Chan had encountered Jiang Yi a few times, and she too believed that Jiang Yi wasn’t such a coward that would yield to others.

A prideful voice echoed with pulled the duo’s thoughts back to reality. She Fei’s mouth arched up into an evil smile as he asked indifferently, “What do you need to settle? As long as it isn’t too excessive, this Young Master can help you out.”

Jian Wuying didn’t want to be outdone as he twitched his mouth and said, “Even if it is excessive, this Young Master will help you accomplish it!”

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