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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 620: Young Master Jiang, How Are You!

Chapter 620: Young Master Jiang, How Are You!

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“Haha. The two of you please hold on a moment!”

Jiang Yi stood above the summit and was surrounded by Heaven Monarch experts hovering in mid-air. The distance between them was no more than 300 meters, but he was not worried at all. He had his essence force circulating around his hand. So long as he gave it a pinch, the Destitute Dragon Grass would be destroyed. He paused for a moment before replying awkwardly, “Oh right, does anyone know… how to transmit messages? I don’t know any voice transmission technique.”


The group of people below was startled before bursting out in laughter. Yi Chan, Yin Ruobing, and Ling Shiya laughed out as well. Any ordinary martial artist would know of the voice transmission technique. Yet, Jiang Yi had no idea of it even though his strength had reached the Vajra Realm?

Ling Shiya cleared her throat and spoke, “You are so stupid. You just need to use the divine senses to lock onto the recipient and turn whatever you wish to say into thoughts. Following which, you would be able to transmit messages to the recipient easily.”

“Oh. Thank you, Young Lady Ya.”

Jiang Yi nodded. He glanced at She Fei and Jian Wuying: “Get your men to retreat 10 kilometers back. I just need to transmit a message. After which, I will hand the treasures out with both hands. Otherwise… hehe!”

She Fei and Jian Wuying’s complexion changed. If they retreated 10 kilometers feet back, wouldn’t Wu Ni, Yi Chan, and the others would have the chance to seize the treasure as well. Could Jiang Yi be thinking of seeking refuge in one of the clans? Was his transmitted message for him to get in touch with one of the clans privately?

She Fei gaze went towards Xie Jun. A smear of cold ray swept past the latter eyes before he waved his hands, “Everyone, draw back!”


Everyone from the She Clan flew back. However, Xie Jun clasped his hands towards Jiang Yi as an enchanting red light flashed in his eyes before he replied: “Young Master, She Clan is really sincere about it. I hope you can consider it seriously!”

It was just an ordinary sentence, but at this moment, Yi Chan, Yin Ruobing, Wu Ni, and the others’ complexion changed. Suddenly, Yi Chan transmitted a message over, “Jiang Yi, be careful. Xie Jun is attacking your soul spirit!”


It seemed to be too late when Jiang Yi realized it. He felt an intangible energy entering into his mind suddenly. That intangible energy was like tens of thousands of thin red needles piercing into his soul spirit sea. The speed was extremely fast, and it only needed an instant before reaching into his soul spirit sea.

Soul spirit attack? Hmph!

Jiang Yi snorted coldly. The 36 spirit swords within his soul spirit all started to flutter. It waited till all the tens of thousands of the thin red needles to rush in before charging towards them gracefully.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Several silent explosions resonated out within the soul spirit sea. The tens of thousands of thin needles were suppressed by the spirit swords mercilessly. In just a blink of the eye, it was all eliminated while 36 of the spirit swords did not suffer any damages.


Xie Jun vomited a mouthful of blood while his body trembled and fell as he tried to gain an advantage but only to end up worse off. It was at that moment that Jiang Yi turned back sober, and his eyes revealed a smear of anger as he yelled, “It’s impolite to not to respond in kind. You dare sneak an attack on me? Die!”


Jiang Yi’s glabella flashed in red light. The 36 spirit swords turned into a flash of divine light as it buried into Xie Jun’s glabella. Xie Jun’s soul attack was broken apart by Jiang Yi, and his soul spirit had been injured from the counterattack. How could he possibly expect Jiang Yi would be so unwavering and dared to counterattack? In just a moment, Jiang Yi’s spirit sword charged into his soul spirit sea easily. By the time he reacted, the 36 spirit swords had abruptly smashed at his soul spirit.


Xie Jun spurted another mouthful of blood violently. His body shuddered as his eyes rolled back. His aura gradually turned weaker while his body fell powerlessly.


Xie Jun body crashed down, causing the ground to shake. It also caused all the present martial artists to get a shock. A moment ago when Xie Jun sneaked an attack, Jiang Yi had managed to break apart his soul spirit attack. It was only in a blink of the eye when Jiang Yi had counterattacked. A lot of them had only managed to see Xie Jun bowing toward Jiang Yi before his body falling powerlessly. He had instantly died. They had basically no idea what just happened.


Yi Chan and Yin Ruobing looked at each other. Both of them could see astonishment within each other’s eyes. Xie Jun’s sorcery focused on soul spirit attacks. His strength might be in the lower end of Heaven Monarch Realm, but his soul spirit attacks were very strange, causing him to be somewhat reputable in the whole She Clan.

Even if Jiang Yi’s counterattack was way too unexpected, how could Xie Jun be killed in a flash? There was only one explanation for it. Jiang Yi’s soul spirit attack was definitely not any inferior to Xie Jun even if it couldn’t be compared to him.

After coming to this conclusion, both of their pretty eyes brightened up. Soul spirit attacks would always be launched at a hard-to-fathom timing. If one’s soul spirit wasn’t strong or did not have any soul spirit defensive treasures, they would never know how they died even after encountering a soul spirit attack. Since Jiang Yi’s soul spirit attack was so strong, it showcased he was someone worth recruiting.


In fact, Jiang Yi was also stupefied by the situation. When Xie Jun had sneaked an attack on him, he counteracted in the moment of rage. He had never thought of such an outcome happening. Unexpectedly, he had instantly killed a Heaven Monarch when he had merely retaliated. Furthermore, it seemed like it was a pretty decent Heaven Monarch, too. Isn’t this soul sword attack too ferocious?

Actually, Jiang Yi, Yi Chan, Yin Ruobing, and the others had no idea what just happened specifically. A moment ago, Xie Jun had released a kind of special sorcery and attempted to control Jiang Yi in order to seize three of the treasures. Never had he imagined Jiang Yi also knew how to execute soul spirit attacks. Therefore, his attack got broken apart by Jiang Yi in an instant, causing his soul spirit to be injured by the backlash.

After which, Jiang Yi retaliated immediately. Under the surprise attack, it was like a disaster on top of the other for Xie Jun. The disparity in their soul attacks was simply too big. It was a sudden failure through miscalculation. With just a miscalculation, his mistakes continued to add on as he fell into a bottomless abyss. If he had used his strongest soul spirit attack right from the start, Jiang Yi would certainly be dead by now.

Of course, all of these were no longer important!

Everyone present was shocked. Originally, the experts from the Pegasus Empire wished to sneak attack as well. At this moment, they no longer dared to make a move. It wasn’t because they couldn’t kill Jiang Yi, but they were afraid of infuriating him, causing him to destroy the Destitute Dragon Grass.

“Uncle Jun!”

A bellow of rage resonated out. She Fei widened his eyes and glared at Jiang Yi in rage. However, he didn’t dare to speak momentarily. If Jiang Yi were to seek refuge from Jian Wuying with the three treasures, Xie Jun would have died in vain.

“Still not backing away?”

Jiang Yi lifted up the jade box that packed the Destitute Dragon Grass. His cold gaze swept past the Heaven Monarch experts from the Pegasus Empire. Jian Wuying looked toward Fei Qi, and the latter immediately commanded deeply, “Everyone, draw back.”


All the Heaven Monarch experts retreated 10 kilometers back. Although they were able to cover this distance in a blink of the eye, none of them had the assurance to kill Jiang Yi immediately. After all, he was wearing the pseudo-divine artifact, the Fire Cloud Armor. If they had enraged him, no one would be able to obtain the Destitute Dragon Grass.

“Young Master Xie!”

Jiang Yi gaze turned toward She Fei and spoke, “I do not wish to become enemies with your clan. It was your clan’s member who sneaked an attack on me first. It shouldn’t be overboard for me to kill him in return, right?”

“Not… overboard!”

Those three words seemed to have popped out from the gaps between She Fei’s teeth. However, with a turn of his eyes, he suppressed the desire to turn Jiang Yi into mincemeat, deep down into his heart forcefully before reciprocating, “Everyone, listen up. Whoever dares to act on their own initiative and offend this… Young Master, I will definitely kill them.”

The Nine Thearchs’ Clans’ descendant was truly extraordinary.

Jiang Yi sighed inwardly and no longer paid any more attention to the duo. Rather, he threw his gaze towards Yi Chan who was at the south, three kilometers away from him. He smiled faintly before clasping his fist, “It had been quite a while, Young Lady Yi.”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

A lot of people’s complexion changed. Jiang Yi was acquainted with Yi Chan? Could he be seeking refuge with Yi Chan? A cold light flashed in She Fei and Jian Wuying’s eyes. They signaled their men quietly, hinting them to immediately kill Jiang Yi if he dared to act without thinking. If they couldn’t obtain the Destitute Dragon Grass, they would not allow Yi Chan to do so either.

Yi Chan was wearing a mask. Therefore, it was unclear of what expression she was showing. However, a smiling expression could be foretold from her limpid eyes. Unexpectedly, she clasped her fist to return the greeting, “Young Master Jiang, how are you?”

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