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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 621: Do You Know… Yi Piaopiao?

Chapter 621: Do You Know… Yi Piaopiao?

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Yi Chan had a very pleasant voice which was graceful and had flexible timber. It scattered into the air like the beautiful sound of birds chirping. She didn’t say much; neither did she have the intention to take the treasures off of Jiang Yi. She knew that even if she had gotten Jiang Yi’s treasures, she wasn’t able to protect him today.

When she replied to Young Master Jiang with cupped hands, it did garner plenty of admiration and jealousy from the majority of men. Others might not know, but Ling Qijian knew very clearly how proud and arrogant this Buddha Thearch’s pearl was. Putting aside the ancient aristocratic clans’ descendants, she would seldom use ‘Young Master’ to address the descendants of the Nine Thearchs’ Clans.

Jiang Yi nodded and spoke again, “I am fortunate enough to be rescued by Young Lady previously. Otherwise, this Jiang Nobody would already be smashed into smithereens. Jiang Nobody gives his utmost gratitude.”

Once this statement was out, the entire atmosphere turned particularly imposing, and many of the Heaven Monarchs were ready to strike. If Jiang Yi was truly going to offer his treasures, they would definitely kill without mercy. Many of them had their divine senses locked onto the two of them and were ready to attack at any moment.

Yi Chan nodded lightly and didn’t say anything else. Her limpid eyes looked at Jiang Yi from a distance, and no one knew what she was thinking. Her white dress was lightly swaying in the breeze as though she was a purple-haired immortal descending to the mortal realm.

Jiang Yi didn’t talk anymore. He extended his divine senses, locked onto Yi Chan, and started to transmit his message.

That’s right!

The thing he needed to settle was to inquire about Yi Piaopiao’s information from Yi Chan. He came to the Mystic Divine Palace not to search for treasures but to find Yi Chan. Right now, seeing that he had the opportunity, he naturally wasn’t going to give it up.

His divine senses locked onto Yi Chan, and he started to transmit messages clumsily, which failed. Yi Chan’s transmitted message echoed clearly in his mind instead: “Young Master Jiang, why do you want to transmit a message to me? If you want to offer the treasures to me, you don’t have to do so. When I saved you back then, I didn’t do much to be thanked. Furthermore, to tell you the truth, even if you gave the treasures to me, I have no ways to protect you. There are way too many experts from the She Clan and the Pegasus Empire…”

Jiang Yi tried and failed another two times in transmitting his message. Yi Chan rolled her eyes and started to transmit a message which taught him voice transmission technique. Jiang Yi was quite perceptive and immediately grasped the crucial points. He then transmitted a message: “Young Lady Yi, I am not looking for you to seek shelter. I just want to find out information about a person. Do you know… Yi Piaopiao?”

“Yi Piaopiao?”

Yi Chan’s shapely brows knitted together as she transmitted a reply: “This is the first time I am hearing this name. My clan doesn’t seem to have anyone by the name of Yi Piaopiao…”


Jiang Yi’s expression changed as his eyes flickered a few times before he quickly transmitted another message: “The name might be a fake name. Young Lady Yi, if you would pardon my rude questions. I heard that you have an Aunt who went missing many years ago? I wonder if you know if she went to the Stellarsky Continent. I have a close relative by the name of Yi Piaopiao. She is 30 over years of age, formidable, and has a powerful background. She mentioned that she came from the East Imperial Continent. Could… she be your Aunt?”


Yi Chan’s transmitted message shocked Jiang Yi’s soul spirit: “My Aunt’s name is Yi Feixian, and she never left East Imperial Continent. She has already passed away 20 years ago, and she definitely isn’t the person that Young Master Jiang is looking for.”


Jiang Yi’s soul spirit exploded like a clap of thunder. His expression dimmed as he had painstakingly found a trace of information. He went through so much and narrowly escaped with his life to find Yi Chan, but he was told that Yi Piaopiao wasn’t the Buddha Thearch’s daughter. It made him very disappointed and dispirited.

He wasn’t dispirited because he wasn’t the Buddha Thearch’s grandson. Yi Piaopiao had a powerful background, and even if her mother’s clan wasn’t comparable to the Buddha Thearch’s clan, it wouldn’t be far inferior.

He was disappointed because he couldn’t see Yi Piaopiao within a short period of time.

He stared blankly for a moment and quickly uplifted himself as this wasn’t the timing to be dispirited. What if an enemy was to sneak an attack on him? He would then be consigned to eternal damnation. His eyes lit up with a trace of light and asked Yi Chan expectantly: “Then, Young Lady Yi. Do you know of the person Yu Wen?”

Jiang Yi had once tried to find out about Yu Wen from Qi Lao, but he knew nothing. Thus, the reason Jiang Yi wanted to find out from Yi Chan. The Nine Thearchs’ Clans were the dictator of the Stellarsky Domain, and they must know plenty of secrets. If this Yu Wen truly existed, then Yi Chan would surely know of him.

Who knew that…?

Yi Chan’s beautiful eyes flashed, and she quickly replied: “I am sorry, Young Master Jiang. I have never heard of a person named Yu Wen. I should know mostly all the experts in the Stellarsky Domain, but… there isn’t a Yu Wen.”


Jiang Yi was completely stunned. Not even Yi Chan knew who was Yu Wen? Did this Yu Wen even exist? Was Yi Piaopiao cheating him? Or was Yu Wen just an alias? Or perhaps he was actually a nobody that an esteemed person like Yi Chan wouldn’t know of?

No matter which scenario was it, Jiang Yi felt his head swelling up. Yi Piaopiao wasn’t a member of the Buddha Thearch’s clan, and there wasn’t a person named Yu Wen. The East Imperial Continent was vast and massive… how was he going to find Yi Piaopiao?

“My child, hello! I am Yi Piaopiao. Your incompetent mother… Mother didn’t want to leave you and abandon you either, but Mother has some untold difficulties… My child, if we are unable to meet each other in this lifetime, please don’t be sad, as this is the destiny given to us by heaven… Mother will always love you, miss you, and think of you…”

Yi Piaopiao’s absolutely beautiful and affectionate face appeared in Jiang Yi’s mind at this moment while her words that she left behind echoed again. Jiang Yi had eyes of disbelief as he muttered despondently, “Impossible. Mother will not lie to me. Yu Wen must be somewhere, and I must find him. I must find Mother!”

Unknowingly, Jiang Yi’s cheeks were streaming with tears as he closed his eyes and turned away, not wanting anyone to see his miserable expression. How could they not notice when they were all staring at him?

Yin Ruobing and Ling Shiya didn’t know about the conversation between Jiang Yi and Yi Chan, but they knew that Jiang Yi was feeling sorrowful and bitter solitary. A man’s tears must not be so easily revealed, but it was truly too much to bear in the heart.

Yi Chan didn’t say anything; neither did she transmit anymore message. She silently looked at Jiang Yi and saw how he stubbornly turned away. She was probably the only person that knew clearly why Jiang Yi shed his tears. That Yi Piaopiao must be a very close person to Jiang Yi, right? She suddenly had this strange notion and felt that Jiang Yi came to this Mystic Divine Palace just to seek out information about Yi Piaopiao from her?

“Young Master Jiang, you should be about done with your messages, right? I am waiting very bitterly here. If Young Lady Yi Chan cannot help you, I, She Fei, can!”

A cold and indistinct voice echoed, and She Fei was a little impatient. How could they not see that Jiang Yi was transmitting messages with Yi Chan? Xie Jun’s death had already infuriated him, and it was already good enough that he had waited this long.

“Rush, rush your goddamn ass!”

Who knew that Jiang Yi would suddenly glower at She Fei and burst out with a yell? He waved his hand and lifted the Destitute Dragon Grass high up as though he was about to throw it. His other hand then pointed at Fei Tian, and before She Fei could even talk, Jiang Yi shouted, “Didn’t you want the Destitute Dragon Grass? Very simple. Go kill Fei Tian, the Destitute Dragon Grass, Heaven Evasion—even the Fire Cloud Armor that I am wearing will be yours.”


Everyone was dumbfounded. Jiang Yi was probably the first person that dared to curse She Fei, right? When they heard the latter statement, everyone turned to look at Fei Tian, causing his body to shiver. Fei Qi, who wasn’t far away, also had a change in expression.

When She Fei heard the former statement, he was instinctively infuriated. When he heard the latter statement, he forcefully suppressed his anger and looked at Fei Tian coldly.


Dozens of killing aura locked onto Fei Tian, who was currently ghastly pale. He flew towards Fei Qi with extreme fear and yelled out, “Big Brother, save me.”

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