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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 622: Heaven Evasion

Chapter 622: Heaven Evasion

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“Idiot!” Fei Qi shouted coldly, his face turned dark, and he ignored Fei Tian. He looked at She Fei from a distance.


She Fei sneered and turned to Jiang Yi. “Do you want to sit by and watch the tigers fighting with each other and fish in troubled waters? You’ve got some tricks. Cut the nonsense… are you going to hand over the treasures? If not, I’ll make you regret it!”

Jiang Yi smiled smartly and didn’t pay attention to She Fei. He glanced at Jian Wuying and said, “You are Young Master Jian? How about doing me a favor, and I will give you the Destitute Dragon Grass?”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Fei Qi and Fei Tian turned completely pale; She Fei got anxious, too. It was so simple for Jian Wuying to kill Fei Tian. If he agreed, was the Destitute Dragon Grass Jian Wuying’s?


Jian Wuying stood erect on the Gold-Winged Roc. Though he was short, his aura couldn’t be belittled. He burst into laughter as a grown-up with his tender voice and said arrogantly, “The Fei Clan and the Jian Clan have remained friendly for generations. You can’t bribe me even with the Mystic Divine Saber—let alone the Destitute Dragon Grass. You can’t sow discord among our two clans.”

Fei Qi and the martial experts of the Pegasus Empire were moved by his words. Fei Qi took the lead to bow at Jian Wuying. He shouted in a deep voice, “Young Master Ying is a righteous person; you even risk your life to defy Jiang Yi.”

Wu Ni, Tu Long, Ling Qijian, and their groups nodded slightly and admired Jian Wuying for his wisdom and manners. Their previous contempt towards him disappeared. The Jian Clan’s True Astral Body was indeed extraordinary. Whether he was making a pretense or not, he would have complete support from the Fei Clan.

Jian Wuying smiled faintly and even looked like an adult. He turned to Jiang Yi and waved his hand heroically. “I can’t do this, perhaps other things; you just name it!”

Jiang Yi turned his eyes towards Wu Ni suddenly. Revealing an evil smile, he pointed and said, “Since that was the case, how about breaking the limbs of Young Master Wu Ni or stripping him naked, then I will give you the treasures.”


Everyone was stupefied. What did he bring up Wu Ni again? Was Wu Ni his enemy? If Wu Ni had his legs and arms broken or was stripped in public, Wu Ni would never be able to keep his head high for this life. How much hatred Jiang Yi had for him?


Yi Chan and other two hissed; Ling Shiya blushed with shame. Yin Ruobing appeared relatively calm, but a sliver of anger still flickered across her eyes. Jiang Yi’s manner was ungainly. Just now, he cursed indiscriminately; now, he wanted to strip Wu Ni naked.


Wu Ni usually had a calm demeanor and seldom lost his temper in public. However, he got furious right now. With his fiery eyes staring at Jiang Yi, he said coldly, “We don’t know each other and have no unpleasant history. Why are you humiliating me?”


Jiang Yi sneered and didn’t explain himself. He just looked at Jian Wuying and waited for his decision.

That’s right!

Wu Ni was not his enemy, but the Martial Arts Hall was. Jiang Yi also believed that after this, his identity would be exposed immediately. Not only Wu Ni but also Tu Long, She Fei, and the rest would collect information on him. All his doings on the Stellarsky Continent, the Phoenix Cry Continent, and the Beastmen Continent would be known to them.

Even if they could let the past be the past, he would still become the target of these Young Masters in the future. Even the Clans of Ling Shiya and Yin Ruobing might chase after him.

Therefore… he had no scruples. He would naturally be happy to have some small gains right now. Now, it depended on whether Jian Wuying was smart and courageous enough.

Jian Wuying remained quiet, same for She Fei. Clearly, they were weighing the loss and gain.

Wu Ni began to turn pale. Two maidservants and one secret guard around him were extremely nervous. If Jian Wuying and She Fei wanted the Destitute Dragon Grass so badly that they were even willing to offend the Wu Clan, Wu Ni would either have his limbs broken or be stripped naked.


Yin Ruobing suddenly smiled mysteriously at this moment. She drew the attention of Yi Chan and Ling Shiya. Ling Shiya sent a voice transmission out of curiosity: “Big Sister Bing, why are you laughing?”

Yin Ruobing peeped at Jiang Yi and whispered, “This man is so bold. He is going to make an enemy of the world. He may be chased by countless clans after this incident.”

“Chasing after him?”

Ling Shiya blinked in confusion and asked, “Will he survive this time? Doesn’t he still have to die even if he gives up the treasure?”


Yi Chan’s petite body shook, and her beautiful eyes brightened. She came closer and whispered, “We all forgot one thing. He is really courageous, and we even let him tease us like monkeys.”

Ling Shiya still didn’t follow. Ling Qijian was close to them. After hearing the three, he flared his dashing brows and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He said two words gently, “Heaven Evasion!”

The crowd was just transported out before the She Clan and the army of the Pegasus Empire immediately started to robbing people. After Jiang Yi went out, the atmosphere got even more intense. Thus, everyone was too uptight to spend some time thinking. They had to pay close attention to the changing situations; who had the mind to think of anything else?

Just now, Jiang Yi wanted to borrow other’s swords to kill people over and over again. He appeared so relaxed and showed no worry about his imminent death. This caused suspicion from Yin Ruobing.

If Jiang Yi was not an idiot, he definitely had some secret weapons.

Though his soul-spirit attack was okay, it was impossible to carve out a route through all the martial experts present. Thus, Yin Ruobing naturally thought of the Heaven Evasion magical skill. It seemed that Jiang Yi had had it for half a month.

Since he was able to refine the Fire Cloud Armor in half a month, why couldn’t he comprehend Heaven Evasion?

Although she wasn’t sure of the exact power of Heaven Evasion, it was clear from its literal meaning. The ‘Heaven Evasion’ was definitely an art of evasion; in other words, Jiang Yi could remain calm right now as he surely had some way to escape.

“Not good!”

Since Yin Ruobing could figure this out, She Fei and the rest did as well. She Fei was incredibly smart; otherwise, he wouldn’t be the first one to be transported out. He understood the matter instantly. Waving his hand, he shouted in a deep voice, “Attack! Kill him for me!”

As Jian Wuying saw She Fei taking the actions, he naturally couldn’t do anything. His tender voice sounded. “Everyone, take him down!”


Over 70 Heaven Monarchs immediately turned into a gust of storm and plunged towards him. However, no one risked attacking recklessly. After all, Jiang Yi had Destitute Dragon Grass with him. Nobody wanted to destroy this spirit herb of heaven and earth until it was absolutely necessary.


Jiang Yi didn’t panic. The Destitute Dragon Grass suddenly disappeared from his hand. With his whole body shining with brilliance red light, he moved his hand in the sky; and a crack instantly appeared in the sky. He rushed to the crack like lightning. Even though the Heaven Monarchs released strong pressure, Jiang Yi was in the Fire Cloud Armor and wasn’t affected by the pressure at all.

“Trying to flee?!”

Everyone helplessly watched Jiang Yi disappearing in front of them. They were enraged and swarmed to the crack. They wanted to follow Jiang Yi to the space crack to capture him alive or kill him.

Chi! Chi!

However, a white, cold light was emitted from the space crack. Dozens of lights shot out and hit the divine shields of three Heaven Monarchs who were at the front.


Three Heaven Monarchs screamed and were burned readily. Though they weren’t dead yet, they looked extremely horrible. One of them had his entire lower half body reduced to ashes.

“The power of star spheres and magical fire of heaven and earth!”

The rest of approaching Heaven Monarchs turned pale and instantly went back. The power of star spheres was specialized in breaking the Heaven Monarch divine shields. The magical fire of heaven and earth was too hot for low-tier Heaven Monarchs!


The terribly high temperature set a few small forests on the peak of the mountain on fire. The roaring fire raged to the sky and lit up the darkened faces of She Fei, Jian Wuying, Wu Ni, and their groups. The sparkling eyes of Yi Chan, Yin Ruobing, and Ling Shiya became even brighter in the fire.

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