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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 623: Was There a Place that He Could Call Home

Chapter 623: Was There a Place that He Could Call Home

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“Heaven Evasion, I got it. It’s Heaven Evasion!”

Looking at the sealing space cracked—with hindsight, Ling Shiya cried out. Yi Chan and Yin Ruobing looked at each other and smiled. They firmly believed that Jiang Yi would be able to run away. As this Heaven Monarch magical skill ranked above the Fire Cloud Bow and Fire Cloud Armor, it was surely not any ordinary evasion arts. It would be difficult for an average Heaven Monarch to chase after him.

“Chase! Catch him! If this bastard is not killed, I cease to be a man!”

She Fei’s raging voice sounded. Dozens of Heaven Monarchs of the She Clan ran in all directions. They spread their divine senses to look for Jiang Yi.

“Hurry up, find him! Dispatch all the martial experts in the Pegasus Empire!”

Jian Wuying’s handsome little face was distorted now. He gritted his teeth and shouted. Fei Qi waved, and all the martial artists in the Pegasus Empire immediately flew in all directions. As they searched, they sent messages to the martial artists on the Pegasus Continent to look for leads.


Wu Ni snorted heavily and pierced through the sky with a secret guard and two maidservants. Tu Long followed him closely and left. All the clans that participated in the treasure hunt disperse. She Fei and Jian Wuying were in such a bad mood now; they didn’t want to get implicated.

Ling Qijian didn’t care about them. He cupped his hands and smiled. “Lady Bing, Lady Chan, the show is over, and so is the treasure hunt. We’re going to the Pegasus Empire and back to the East Imperial Continent after that. Do you want to join us?”

“Alright!” Yin Ruobing nodded and looked at Yi Chan with a gorgeous smile. “I haven’t congratulated Big Sister Chan on obtaining three treasures.”

“That’s right, Big Sister Chan is awesome!” Ling Shiya said with admiration.

“Hehe, I’m great, but still someone else got the no.1 treasure.”

Yi Chan smiled faintly before looking at the distance and waving her hand. She said, “The fuss is over. Let’s go back to the East Imperial Continent, but I bet it will only get more interesting.”


The four took their respective secret guards and turned into streams of light, flying to the south. Soon, they disappeared into the distant sky.


She Fei, Jian Wuying, Fei Qi, and their groups rose up to the sky and flew to the Pegasus Empire. Numerous martial artists who watched them just now all flew out. Everywhere was full of people, and discussions were ceaseless.

Of course, among the things they discussed, that mysterious ‘Young Master Jiang’ was brought up most frequently. After this incident, the name of ‘Young Master Jiang’ would be spread to many continents in the Stellarsky Domain. Jiang Yi grew famous.

After all, he passed and survived the Hell Grade, obtained the top three cardinal treasures despite the descendants of the Nine Thearchs’ clans, and teased many young masters after he got out. It was really something terrific!

Though descendants of two clans out of the nine Emperors’ clans got treasures, descendants of many ancient clans and hidden great clans didn’t show up. What difference would they make even if they did? Were they stronger than Yi Chan and She Fei? Jiang Yi’ ability surpassed the youngest generations of the Nine Thearchs’ clans and got four treasures all by himself. No matter he relied solely on his strength or if it was just luck, this would still make him world-famous.

However, many weren’t optimistic about Jiang Yi!

At the very least, the Jian Clan, the She Clan, and the Wu Clan would try their best to hunt him down—let alone Yi Clan, Yin Clan, and Ling Clan. It wouldn’t matter that he knew the Heaven Evasion divine skill; no one could escape the hunt from the clans of the Nine Thearchs.

The Nine Thearchs didn’t have to act personally, they could just send one or two old folks to cause a peak-stage Heaven Monarch Realm Martial expert to end up in a cruel death—let alone Jiang Yi with his pathetic power.

The might of the clans of the Nine Thearchs was not just a myth; it was unanimously agreed by the world, over the last 700,000 years.


In a small city along the east coast of the Pegasus Empire, the space suddenly fluctuated. A crack appeared in the mid-air, and a man fell from the crack, alerting all the martial experts in the city.

That man was in fiery warrior armor, with red brilliance surrounding him, just like a god. However, he looked very pale, and the moment he got out, he spat a mouthful of blood.

His eyes were dark. After sweeping the city with divine senses, he found that the most powerful martial artist was merely at the Vajra Realm. He landed, and a powerful killing aura spurted from his body, instantly making all the martial artists in the city unable to move.

“Is he some kind of god? Why… is his aura so horrifying? Is he a demon instead?”

Many common citizens looked at him fearfully, and same for the only Vajra Realm martial expert in the city. There were over 100,000 people in the city, but no one had the audacity to make a sound. Countless eyes were fixed on the young man who genuflected on a tall building, whose eyes were as red as blood, and who had a roaring murderous aura.

Ss, ss…

Obviously, this young man was Jiang Yi. He took a few deep breaths and wiped off the blood at his lips. After that, his bloody eyes stared at a general below, and he asked, “What’s this place?”

As he spoke, he tuned down the killing aura, but still, the martial artists in the city didn’t dare to move. That Soul Travel Realm commander swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva, his soul spirit felt cold even though Jiang Yi’s eyes were no longer bloody. He shuddered and replied, “My… my lord, this is Sandstorm City.”

“Sandstorm City?”

A trace of confusion flickered across Jiang Yi’s eyes. His hoarse voice sounded again. “How far is it from Sandy Soil City?”

“Pretty far!”

The commander replied quickly, “The Sandy Soil City is in the middle, a bit towards the northeast. This is the east of the Empire, and next to the Flying Shadow Sea.”

“Next to the Flying Shadow Sea?”

Jiang Yi’s face showed a sliver of shock. Though he knew that the Heaven Evasion was powerful, he never expected it was incredible to this extent. Only in one hour, he even crossed half of the Pegasus Continent?! Even Feng Luan would take half a month to fly here.

“This divine skill is really breathtaking. It’s a shame that I am still very weak, and the counter forces are too great after I release it. My body will be shattered by the forces of space distortion if I forcibly use this skill for successive times!”

Jiang Yi signed with deep feelings in his heart. He could have continued traveling in space, but unfortunately, it was too much of a strain on his body. He had no choice but to forcibly stop the Evasion and came out from the space crack. His inner organs were damaged by the powerful forces of space distortion. If he carried on with the Heaven Evasion, all his organs would be mixed up and broken; and he would die.


Nobody should be able to catch up with him in a while. Jiang Yi’s palpitating heart returned into its calm state. Though when he started to comprehend the Heaven Evasion divine skill, he was certain that he would easily escape. Still, he never used the skill before, and no one had seen its real power. What if this Heaven Evasion was like instant-shifting and could only travel for a few kilometers a time, he would be slaughtered mercilessly by the enemies.

He gained a complete victory in this treasure hunt. Though up till now, he still didn’t understand why the guardian of the Mystic Divine Palace helped him cheat. No one would turn down such a great deal. Every single one of the three treasures was cardinal treasures. The power of the Destitute Dragon Grass needed no further explanation, and the Heaven Evasion enabled him to cross half of the Pegasus Continent in an hour. How scary was that?

He was also overjoyed at the power of the Fire Cloud Armor. Under the great pressure of numerous Heaven Monarch Realm Martial experts, he shouldn’t be able to move at all. However, with the Fire Cloud Armor, he couldn’t feel the pressure at all. He was confident that he would at least withstand a blow from the high-tier Heaven Monarch.

Pseudo-divine artifact!

This was the most advanced treasure in this world. Even though it wasn’t comparable to the top ten cardinal treasures in the Stellarsky Domain, it was close to their level. It was a pity that the Fire Cloud Bow that supported the Fire Cloud Armor was won by Yi Chan. Otherwise, if he could have both, the powerful would be more formidable.

“Yi Chan…”

Thinking of her, Jiang Yi became bitter, and his eyes became lost. Yi Piaopiao wasn’t the daughter of Buddha Thearch, and Yu Wen couldn’t be found. Where should he go?

The confusion in Jiang Yi’s eyes became more intense at the thought of the Martial Arts Hall, the Tu Clan, the Jian Clan, and the She Clan would definitely spare no effort to hunt him down. It was a vast world, but was there a place that he could call home?

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