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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 624: Spirit Bats

Chapter 624: Spirit Bats

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The moment that he saw the men of the Jian Clan and the She Clan, Jiang Yi knew that he would have to make an enemy of She Fei and Jian Wuying—unless he handed over the treasures submissively, but… was that possible?

He got three cardinal treasures, and his identity would be exposed. Thus, it was 100% certain that the Martial Arts Hall and the Tu Clan would join the course of killing him. As for whether the Ling Clan, the Yin Clan, and the Yi Clan would also chase after him, only God could know.

This only included the clans of the Nine Thearchs. Jiang Yi believed that wherever he went right now, all the clans—big or small—would hunt him down. Those three cardinal treasures were too irresistible a temptation.

He was not guilty, but the treasures he had made him guilty!

Jiang Yi had no background, but he got three treasures that weren’t supposed to be his. Thus, his destiny was written: either he would be chased for life and had to run around the world like a dog until he was killed, or he became invincible, deterred the Stellarsky Domain, and let every clan stop the chase. He could also just find a place that no one would find him and spent the rest of his life there.

“Pull yourself together, you have to pull yourself together. Jiang Yi, you can’t lose faith; you can’t think of dying easily. You’re not alone now. You still have to save Ruoxue. You’re not without hope: you have the Destitute Dragon Grass!”

A voice echoed in Jiang Yi’s heart, fading the confusion in his eyes. Thinking of Destitute Dragon Grass, he let out a sliver of a smile at his lips. The Destitute Dragon Grass gave him hope. He could continue to get stronger—to the point that no one in the entire Stellarsky Domain was able to threaten his life!

He turned his eyes before regaining his calm. He pretended to murmur in confusion: “Em… Flying Shadow Sea, I’m in the right direction. The Umbra Continent should be in front, let’s go!”

Ignoring the ceaseless pain in his chest, Jiang Yi took several leaps like an ape and flew to the east. He left the city in a moment and disappeared from view.


The Vajra Realm City Lord and all the civilians and martial artists in the city let out a sigh of relief. The image of Jiang Yi was so scary; if he began killing, the whole city would probably be wiped out.


After Jiang Yi left the city and found a desolate field, he stopped going to the east. Instead, he continued to instant-shift to the south. After instant-shifting for several hundred kilometers, he found a giant mountain range. The Fire Spirit Pearl in his hand flashed, and the Thearch Palace appeared. He let out Feng Luan and Qing Yu.

“Young Master!”

Two lovely screams in surprise sounded. Upon sensing the weak aura of Jiang Yi, the two turned pale before immediately coming close and holding him.

“Feng Luan, keep guard. I’ll heal first.”

Jiang Yi didn’t explain and smiled faintly to the two. He sat cross-legged, took out healing medicine, and started to meditate for recuperation. Feng Luan and Qing Yu looked at each other and didn’t dare to speak. They spread their divine senses to explore their surroundings.

After one hour, Jiang Yi opened his eyes. He smiled at the two to signal that he was fine. He closed his eyes again and released the Divine Perception sorcery art.

A light breeze drifted from his body and blew to the northeast direction. After only five minutes, his expression changed abruptly. He got up and shouted, “They are so fast. Get inside the Thearch Palace; we have to run now.”

After finishing his last sentence, the Thearch Palace shone with white light; and he took them in, without waiting for further questions. After that, a gentle light shimmered on his hand, the space beside him cracked, and he got into the slit and disappeared.

Swish! Swish!

Outside the Sandstorm City, a dozen of Heaven Monarchs flew towards here as streams of light. There was a little green bat demonic beast on the shoulder of every one of them.

The spirit bats were very famous in the Stellarsky Domain and were used to chase after enemies. As long as the bats had smelt Jiang Yi’s scent before, they could fix on the aura of his soul spirit and locate him from tens of thousands of kilometers away. Unfortunately, many scouts of the Pegasus Empire outside the Mystic Divine Palace had spirit bats with them.

The City Lord of the Sandstorm City immediately reported that an unknown martial expert appeared in the city. The men of the Pegasus Empire swiftly chased to the Sandstorm City. It had to be admitted that they were fast.

Unfortunately, after they just left the Sandstorm City, the spirit bats on their shoulders bayed. Over a dozen of Heaven Monarchs had no choice but to stop in the sky. One sighed slightly and said, “This boy used the Heaven Evasion and escaped again. He can cross half of the Pegasus Continent with one move. Are we sure we can catch him? How about going back and ask Young Master Jian to send over the Divine Pattern Masters?”

“We have to continue even if we can’t catch him!”

The other Heaven Monarch Realm Martial expert waved his hand overbearingly and said, “No matter whether we could find him, we have to try our best. Otherwise, if Young Master Wuying blames us, no one can take responsibility.”

The crowd kept on flying forward. After a while, they found the mountain range where Jiang Yi recuperated just now. They looked around with their divine senses but didn’t find Jiang Yi. The Heaven Monarch that led the crowd shouted, “Everyone, spread out. Once you find Jiang Yi’s aura, get back to me immediately.”


Everyone spread out, but they all looked dejected. Many glanced at the direction of the Umbra Continent and pondered in their heart. Jiang Yi could go from the Sandy Soil City to Sandstorm City with one Heaven Evasion, and he should probably be at the Umbra Continent right now.


In the sky above the north Blood Night Fearsome Sea, the space suddenly cracked; and a fiery figure fell from the slit. Immediately, his divine senses swept in all directions. After he made sure that there was no danger, a white palace glowed in his hand; and two people appeared.

“Young Master!”

Feng Luan was startled upon seeing the blood all over Jiang Yi’s lips. Qing Yu hurried into clutching Jiang Yi’s arm. Then, Jiang Yi opened his mouth and said, “Go and find a small island first. It’s getting dark. This is the Blood Night Fearsome Sea!”

“Blood Night Fearsome Sea?”

Feng Luan and Qing Yu were surprised. Wasn’t Jiang Yi in the Mystic Divine Palace to look for treasures? Why were they in the Blood Night Fearsome Sea now? Feng Luan glanced around. Without any questions, she told Qing Yu, “Go!”


Three people turned into streams of light and flew away. It was indeed the southern part of the sea region of the Pegasus Continent. The sea was obviously not very deep, and there were many islands around here.

Feng Luan found several islands. She flew to a concealed small island and stopped in a forest of coconut trees. She asked Qing Yu to take out the tent and help Jiang Yi to sit down. Then, she spread divine senses to navigate the surroundings.

Jiang Yi didn’t explain and began to recuperate in seclusion again. This time, he performed the Evasion for one hour and only stopped in the Blood Night Fearsome Sea, after crossing half of the Pegasus Continent. His organs were inevitably damaged.

He didn’t go to the Umbra Continent. He might be intercepted easily and would definitely reveal his whereabouts. There were so many powerful martial artists in the clans of the Nine Thearchs. Countless of them possessed special divine skills. The fact that the Heaven Monarch Realm Martial experts of the Pegasus Empire came so quickly proved this.

Therefore, he went to the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. It was a very dangerous sea region. No one would think that he was here. It was quite far from the Pegasus Continent, and even the chasing troops found them, they wouldn’t be able to catch him in a short time.

After two hours, the sky was completely dark. Black clouds rolled on the sky and thunder struck down. The Blood Night Fearsome Sea became particularly horrible at night. Jiang Yi finished the recuperation and looked around with Divine Perception. He was relieved to find that there wasn’t any man pursed him in the surroundings.

Qing Yu already cooked some sea beasts that she caught from the sea. They hadn’t had a proper meal for over a month so Jiang Yi began gorging himself without saying anything. Feng Luan and Qing Yu saw that he was in a bad mood so they didn’t ask him considerately and ate quietly.


Jiang Yi tossed a giant beast bone out of the tent before he looked up and at the two lovely faces by candlelight. He smiled bitterly and said, “Feng’er, little Qing Yu, I’ll send you back to the Phoenix Cry Continent tomorrow. If you continue to follow me, you will probably die.”

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