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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 625: Getting Bolder

Chapter 625: Getting Bolder

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Above the Blood Night Fearsome Sea, the thunder roared; and lightning pierced through the sky. The bolts of lightning whizzed down like ferocious white snakes before disappearing in the sea. These constituted a unique and terrible scene in Blood Night Fearsome Sea.

In a small island, the wind howled; and the rain bucketed down. The coconut trees were dilapidated in the violent downpour. There was a trace of dim light in a small tent in the forest of coconut trees. It didn’t sway at all amid the storm and was as peaceful as a sanctuary in hell.


By the dim candlelight in the tent, a young man in a suit of fiery armor sat cross-legged on a snowy carpet. Two young girls that sat opposite him looked shocked and breathed faster because of the surprise, causing their beautiful bosoms bounced up and down. It was a fascinating picture.

Jiang Yi told them about what happened in the Mystic Divine Palace and his situation. Clearly, they were scared as Jiang Yi’s enemies were far too powerful.

Feng Luan took two deep breaths before staring at Jiang Yi with twinkling eyes. “Young Master, you’re awesome. You may be the first one ever to make the guardian of the Mystic Divine Palace change rules!”

Feng Luan’s eyes were also as bright as stars. She sighed emotionally and said, “Tsk, tsk. You outshone the descendants of the Nine Thearch Clans and obtained the Fire Cloud Armor, Heaven Evasion divine skill, and the Destitute Dragon Grass all by yourself. Young Master’s name would be spread to the entire East Imperial Continent within months. Haha, Feng’er is so proud of you.”

Jiang Yi rolled his eyes and said in a speechless manner, “These are not the point. The point is I will face relentless pursuits in the future so you two have to go back!”


Qing Yu stuck out her pink little tongue and made a face at him. “No, we won’t go back. Young Master has got three cardinal treasures and become famous so you want to get rid of us. No way!”

Feng Luan smiled as well. She looked relaxed and said softly, “Young Master has the Heaven Evasion divine skill, you can travel 15,000,000 kilometers in a blink of an eye. Young Master also has the Divine Perception sorcery art and can easily detect the happenings tens of thousands of kilometers away. Who can catch us?”

“It is not as simple as you think.”

Jiang Yi sneered and said, “Remember what happened just now? I just recuperated for one hour, and the chasing troops were already here. How powerful are the Nine Thearch Clans?! Do we know the kind of magical skills they possess? There are tens of thousands of clans on the East Imperial Continent, and many of them have strange and mighty abilities. Sooner or later, they will find me. There is no room for discussion. I’ll send you back tomorrow. If you say anything further, be careful; and I may force myself on you before killing you both. Hum-hum.”

Once he brought up this matter, Little Qing Yu was unhappy. She straightened her back, with her chest out, she said in contempt, “Young Master, you can’t scare us. You come as you wish, and Qing Yu stays here, waiting for you to do… that. Pfff.”

Qing Yu’s pretty face reddened at the thought, and Feng Luan also blushed and lowered her head. Jiang Yi was provoked and grabbed Qing Yu, forcing her to lie on his legs. He spanked her bottom and shouted angrily, “I have been too kind to you, and you are getting bolder. Do you really think it is wise to bully me?”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Clear slap sounded in the small tent. Jiang Yi was in a bad mood; every slap was hard. He used one-tenth of his strength, deforming the pert hip.

Jiang Yi only stopped after ten hits. He looked at Qing Yu in distress, but he sneered and said, “Do you know the pain now? Do you fear me now? If you don’t listen to me, I’ll beat you until your butt blossoms.”

However, to his surprise, Qing Yu turned her blushed face at Jiang Yi. Her eyes were filled with loving affection. She gently bit her lips and moaned. She said bashfully, “Young… Young Master, it feels so good, so exciting! I want more.”


It was Jiang Yi’s first time to see this kind of submissive people, but Qing Yu’s slutty actions still him shudder. Qing Yu’s delicate body was already on his legs, with her breasts pressing against him tightly. As he spanked her just now, her body shook uncontrollably, causing Jiang Yi’s body to react instinctively. Instantly, his tongue was dry, and he felt the evil fire crushing down his body.

“Young Master, you just give me a few more slaps. It feels so comfortable.” As Qing Yu saw Jiang Yi kept still, she begged him instead. Her irresistible crying made Jiang Yi completely lose control.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

He raised his hand and spanked hard. Every hit made Qing Yu moan with pleasure. Her voice was like the best love potion in this world and turned Jiang Yi on.

As he spanked her, Jiang Yi’s hand slowly became lightly and turned into caress in the end. He stroked perky ass over and over again, sweeping across the gulf in the middle from time to time. Qing Yu’s moaning got even hotter.

“Little hussy is quite smart…”

Feng Luan felt hotter as well. Her skin grew red, and so did her neck and ears. Though she lowered her head, her eyes were full of lust. She knew exactly why Qing Yu did this. If Jiang Yi got her body, he couldn’t possibly leave her behind.

She peeked at Jiang Yi and revealed a look of determination. She suddenly got up and stood behind Jiang Yi. She coiled around Jiang Yi and pressed her bosoms onto his fiery armor. At the same time, she stuck out her pink tongue and began licking his ears.


Jiang Yi’s soul-spirit as like being struck by lightning. Though this Fire Cloud Armor appeared thick and hard, it felt so different from a thin robe. He was able to feel her plump boobs on his back clearly. In addition to the amazing sensation he got from her tongue, the captivating smell of their bodies made him completely lost in the sea of desire.

He had an extremely difficult time over the one month in the Mystic Divine Palace. He was always prepared to die and was constantly put under huge pressure. Chance had allowed him to survive and obtain three cardinal treasures. However, he also got the news that sank his spirit to the bottom—he wouldn’t be able to find Yi Piaopiao in a short time.

Moreover, he made an enemy of the She Clan, the Jian Clan, the Tu Clan, and the Martial Arts Hall. His uncertain future put greater strain on his mind. Right now, he was aroused by the two; he could no longer keep his senses. He also needed an outlet for the bitterness and anger that hid in his body.

Everything happened naturally. They were like the lightning meeting the wildfire, the thing followed was unstoppable.

A red light flashed on Jiang Yi’s body, and the Fire Cloud Armor disappeared from his body. He ripped Qing Yu’s dress with one hand, completely disclosing her breasts. His other shattered her remaining clothes into smithereens.


After all of Qing Yu’s robe was torn, and her perfectly toned body was in front of Jiang Yi, he growled like a wild beast. He bent over and clutched her tantalizing lips. His hand moved all over her body, completely turning Qing Yu into a fish swimming in the water 1 .


When Feng Luan standing behind him saw him biting and nibbling Qing Yu ceaselessly, she couldn’t stop giggling and began to gently help Jiang Yi remove his clothes. At the same time, she took off her clothes, too, stuck out her tongue again, and started to kiss Jiang Yi on the neck.


The rain outside was getting heavier, and the scene in the small tent was getting more and more alluring.

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