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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 626: Domineering, Cold Thearch

Chapter 626: Domineering, Cold Thearch

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It was a night of dissipation and a night of lovemaking!

Jiang Yi was young and fiery. Since he had crossed the boundary and they volunteered themselves, he had no scruples and spent the whole night playing with them. Even though Feng Luan and Qing Yu were skillful at doing such things, they couldn’t handle him anymore.

Of course…

They had ever been with any men; it felt extremely thrilling to be favored by a man. They spent a wild night with Jiang Yi; the three only fell asleep at daybreak. The snowy carpet was full of evidence of last night’s savage passion.

Three people slept in a huddle. The thunder outside gradually weakened, and the storm stopped as well. The morning sea breeze blew gently; it was a wonderful morning.

Late in the morning, Feng Luan was the first one that woke up. She looked at sleeping Jiang Yi and showed a trace of a sweet smile. She quietly got up and dressed before spreading her divine senses to the surroundings. After making sure that there was no danger, she walked out of the tent gracefully and went to the sea to clean herself and hunt for food.

After Feng Luan left, Jiang Yi opened his eyes. He let out a bitter smile and looked at Qing Yu who cuddled in his arms like a cat. He pulled out his arms gently and sat cross-legged, releasing Divine Perception sorcery arts to make sure whether they were safe.

After five minutes, he casually navigated the situation within millions of kilometers and was certain there was no danger. His body flashed, and he instant-shifted to the sea.


Feng Luan was cleaning herself by the sea. The air beside her suddenly shook, and a naked man appeared. She was startled and instinctively covered her front and squatted down. The essence force shone on her hand, she was ready to attack. However, when she saw it was Jiang Yi, she breathed deeply and rolled her eyes at him. “Young Master, are you going to scare Feng’er to death?”


Jiang Yi held her tightly. Since they were with each other last night, he was more open. He gently kissed her on the lips and said, “Feng’er, why didn’t you have more sleep? Rest assured, I have navigated the surroundings. We’re very safe.”

“I don’t want to sleep.”

Feng’er smiled sweetly. She rubbed the sturdy muscles on Jiang Yi’s chest and said cutely, “Come, Young Master. Let Feng’er help you in the washing.”


Jiang Yi stepped on the sand under the sea, closed his eyes, and let Feng Luan wash his body with the seawater. Her small hands made him very comfortable.

However, Feng Luan suddenly dove under the sea. When she squatted down and washed his lower body, he wouldn’t help to react intuitively. He opened his eyes and look at Feng Luan’s stunning body under the clear sea. Her slender hands were gently stroking his legs and… her loving eyes stared at him in an utterly seductive way.

“Lass, you ask for this!”

Jiang Yi bellowed deeply. He grabbed Feng Luan out of the sea and tossed her onto the beach nearby, thrusting himself towards her violently.

Passion was over; Feng Luan and Jiang Yi put on their clothes respectively. Qing Yu was awake, too. She blushed with shame when finding her body bare, and Jiang Yi and Feng Luan looked at her leisurely. Qing Yu turned into a faint shadow and rushed out of the tent on her own before diving into the sea.


Jiang Yi brought up the important matter. “I should send you back later. Don’t be headstrong in this; it’s really dangerous. I’m not heartless, and I promise that I will treat you if I survive this time.”


Feng Luan smiled faintly and said, “Young Master, you are wrong! Actually, if you send us back, we will only be in greater danger. All the important clans probably began to investigate you right now, and so our affairs will be exposed. There are bound to be many spies on the Phoenix Cry Continent. If we go back now, all the chasing troops from different clans will flock around us. Do you really think we will live?”


Jiang Yi’s face darkened. Feng Luan was correct. All the clans would definitely scrutinize his identity and even send people to the Stellarsky Continent.

He didn’t have any worries about the Stellarsky Continent. All that were close to him were in the Thearch Palace, and the island the Jiang Yunhai hid in was concealed enough that even Heaven Monarchs couldn’t find him. He was more concerned about the Phoenix Cry Continent instead; would the prominent clans create trouble to the Feng Clan and the Qing Clan?

“Young Master, don’t worry.”

Feng Luan saw through Jiang Yi’s concern and said confidently, “The Nine Thearch Clans value their reputations. People on the East Imperial Continent detested punishing clansmen because of one person’s doing. Thus, as long as Qing Yu and I don’t go back, our clansmen will be safe. This incident caused such a huge commotion; which clan dares to act recklessly? They will definitely be deplored by their people if they do so.”

Jiang Yi nodded and said, “Oh, then you just follow me. I’m afraid that it’ll be very difficult for you.”

“No, it won’t.”

Feng Luan stared at Jiang Yi affectionately and said, “After following Young Master, Feng’er finally feels that she can depend on someone, that her heart belongs to someone. During this time, I am much happier than I was over the past 21 years.”


Jiang Yi laughed and put his arms around Feng Luan. All his depressed feelings were gone and replaced by a powerful fighting spirit.

Nonetheless, he had to fight back for the sake of the beauty in his arms. The Destitute Dragon Grass gave him the hope of rising up. Were those prominent people destined to be more privileged than him? He was able to stand at the peak of the Stellarsky Continent within years; it wouldn’t be impossible to stand at the peak of the Stellarsky Domain.

Feng Luan felt Jiang Yi’s lofty spirit and soaring determination and began chuckling. If the people of the Phoenix Cry Continent saw her current adorable, feminine side, no one would believe that she was their domineering, cold Empress.

After Qing Yu finished washing, she went back with a few small sea beasts for lunch. Jiang Yi detected the surroundings with Divine Perception and made sure that the chasing troops hadn’t caught up before he began to discuss with Feng Luan about how to proceed in the future.

It was obvious!

They couldn’t go to the East Imperial Continent right now or any other continent. Jiang Yi had no choice but to find a place to hide. He needed to refine the Destitute Dragon Grass first and strive to improve his strength. Only till he could guarantee that he was able to release Heaven Evasion divine art without the risk of a backlash, he would have the capacity to fight against the pursuing troops.

In addition, during this time, the world would be swarmed with martial experts and scouts looking for Jiang Yi. Thus, he had to lie low for a while until the thing blew over.

“Blood Night Fearsome Sea!”

At last, both Jiang Yi and Feng Luan set the destination as the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. It was scary; no one had the courage to cross the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. Even mighty Heaven Monarchs didn’t risk going into the deep sea, but they would be safer precisely because of this.

Jiang Yi had the Thearch Palace and the Divine Perception sorcery art, and the strength of Feng Luan and Jiang Xiaonu were both fine. Even if they encountered some powerful demon thearchs, there was still a chance for them to fight back. As long as they never went to the deepest part of the Fearsome Sea, they wouldn’t be in any imminent danger; and the risk of being chased by others would be lowered significantly as well.

Since it was decided, Jiang Yi didn’t hesitate and took them in after a delicious meal. He started to release Heaven Evasion Divine Skill and march towards the deep sea.

This time, he only crossed 15,000 kilometers by one evasion, unlike what he did for the last two times. Though the Blood Night Fearsome Sea was large, one evasion would never send him to the deep sea; still, he had to be careful.


After less than an hour, Jiang Yi shot out from a crack in the mid-air. His divine senses spread out immediately. Soon, he was delighted to find that there were three big islands ten kilometers away in the front. The islands were covered with luxuriant trees and had beautiful scenery. He could also clearly detect many wild beasts on the islands.

“This is the place!”

Jiang Yi contemplated in secret and figured that he was very far from the Pegasus Continent, and even a Heaven Monarch would have to take at least half a month to fly here. The sea was vast and full of powerful sea beasts, so how could the chasing troops find them?

“Get lost!”

When Jiang Yi was about to dive into the sea, a sullen voice suddenly came from the sea 30 kilometers below. “This is the realm of the Emperor. Human, if you don’t wish to die, then get lost immediately!”

“Demon Thearch?”

A cold shimmer flickered across Jiang Yi’s eyes; he instantly became surging with a murderous aura.

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