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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 627: Get Lost

Chapter 627: Get Lost

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The closer the sea region to the continent, the more islands there would be; and there were fewer islands in the deep sea. It was rare to find an island here, which was so far away from the Pegasus Continent. Jiang Yi naturally didn’t want to give up such a good hiding place.

Just that… there was a demon thearch in the sea!

This made Jiang Yi struggle a bit, but he reacted very fast. Instantly, the Fire Cloud Armor appeared on his body; and divine senses extended to the deep sea to find out the strength of this demon thearch so that he could make decisions later.

He was no longer an inexperienced boy. His Everlasting Mirror was able to withstand a strike from the fifth-stage Heaven Monarch Realm Martial expert, and this Fire Cloud Armor was even a pseudo-divine artifact. Jiang Yi was confident that he couldn’t be harmed by an ordinary attack. Moreover… he knew the Heaven Evasion divine skill and could flee any time. He had so many treasures and magical skills to protect himself; he got a lot more courageous as well.

“You must be tired of living!”

A raging howl came under the sea. Jiang Yi had yet to find the demon thearch, but the seawater around him already began rolling over. Millions of waves turned into a series of flood dragons and came straight at Jiang Yi. Every flood dragon carried the force of a million pounds. An average martial artist would certainly die if they were hit by them.


Jiang Yi’s body flashed, and he instantly disappeared. Over a dozen flood dragons collided with one another, and all turned into waves, causing rainstorm from the sky.


The Thearch Palace on Jiang Yi’s hand shone, and Feng Luan appeared in the sky. Qing Yu was too weak to deal with the demon thearch, and so Jiang Yi didn’t transport her out. He didn’t travel very far while performing the Heaven Evasion Magical skill just now so his body wasn’t consumed. However, it was safer to let out Feng Luan. Her black magic could be an immense help to fight back the enemy.

“Young Master!”

Feng Luan flashed to Jiang Yi’s side. She lifted him singlehandedly and flew up. She inspected the below with her eyes and divine senses. Soon, both she and Jiang Yi appeared grave, for they detected an aura even more powerful than that of the Merman Great Emperor, but it was still weaker than the Lion Chi Demon Thearch.

“Fight or flee?”

Jiang Yi was divided. He finally found a good spot, and it was a pity to give up now. At last, his eyes turned; and he made up his mind. This Fearsome Sea was the territory of the demon thearchs; he might run into demon thearchs no matter where he went. He might as well take care of this one.

“Feng’er, help me control the situation. I’ll go and test the defensive power of this Fire Cloud Armor.”

Jiang Yi shouted in a deep voice and flew down. Feng Luan nodded; she had confidence in the Fire Cloud Armor. If this demon thearch was able to break the Fire Cloud Armor easily, it wouldn’t be worthy of the title of the pseudo-divine artifact.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The seawater beneath them blew up again, countless flood dragons gushed up and smashed towards Jiang Yi—as though Jiang Yi was a Spirit Pearl and the blood dragons competed with one another to get to him.


Jiang Yi didn’t dodge this time. He poured essence force into the Fire Cloud Armor, immediately red brilliance overcast the sky. Even Feng Luan didn’t dare to look at Jiang Yi in the eyes at this moment. She felt that a blazing sun rose over there, and a powerful aura surged through Jiang Yi, which even made Feng Luan depressed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Over a dozen flood dragons smashed onto Jiang Yi. They all turned into seawater and splashed everywhere, but Jiang Yi’s body was not hurt at all. He didn’t even fall back because of the impact.

“The defensive power of this Fire Cloud Armor is really impressive. It deserves to be called a pseudo-divine artifact!”

Feng Luan’s pretty eyes were extremely bright. She stared at the figure which was similar to an invincible god, fascinated. Love was blind, let alone the fact that Jiang Yi was in a suit of gorgeous and imperious armor and looked exceedingly impressive.

“Feng’er, come. Attack!”

Jiang Yi’s shouting helped Feng Luan regain her senses. She swept with her divine senses and rapidly found the demon thearch. The demon thearch was not in his original state but transformed into a human instead. He was a middle-aged man with golden skin and two horns on his head. He looked like a man of the Pegasus Race. Eyes were filled with chilly shimmer, and his aura was appalling.

As he shot from the deep sea, the seawater around him congealed into a dozen flood dragons again, which thundered up along him. They made his appearance rather imposing and extraordinary.


He gazed at the armor on Jiang Yi in a greedy way. His dragon claw-like hands swayed rapidly and congealed two balls of golden energy, aiming at Jiang Yi.

Swish! Swish!

As he moved his hands, dozens of flood dragons whizzed at Jiang Yi. Instantly, flood dragons were everywhere, and their depressing pressure was almost suffocating and caused the sky to tremble. The seawater below thrashed ceaselessly, and waves gushed out to a distance away.


Jiang Yi didn’t care at all. Perhaps, the old him would feel fearful, but right now—with the Fire Cloud Armor, this demon thearch’s aura was completely ineffective towards him. He was able to instant-shift away with ease.


Feng Luan above him already released her darkness dao pattern attack. The sky behind her turned pitch black, and the black fog shrouded the sky in the vicinity at a visible speed, instantly surrounding both Jiang Yi and the demon thearch.

“Young Master, the demon thearch is 33 kilometers below you on the left!”

When Jiang Yi just instant-shifted away, his view suddenly became dark. However, as he extended his divine senses, he was able to vaguely detect two balls of powerful auras. He was happy to find that his soul spirit had been enhanced by quite a lot, and so Feng Luan’s black dao pattern had a weaker influence on him.

The Fire Dragon Sword appeared on his hand. He suddenly slammed down towards his left, and tens of thousands of small fire dragons whizzed out, carrying ten balls of Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames. He didn’t release Netherworld Ghost Flames this time, as… he only had slightly over ten balls of ghost flames left.

Pong! Pong!

Fire dragons that covered the sky hit at the demon thearch that paused in mid-air. Balls of Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames smashed at his body, and a ball of black energy also crashed into him simultaneously.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The demon thearch was smacked into flying. However, to Jiang Yi and Feng Luan’s utter shock—except for his outer skin was blackened with the fire and his robe was burned down, he didn’t suffer from any other injury.

However, he grimaced in pain as his body was scorched. Enraged, he opened his arms and struck a series of golden demonic strength. The surrounding seawater instantly raised up huge waves that were as tall as 5,000 kilometers, piercing the black fog masked the sky.

“Die, die, die!”

He howled with rage. The endless seawater below surged to the sky and congealed in mid-air into countless flood dragons that darted towards Jiang Yi and Feng Luan.

Every dragon was tens of meters in length with astonishing aura presence! Moreover, the flood dragons were different from the ones that appeared just now. Every one was imparted with golden demonic strength by the demon thearch. They didn’t look like flood dragons, but real dragons with concrete bodies.

Tens of thousands of golden dragons continued to soar towards the sky. They danced over the sky; their baying was deafening. The seawater below rolled over and over, and the sky wobbled. The picture was soul-stirring and ghastly.

“Feng’er, run!”

Jiang Yi was in the Fire Cloud Armor and wasn’t worried about being hit, but Feng Luan’s defense power was relatively weak. Though she could turn on the divine shield, no one knew how many rounds of attacks she could withstand.


Feng Luan’s face turned pale, and glaring black light shone around her. She was enveloped inside a black shield. Apparently, she turned on the Essence Force Divine Shield. Concurrently, she went back as fast as lightning.

Attacks were the best defense!

Jiang Yi saw that Feng Luan had turned on her divine shield, and so she should be able to hold up for a while. A relentless look appeared in his eyes as he vanished. On the next second, he showed up several hundred kilometers below the demon thearch. He burst into shouting. “Die—!”

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