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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 628: I Yield

Chapter 628: I Yield

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tens of thousands of flood dragons danced in the sky. Some already kept up with Feng Luan. Flood dragons that shimmered with golden light smashed at Feng Luan with a crash every time, causing the ground to shake and the seawater to rumble.

Feng Luan’s divide shield continued sparkling to fend off the attacks from the flood dragons. However, the black light was fading gradually. The flood dragons turned into seawater that splashed everywhere after each hit, creating a heavy storm.

Chi! Chi!

Once Jiang Yi appeared below the demon thearch, dozens of flood dragons swam toward him immediately. He still needed time to instant-shift. Though this demon thearch wasn’t particularly powerful, he was still able to detect the space fluctuations while Jiang Yi instant-shifted. Therefore, he swiftly controlled hundreds of flood dragons to attack Jiang Yi in an attempt to kill him.


When Jiang Yi just shouted out the word “die”, golden flood dragons swarmed around him from all directions. Their horrifying aura presence made his soul to quiver in fear. He believed that he would definitely be blown up to death without the Fire Cloud Armor, but he was unsure whether he would survive even with the Fire Cloud Armor.

What alternatives did he have now? He had no choice but to swing his Fire Dragon Sword and release tens of thousands of fire dragons to the front. At the same time, he unleashed a dozen remaining ghost flames.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The flood dragons bumped against him violently when his tens of thousands of fire dragons whizzed out, too. The terribly high temperature of the ghost flames boiled off several flood dragons in the front and turned them into billowing water vapor that covered and overshadowed the sky.


At this time, Jiang Yi’s Fire Cloud Armor glowed with a dazzling red light to fend off those mighty golden flood dragons. When the dragons hit onto the Fire Cloud Armor, they would turn into water vapor that condensed back to seawater that sprinkled everywhere. The red light of Jiang Yi’s Fire Cloud Armor would become darker accordingly.


After being hit by over a dozen flood dragons, Jiang Yi was inevitably injured by the crash and spat out a mouthful of blood. Though this Fire Cloud Armor was very powerful, Jiang Yi’s strength was far too weak to bring out the best performance of the Fire Cloud Armor. If he was at the Heaven Monarch Realm right now and injected some essence force into the Fire Cloud Armor, its defense power would definitely be enhanced greatly.


On the other hand, the demon thearch was having a rough time, too. Jiang Yi was too close to him, and the temperature of the ghost flames was too high. Before he was near the flames, he already felt his entire body on fire. He screeched in tremendous pain. While he fell back rapidly, he controlled a dozen flood dragons to pour towards the ghost flames. The ghost flames were able to evaporate the flood dragons into water vapor; similarly, the flood dragons could absorb the terrible heat of the ghost flames. He might be in a much worse situation if not for the flood dragons.

“Die! Die! Die! Die!”

He glanced at Jiang Yi below him and pushed his arms. Hundreds of golden flood dragons rushed to Jiang Yi again. Since the ghost flames couldn’t kill him, he wanted to shake Jiang Yi to death instead, and then that precious warrior armor would belong to him.


Jiang Yi was miserable and continued injecting essence force into the Fire Cloud Armor. However, there were more and more golden flood dragons around him. If this situation persisted, he would really be shaken to death.

His divine senses swept, and he found that though the demon thearch was on fire and much of his skin was scorched. He had consumed more than half of the ghost flames. The remaining ghost flames were insufficient to burn the demon thearch to death.


He shouted in his mind. Feng Luan was still struggling in the sky above him. If he didn’t attack now, they might both get killed. White light radiated in his chest, and the Everlasting Mirror appeared.


The space around him shuddered, and eight mirrors appeared in eight positions around him. They were eight white mirrors with ancient patterns carved on them, revealing a bleak and eternal presence.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flood dragons thundered towards him one by one and smashed onto the eight mirrors. They turned into seawater and surged forward. Those eight mirrors shattered quickly, but Jiang Yi seized this fleeting moment. He shone with white light and disappeared.


At this time, the demon thearch—who was several kilometers away—just put off the ghost flames. As for Jiang Yi’s Dao pattern attacks, he couldn’t care less about them as they were far too weak to even break his defense.

When he saw eight mirrors appear around Jiang Yi. His eyes brightened, but soon, he realized something was wrong. Jiang Yi disappeared?! The space several dozens of meters above him began to fluctuate.

“Hahaha, you’re begging for death!”

A merciless look appeared in his eyes as his wound-ridden hands moved quickly. Ten flood dragons surrounded him, forming a special defensive shield. At the same time, hundreds of flood dragons gushed to the space fluctuations above them. He didn’t run anymore. Jiang Yi was already injured just now; how dared he to instant-shift right now! He would be killed by the collision at the moment that he appeared!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Once Jiang Yi showed up, countless flood dragons billowed towards him. Jiang Yi looked as though he had expected this. He was aware that if he did nothing to these hundreds of flood dragons, he would definitely be killed by the shock. If he wanted to live, he had to immediately release the Heaven Evasion and run away.

The problem was—Feng Luan was still struggling in a distance; how could he leave her behind? He had absolutely no intention to flee as well; instead, he decided to take the risk and try his strongest attack!


Completely ignoring the fire dragons, he lit up the Fire Dragon Sword with a blinding red ray. Balls of red light appeared in his hand, too, which were released together with martial skills. A myriad of fire dragons surged out, carrying balls of Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames.


At the same time, his glabella radiated with a red light, and 36 soul swords whizzed out, following the unending fire dragons. All smashed towards the head of the demon thearch.


When the demon thearch saw the Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames, he burst into laughter. He was well-prepared right now. The flood dragons that protected his bodies were even able to offset most of the power of the ghost flames. On the contrary, the temperature of these Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames was much lower; they would be incapable of breaking his flood dragon shield—let alone inflicting any harm on him.

“En? Something’s wrong…”

Suddenly, a warning of fatal danger came from the bottom of his soul spirit. He saw the 36 red light rays among the boundless fire dragons, but the red lights traveled so fast. By the time that he could react, the red lights flickered and pierced through his shield of flood dragons before shooting straight into his glabella.

“This… this is a soul spirit attack!”

The demon thearch’s eyes were filled with horror, his soul spirit almost shattered and vanished. He was a water-elemental golden wyrm. He was best at water-elemental attacks. As compared to other demonic beasts of his level, he was more powerful. However, he knew nothing about the soul spirit attacks and feared them the most.


With a string of silent crashes, the demon thearch quivered and closed his eyes in agony. A golden light flashed on his body. He could no longer maintain the human form and turned into a giant golden flood dragon of 70 meters in length, writhing about in mid-air.


The soul spirit of the golden flood dragon was attacked; it devoted all its energy into protecting his soul. Thus, naturally, he was no longer able to control the flood dragons in the sky. Instantly, all the flood dragons that fluttered in the sky collapsed and fell down as torrential rains.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!”

The golden flood dragon opened its giant mouth and let out long howls with misery. Its body that was as big as a mountain rolled over in the sky, causing the space to fluctuate ceaselessly and stirring the falling seawater.

Jiang Yi slowly descended in the sky. He stared at the head of the golden flood dragon and controlled 36 soul swords to continue attacking its soul spirit. This golden flood dragon didn’t know soul spirit cultivation or soul spirit attacks, and so it had no choice but to take in all the attacks. Its soul spirit was about to break down.

“Ah, ah. It’s so painful. My soul spirit is going to burst!”

The golden flood dragon writhed non-stop and continued roaring with pain. At the moment that his soul spirit was on the edge of breaking, he turned over and looked at Jiang Yi. He gave a long howl. “Stop, stop the attack. I yield! I yield!”

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