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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 634: Void Ancient Path

Chapter 634: Void Ancient Path

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After spending one hour, the Divine Pattern Master struck out a few hundred streams of light; and the strange pattern finally took form in mid-air. The pattern was very complex and looked very dazzling as though a vast map that was filled with stars.

When the Divine Pattern Master struck out the last stream of light, the pattern started to come alive. All the runic wordings on the white lines flowed like mercury and converged towards a central white spot.

That spot gradually expanded and finally turned into a pitch-black ancient path. It wasn’t huge and could only fit in about ten individuals. It looked sinister, and it was unknown how long it was and which direction it was in. It was just like the large mouth of a giant beast, which put fear in the hearts.

“Let’s go!”

She Fei beckoned his hand while that skeleton-looking elder carried the Astrologer and the Divine Pattern Master with each hand and rushed into the pitch-black ancient path like an afterimage. She Fei and the rest of the 30 Heaven Monarchs followed behind closely and entered the dark ancient path.


When everyone vanished into the Void Ancient Path, the strange pattern flashed. It disintegrated and vanished in mid-air while the surroundings ultimately regained its serenity, as though nothing had happened.


One hour later, above the Blood Night Fearsome Sea which was south of the East Imperial Continent… there was a fluctuation in the air while a black tunnel appeared.

She Fei and the others flew out from the Void Ancient Path one after another. They looked at the boundless sea and were overwhelmed. This Divine Pattern Master was truly powerful, and it took them just one hour to travel across tens of thousands of miles and arrive at the Blood Night Fearsome Sea.

“There is a small island over there. Let’s go!”

Xie Fie excited eyes. The Astrologer had already determined that Jiang Yi’s hiding place was within the Blood Night Fearsome Sea, and they were already above the sea. If they were to continue tracking, they might just be able to pinpoint Jiang Yi’s whereabouts. He would then ask the Divine Pattern Master to bring them across the void and then the consecrator to instantly kill Jiang Yi, which would let him obtain the three treasures.

Everyone flew over to the island while that skeletal elder placed the Astrologer and the Divine Pattern Master on the ground. She Fei quickly bowed with cupped hands and said to the Astrologer, “Wu Lao, I need to trouble you again.”


The white-robed elderly Astrologer nodded his head indifferently with an arrogant expression. Their race had the capability to be proud. The Divine Pattern Master could be nurtured while their body constitution was innately born like this. Those that were not of the Astrologer Race wouldn’t be able to do anything even if the astrology art was bestowed to them.

The Astrologer sat cross-legged on the ground and formed a seal with his hands. His body gradually glowed with rainbow-colored light while the mysterious runic wordings flowed in the light. A strange and unknown aura presence flowed around his body while there was a mysterious presence that hovered in the surroundings. When someone tried to sense it, they would not be able to see it nor touch it. It was unknown what it was, but it was very mystical.

She Fei and the others sat down and rested. Every time the astrology arts were released, it would take at least one hour, and they had no choice but to wait.

One hour, two hours… three hours!

The Astrologer had yet to stop his astrology arts. She Fei and the others revealed this strange expression as they were wondering why it was taking so long this time. Could there be an anomaly?


After another 30 minutes, the Astrologer finally stopped and opened his fatigued eyes. The rainbow-colored radiance vanished while he let out a long sigh and said, “Young Master Fei, the astrology failed. I am unable to lock onto that person’s location.”


She Fei’s expression changed while the skeletal elder’s eyes flashed with a chilling light and asked, “What is the situation?”

The Astrologer shook his head and sighed. “I originally want to lock onto that individual, but I suddenly couldn’t sense his aura presence. I can only determine that he should be in the north of the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. He… might be in a mystical spatial zone, and he might have a spatial artifact which is at least a transcending saint artifact.”

“Damn it!”

She Fei cursed silently. The Blood Night Fearsome Sea was massive, and even the north part of it was the size of a few Pegasus Continent. If he wanted to gradually search the area, it would be impossible without spending a few months.


She Fei’s eyes flickered while he gritted his teeth and said, “We will wait here and conduct the astrology every three days. I don’t believe that he would be able to hide in the spatial artifact forever.”

The consecrator and the others let out a helpless sigh. If they were to conduct a search, it would be too time- and energy-consuming. There were plenty of demon thearchs in the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. Even though the north was closer to the East Imperial Continent, meaning that the demon thearchs shouldn’t be too powerful, it would still be very troublesome.

“Young Master, I lost the target’s aura presence!”

At almost the same moment, in the southernmost city of the Pegasus Continent, an Astrologer reported to Jian Wuying, which caused him to jump and curse. Their previous divining had obviously locked onto Jiang Yi’s position; why did they suddenly lose it?

“Continue! We must find him!” Jian Wuying yelled out furiously. He was very young and had been spoiled by the Sword Thearch. He didn’t care about the esteemed status of this Astrologer, and if he was infuriated, he would immediately kill without any regards.

“What? You can’t find him?”

In the North Thearch City, Wu Ni had just obtained the approval to use the Astrologer and Divine Pattern Master. He immediately asked the Astrologer to conduct a search and found out that they were unable to lock onto Jiang Yi’s location?

“Could that kid be killed by the Xie or the Jian Clan? Or has he hidden into a spatial artifact? But he didn’t obtain any spatial artifact in the Mystic Divine Palace, right?”

Wu Ni muttered with doubts and asked the Astrologer to go for a rest. He then informed the Astrologer to conduct an astrology divining every few days and to inform him when there was any information. He was currently holding on to a set of a document which had the detailed information regarding Jiang Yi. It even included the information of him in Stellarsky Continent and his incidents in Phoenix Cry Continent and the Beastman Continent.

While he was casually looking through the information, an old man who looked to be a housekeeper came and reported with a soft voice, “Young Master, a Saint Lady who escaped from the Stellarsky Continent’s Branch Hall is seeking a meeting. She says that she understands Jiang Yi very well and can help you deal with him.”

“What is she trying to play?”

Wu Ni blinked his eyes, waved his hand, and spoke with frustration, “That bastard Jiang Yi might already be dead; what is there to deal with? Send the message for the various branch halls to keep close attention. If that kid is still alive, then come report to me. I will go to Mystic Thearch City first. If I can get that Mystic Divine Palace, I don’t even need the Destitute Dragon Grass anymore. Hehe…”

Since the Astrologer couldn’t find Jiang Yi’s aura presence and spatial artifacts were very rare, Wu Ni had already determined that Jiang Yi already perished; and the Destitute Dragon Grass had been taken by She Fei or Jian Wuying.

He might not be willing to accept this result, but he had to give up. The Mystic Divine Palace appearing at Mt. Mystic Divine was even more significant than the Destitute Dragon Grass. Thus, Wu Ni naturally wanted to disregard Jiang Yi’s matter first.

Tu Long—who was in the Beast Thearch City, Ling Qijian, and the others all couldn’t lock onto Jiang Yi’s aura presence with their Astrologer. Many of them were initially paying attention to Jiang Yi, but they had now put him aside and teleported to the Mystic Thearch City and attempted to climb Mt. Mystic Divine to obtain the Mystic Divine Palace.

The information about the Mystic Divine Palace had inevitably been leaked out!

The entire East Imperial Continent was in sensation. Countless experts had gathered at the Mystic Thearch City and attempted to obtain this once in a lifetime opportunity. Those that had celestial stones would travel through the teleportation arrays, those that didn’t had to travel bitterly by flight or ride on various flying tools to cross this vast territory. There were some weak martial artists who had prepared to set off on a journey of years or even a lifetime to visit Mt. Mystic Divine and try their luck.

If they were able to obtain the Mystic Divine Palace, they would be able to immediately ascend and become one of the most powerful martial artists in the world. If they had the Mystic Divine Saber and the Mystic Divine Armor, who would be able to kill them? In the worse case, they just had to hide in the Mystic Divine Palace and would anyone be able to destroy its restriction?

There was a huge sensation in the East Imperial Continent. Jiang Yi didn’t know that his suddenly entering into the Thearch Palace and the sudden appearance of the Mystic Divine Palace on Mt. Mystic Divine had helped him to survive a calamity. If all the clans were to pursue him at the same time, he would only have death awaiting him even if he was to escape to the ends of the world.

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