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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 635: Refining Destitute Dragon Grass!

Chapter 635: Refining Destitute Dragon Grass!

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Jiang Yi naturally entered the Thearch Palace because he had something to do. He was preparing to refine the Destitute Dragon Grass!

It was such a waste to keep such a treasure on himself. He didn’t even know when the enemies would come chasing and might just conveniently let the enemies obtain it. Several days later, after Jiang Yi checked the surroundings with this Divine Perception multiple times to make sure that it was safe, he entered the Thearch Palace.

Yun Fei’s restriction arts were indeed incredible. Not only the cave they were hiding in, but she even set up a powerful illusion formation on the entire island. After the formation was finished setting up, Jiang Yi and Feng Luan flew out and used their divine senses to scan the place. Even if with Jiang Yi’s powerful soul spirit—if he didn’t take a closer look, it was impossible to discover anyone hiding on this island.

Yun Fei had set up a total of three illusion formations on this island, and because she knew the sorcery art—Art of Plant Spirit, she could shift around the plants, allowing her to set up the formations without any formation stones. She only used the unique shifting of the trees and rocks to form a natural illusion formation, which nearly didn’t have any fluctuations that would attract attention.

There were demonic beasts patrolling the area, and if there was any situation, the demon thearch would go and obstruct first while Feng Luan and the others would immediately receive the information. Jiang Yi had given Feng Luan a jade token, and once she crushed it, he would know of the emergency. Everything had already been arranged properly, and if he didn’t refine the Destitute Dragon Grass now, when was he going to do it?

The refinement method of the Destitute Dragon Grass was very simple which both Feng Luan and Qi Lao knew. Such spiritual treasures that came from heaven and earth would never do harm to a human body; hence, Jiang Yi had nothing to be afraid of and simply refined it with ease. It required a rather long refinement period and would need at least three months to completely absorb the medicinal effects.

Jiang Xiaonu was still in seclusion and was probably comprehending the second rank of the Ink Feather Divine Art. Qian Wanguan was also still in frenzied seclusion, and he wouldn’t come out until he refined the soul spirit dao pattern shards. It was unknown what the little fox was cultivating, but it had been in a deep slumber.

Jiang Yi had teleported Qi Lao, Zhu Sui, and Gu Lao out while he brought Zhan Wushuang and Yun Fei back in. Yun Fei didn’t have to bother about where she was comprehending the restrictions, and so she simply had an idle talk with Zhan Wushuang before they entered their respective rooms and entered seclusion after turning the restrictions on.

“Destitute Dragon Grass!”

Jiang Yi took out a jade box while his eyes were shining bright. As long as he refined this item, he would be able to constantly grow stronger and rise rapidly.

Jiang Yi took a deep breath and expelled all distracting thoughts. He slowly opened the jade box and placed the stalk of herb which glowed with divine light on his hands. This herb was like a living being which was squirming lightly once it was on his hands. It let out a tantalizing smell that rushed towards the nose and filled the inner chamber with its fragrance.

“I have to hurry up and refine it!”

Jiang Yi understood that this fragrance was the medicinal effects, and the more it dispersed, the lesser the medicinal effects. Essence force emerged in his hands as it enveloped the Destitute Dragon Grass, causing the fragrance to immediately vanish. He too felt that the Destitute Dragon Grass was twisting around even faster as though it didn’t wish to be refined.

Jiang Yi naturally wouldn’t be soft-hearted now as he quickly poured in his essence force and gradually dissolved the Destitute Dragon Grass. A trace of energy entered his meridians through his palm.

“Ss-ss! Hot!”

Once the Destitute Dragon Grass entered the meridians, Jiang Yi felt as though his meridians were on fire, and he nearly threw the Destitute Dragon Grass away. He quickly stopped the refinement and slowed down that energy from entering his body. When he was waiting for the energy to disperse throughout his whole body, he felt as though his entire body was burning. That energy dissipated quickly while all his muscles, blood vessels were all abnormally scorching—as though he was swimming in a hotpot, and his entire body was boiled.

“Why is it so hot? Why didn’t the Fire Spirit Pearl protect the owner? Ss-ss…”

Jiang Yi grimaced in pain for a moment before he opened his eyes and ripped the clothes apart. He then took a glance at the Fire Spirit Pearl and realized there weren’t any signs of changes. He took another glance at the Destitute Dragon Grass and cursed silently.

Now that he started to refine the Destitute Dragon Grass, it was impossible to stop. Otherwise, the medicinal effects would just continue to dissipate, and it would truly be a waste of this treasure. He circulated the Nameless Divine Art and guided the dispersed energy in his body to move around for his body to absorb, which reduced the burning sensation.


Once his body recovered a little, Jiang Yi continued to refine the Destitute Dragon Grass. As a result—when a trace of energy entered his meridians, Jiang Yi’s entire body trembled. This second trace of energy was much higher in temperature, and it was truly as though he was being burned. Had it not been for him forcefully controlling himself, he would probably be rolling on the ground.


Too hot!

When that energy entered his body, it would automatically disperse throughout the body, making it feel as though his body was on a grill. Every pore on his body was spitting fire, and he was drenched in sweat—as black substances constantly oozed out from his body. This sensation was just too unbearable and had almost made him insane.

“What should I do? I cannot continue on like this. I will definitely faint from the pain, and if I faint, more of the Destitute Dragon Grass’ energy would definitely unleash its full energy. Could Feng’er and Qi Lao’s refinement method be wrong?”

Jiang Yi felt as though his entire body was being roasted, and he was enduring that feeling which was driving him mad. His mind was thinking very quickly for a method. If this carried on, he would either have to stop refining or faint. Either method would cause the Destitute Dragon Grass to lose the medicinal effects. It would be such a waste of this mystical herb.

“Eh… why is my entire body so sticky? What is this black substance?”

Jiang Yi realized his body was discharging a black and smelly substance, which made him rather baffled. His eyes flickered as he suddenly realized something.

It seemed like the heat from the refinement of the Destitute Dragon Grass was actually the herb tempering his body and forcing out all the impurities. After all those impurities were discharged, his body would reach a perfect condition.

It was just like a piece of scrap iron that was thrown into the furnace which would be smelted by the blazing fire. After the forging process, the impurities would be tempered. This meant to say that the body’s damaged array would be scrapped and reformed into a flawless array!

“Endure, I have to endure. Otherwise, I will be wasting the medicinal effects of the Destitute Dragon Grass, and my body will not be able to achieve the flawless state.”

Jiang Yi was silently warning himself not to lose this great opportunity. The Destitute Dragon Grass would only appear once in ten thousand years. If he was to miss out on this stalk, he might never have a chance in his lifetime to see another one. He had to think of all ways to cherish this opportunity.


When the third trace of energy entered his body, his body felt warmer by a few notches. He felt that he couldn’t take it anymore. Even though he had the heart to resist, his body couldn’t; and he was about to faint.

“Oh, right!”

He had a sudden inspiration as he recalled he had an absolute skill, the Union of Heaven and Man state! He forcefully endured the pain in his body and made himself forget everything in order to enter that mystical state.

As expected…!

After entering the Union of Heaven and Man state, everything was different. Jiang Yi felt as though his soul spirit had exited the body, and even when his body was being roasted in a furnace as long as his soul spirit didn’t pay any attention, he wouldn’t feel any pain.

At this moment, his soul spirit felt as though it had blended with heaven and earth, and his body wasn’t his at all. He couldn’t feel any pain and would never faint.

The Union of Heaven and Man was different from the divine senses. The divine senses were Jiang Yi using his soul spirit to sense the situation outside, but his body’s pain would still be transferred to his soul spirit. While the Union of Heaven and Man was like a state where his soul spirit left the body and blend with another side of the world. As long as he didn’t bother about his body, his body would just be similar to a room’s table or a slab of limestone.


The Destitute Dragon Grass wouldn’t truly roast the as it was just tempering the body. Jiang Yi turned ruthless and didn’t bother about his body. He controlled his essence force to constantly refine the Destitute Dragon Grass and let the energy pour into his body non-stop and reforming his body, allowing his body to be cleansed and turn flawless!

Feeling the burning body and looking at the body constantly discharging the black substance, Jiang Yi was looking forward to seeing how perfect his body would be after the Destitute Dragon Grass reformed it.

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