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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 637: Indistinct Attack

Chapter 637: Indistinct Attack

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“Why can’t this trash persevere awhile more?”

Jiang Yi had just fully refined the Destitute Dragon Grass in the Thearch Palace. There was basically no time for him to inspect his body before his divine senses detected the miserable bawling of the demon thearch as it shot itself into the island like a sharp sword.

“Feng’er, let’s head out and take down those two!”

Jiang Yi’s divine senses detected that the two enemies were just in the first and second stage of the Heaven Monarch Realm. He decided to capture them and question the opposition’s circumstances. If his soul skill was able to kill Xie Jun, an ordinary Heaven Monarch would never be able to block against his attack if they didn’t possess a powerful soul spirit attack. The sneak attack would be more ferocious when coordinated with Feng Luan’s darkness dao pattern. Besides, there was also the Golden Flood Dragon as well. There was no reason for him to be afraid when it was three against two.

Most importantly, Jiang Yi had inspected his body casually, and it made him feel extremely great. With a casual shift of his hands, he was able to feel an endless amount of essence force within his body that could smash a heaven artifact into pieces with just his fist.


Feng Luan was also able to sense how strong Jiang Yi had become. He might not have made any noticeable movements and had just glanced at her nonchalantly. However, just a wave of his hand had brought forth an indescribably great pressure. The Destitute Dragon Grass was truly a heaven-and-earth miracle herb. Just a single stalk could allow such a miraculous change to a person.

“Get ready!”

Jiang Yi didn’t have the time to wash off the dirt on him. His divine senses swept out and confirmed that the duo was charging towards the Thearch Palace under the cliff and was about to launch an attack. A ray of white light lit up in his and Feng Luan’s eyes as they disappeared from the Thearch Palace.


At this moment, the two Heaven Monarchs outside had their eyes lit up as bright as the stars. Sure enough, Jiang Yi was hiding in a spatial divine artifact. The duo struck out two rays of light without any hesitation as it blasted toward the Thearch Palace abruptly. They intend to force Jiang Yi out. The duo no longer paid any more attention to the demon thearch that had hidden behind the Thearch Palace. So long as they killed Jiang Yi, they would be awarded great merits.

“Golden Flood Dragon, release the water attribute attack!”

A voice transmitted message resonated out within Golden Flood Dragon’s mind. Simultaneously, the Thearch Palace had also disappeared in mid-air as two silhouettes appeared and shot down from the sky. A beauty that brought along a noble-like empress aura waved her hands, which turned the sky pitch-black instantly.

The other person was covered in soot while a pungent smell was discharging from his body. His speed was like a roaming dragon as he flew up. Suddenly, he turned towards the two Heaven Monarchs and dashed towards them. In mid-air, he split himself into two, two into four… four into eight. Ultimately, there were nearly a thousand similar clones of him in all directions as all of them attacked the duo.


The two Heaven Monarchs panicked. There were so many clones with all of them looking so real. Which one of them should they attack? While the duo was hesitating, the black clouds near Feng Luan had extended as it enveloped the duo. The duo had been rendered blind and could no longer see clearly while their divine senses were also no longer able to scan their surroundings.

“Young Master, one of them is at your lower right!”

“Demon Thearch, attack at the front indistinctly!”

Feng Luan’s voice transmission resonated out in the demon thearch and Jiang Yi’s eardrum without delay. Although the Golden Flood Dragon was gravely injured, it still didn’t dare to defy Jiang Yi’s order. It could only clench its teeth and continued to send thousands of water dragons ahead indistinctly. There were countless Jiang Yi’s clones before him. Could the real one be among them? It was no longer bothered by it because he could not see the situation clearly and was unable to differentiate which one of them was Jiang Yi’s true body.

Jiang Yi’s divine senses were very strong. Even without Feng Luan’s reminder, he would still be able to lock onto the Heaven Monarch’s position and also be able to sense where the Golden Flood Dragon was attacking it. The Fire Dragon Sword appeared on his hand while he waited for the Golden Flood Dragon Demon Thearch’s attack to whistle over. Suddenly, he struck out a fusion martial skill. Thousands of fire dragons that brought along the Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames shot out. At the same time, a ray of light flashed on his glabella. The soul swords shot out as well as they followed behind the fire dragons.

There was a pattern in which his fire dragon flew. They would automatically open up a pathway for the soul sword. Furthermore, Jiang Yi had no idea if the soul sword would be damaged by the Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames. However, he didn’t dare to take the risk since the Soul-Devouring Crocodile could be injured by the Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Golden Flood Dragon’s attack was the first to arrive at the target as it smashed onto the two Heaven Monarchs unendingly. The two Heaven Monarch wasn’t weak either. They immediately released their Essence Force Divine Shield. The Divine Shield was glistening in golden light as it radiated out loftily. Unfortunately, heaven and earth were enveloped by darkness, and the golden light basically had no means to light up their surroundings.

Despite releasing their Divine Shield, the duo couldn’t help but grumble. Heaven Monarchs might possess an endless amount of essence force. As long as their Divine Shields weren’t broken apart, they could never be killed. However, this was only aimed at those rudimentary martial artists. How could those Soul Travel or Vajra Realm experts’ attack be able to break apart a Heaven Monarch expert’s divine shield?

The demon thearch was in the same realm as the Heaven Monarch, and its attack was excessively fierce. Therefore, even if the two Heaven Monarchs possessed an endless amount of essence force, their divine shield might still be broken apart by the high intensity of those incoming attacks. Once the divine shield was broken apart, the two of them would continue staying blind due to the darkness dao pattern. By then, only death awaited them.

Fortunately, the demon thearch’s attack was lacking by a bit. Both of them heaved a sigh of relief inwardly after the first phase of the attack had gone by while their shield continued remaining standing strong. Just when the duo was able to release their attacks to think of ideas to break out from this darkness fog, a few rays of black lights smashed onto their backs unendingly. It caused the duo to scream in pain as they continued to pour their essence force in to maintain their divine shield.

Chi! Chi!

Jiang Yi’s attack had also arrived. He locked onto one of them and attacked. Thousands of fire dragons that brought along an aura of obliteration struck over. Unfortunately, these fire dragons might seem powerful, but the might of it couldn’t be counted as strong at all because Jiang Yi didn’t have much essence force left in him, causing the attacks to be lacking.

These thousands of small fire dragons weren’t the main force of the attack. Those bundles of Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames that were carried by the fire dragons were the killer move. When those lumps of Nine Heavens Dragon Flames smashed onto the divine shield, it caused the divine shield energies to fade away very quickly. This caused the Heaven Monarch martial artist to be terrified. He immediately disregarded the streams of black light attacks that were launched by Feng Luan behind him and placed all his strength into circulating his essence force to withstand against the Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames attack before him!

Chi! Chi!

When the Nine Heavens’ Dragon Flames was on the verge of fully consuming itself, the real killer move had finally come out. Thirty-six soul swords that brought along a sharp hollow whistle shot over like red lightning. It penetrated into the divine shield easily. Before that Heaven Monarch martial artist even had the time to react, they penetrated into his glabella.

“Soul spirit attack!”

The Heaven Monarch expert cried out as he started to shudder. An aura of despair crept up from the depths of his soul.

The soul spirit attack had always been an extremely weird ability. They wouldn’t be able to defend against it unless the soul spirit was strong enough, or they possessed the ability to defend their soul spirit or perhaps treasures to defend the soul spirit.

His soul spirit could only be counted as ordinary. Soul spirit defensive abilities were extremely rare, and an ordinary person basically had no qualifications to learn it. As for the treasures that defended the soul spirits, no one would possess them other than those famous experts or those descendants from the powerful clans.

If an ordinary martial artist wished to defend against those soul spirit attacks, they could only use all sorts of abilities to wear down the enemy’s soul spirit attacks and not allow the attacks to enter into their soul spirit. It was basically a declaration of death once the soul spirit attack entered into their soul spirit sea.

Previously, She Fei had warned them to be careful of Jiang Yi’s soul attack once they encounter him. Xie Jun had been killed by him in a move even though his soul spirit was pretty decent. Therefore, if they were assaulted by it, they would inevitably die.

However, with the situation earlier, how could he have the time and energy to defend against it with all his surroundings being in pitch-black and attacks being launched at him unceasingly?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thirty-six soul swords struck onto his soul spirit like 36 divine swords. He was in complete despair. He had no choice but to disregard his soul spirit as his saint artifact spear on his hand lit up in a golden light. Suddenly, he thrust out hundreds of times, hoping to make Jiang Yi pay a price even if he had to die.

Chi! Chi!

The moment the saint artifact spear thrust out, heaven and earth vibrated. Ear-piercing thrusts resonated out from the void like the torrential sea waves. Several hundreds of spear mirage pierced the void as it filled the sky with spear mirages that attacked indistinctly. All of a sudden, Jiang Yi’s body which was several hundred meters away got pierced by several spear mirages.

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