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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 638: Urgent Wind, Stop All Calling

Chapter 638: Urgent Wind, Stop All Calling

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His body lit up with fiery red radiance as the Fire Cloud Armor appeared on the surface of his body and released a blinding red light, forcefully blocking against those formidable attacks that could even penetrate mountains. The pseudo-divine artifact’s defense was heaven-defying and wasn’t something a Heaven Monarch at the lower stages could break in just a single attack.


The soul swords had crumbled the Heaven Monarch’s soul spirit easily. The Heaven Monarch’s aura presence gradually turned weak, and his body descended and crashed onto the ground without any strength.


Jiang Yi’s face was stained with soot, and his black-and-white contrasting eyes were filled with cold intent. He was like a wild beast that had chosen to devour humans as he turned into a dragon and rushed at the Heaven Monarch at the other side.

“Kill, kill, kill!”

The Golden Flood Dragon Demon Thearch had been pursued by these two Heaven Monarchs unceasingly for the past two days and was nearly killed multiple times. When it saw Jiang Yi killing one of the Heaven Monarchs so quickly, it was instantly invigorated. The hands radiated with golden light while the sea surrounding the island suddenly rose with a sea wave hundreds of meters into the air before turning into tens of thousands of water dragons that killed towards the Heaven Monarch martial artist.


Feng Luan’s multi-colored phoenix robes were fluttered loudly in the violent wind. She brandished her hands and walked elegantly in the air. While her body moved, the sky was devoured by darkness again. Her limpid eyes were frightening bright like an arrogant night queen.

Three against one!

It was needless to say about the conclusion. Jiang Yi didn’t even have to use his soul sword. The three of them could break the divine shield and crush the enemy into smithereens without any effort. This time, Jiang Yi wanted to capture this individual alive and check out the situation, and so it was a little troublesome.

Jiang Yi had achieved a great improvement for his Myriad Clone, which was able to produce nearly a thousand clones. Jiang Yi could even control them simultaneously and crashed them towards the Heaven Monarch, causing his body to tremble with fear.

When the battle was between experts, wouldn’t one be afraid if a figure suddenly rushed at them with a saint artifact? What if it wasn’t a clone, but the real body that was going to execute a powerful attack when he got near?

With Jiang Yi’s distraction, the demon thearch and Feng Luan had a much easier time to attack. One of them would constantly attack with the water dragons while the other would use the darkness dao pattern to launch black streams of light, that would all blast onto the Heaven Monarch’s divine shield.

On the contrary, this Heaven Monarch had turned into a deaf and blind individual because of the darkness dao pattern. He had no choice but to struggle and hold on bitterly while he waited for the moment that his divine shield shatters, and he would be smashed into smithereens.

Make a deal?

Jiang Yi didn’t continue the attack and just used his clones to occasionally disturb this individual and frighten him. His divine senses locked onto this person as he transmitted a message: “You just have to answer a few questions, and I will spare your life. How about it?”

The Heaven Monarch expert was already in despair, and Jiang Yi’s transmitted message had made him delighted. However, he shouted back with suspicion, “Hmph. If you want to kill, just kill. Don’t play tricks and doubt my wisdom. Do you think I am an idiot?”


Jiang Yi let out a long laugh and replied: “Your comrade had been killed by me instantly in a single move. Do you think I need to play with such tricks if I want to kill you? Less nonsense—answer my questions, and I swear not to kill you. If you dare to say anything else, I will send you on your way! First question: who sent you here?”

The Heaven Monarch was struggling, and he felt that his divine shield was going to be shattered at any moment. As the aura presence of death enveloped him, his eyes flickered as he gritted his teeth and answered, “This servant is a member of the Evil Thearch Soldiers under the Evil Thearch. I have received my orders to follow Young Master Fei to pursue and kill you.”

She Fei?

This answer was within Jiang Yi’s expectation. He nodded and asked again: “How do you know that I am in the Blood Night Fearsome Sea? How did you find me here so quickly? Is there any great tracking ability?”

Jiang Yi had the Heaven Evasion divine skill and could go to any part of the world he wanted to. He could even escape to the East Imperial Continent or to the ice sea in the north. He could even escape to the Endless Deep Sea which was at the east of the East Imperial Continent; he could even return to the Stellarsky Continent.

Furthermore, how massive was the Blood Night Fearsome Sea? How could She Fei come to search this place in such a short period of time? Hence, he was suspecting that She Fei had some great tracking ability.

The Heaven Monarch was stunned to find out that Jiang Yi actually didn’t know about the Astrologer and the Divine Pattern Master? He hesitated and didn’t dare to say more. If She Fei knew that he had leaked out the information to the enemy, he was still going to die after he returned to the Evil Thearch City.


Jiang Yi snorted while his transmitted voice echoed like a thunder in the Heaven Monarch’s ear: “You better consider carefully. If you don’t say it, you will have to die now. If you say it, only heaven, earth, you, and I will know. If I don’t say it, how will She Fei know? Say it!”

The final word had shocked the Heaven Monarch so much that his soul spirit trembled. He gritted his teeth and said, “Young Master Fei has brought along an Astrologer and a Divine Pattern Master. As long as your soul spirit presence appears, the Astrologer will be able to locate your whereabouts. The Divine Pattern Master can travel across the void to chase after you. It is why we came so quickly…”

“Astrologer? This is not good, Young Master!”

When Feng Luan heard it, she explained and transmitted a message: “My Feng Clan has records of the Astrologer and the Divine Pattern Master. I also thought they were just legends and didn’t expect they were real. Young Master, we have to flee now. Otherwise… a huge group of experts would surely travel across the void and arrive here.”


Jiang Yi’s eyes turned cold, but he didn’t panic. He then transmitted a cold message: “How far is your Young Master Fei away from here? How long do they need to arrive here? How many in total? What are their strengths like?”

Since the Heaven Monarch already spoke about the Astrologer and the Divine Pattern Master, there was nothing for him to fear anymore. He replied quickly, “We have more than 60 Heaven Monarchs, with one Consecrator at the peak stage of the Heaven Monarch Realm. Once Young Master Fei received the information, the Astrologer would need around one hour to locate this position while the Divine Pattern Master will need another one hour to form the Void Ancient Path. The army will probably arrive in around one hour. That’s right… during this period of time, we have encountered many of the Jian Clan’s martial artists, and they must also be looking for you. They have an Astrologer and a Divine Pattern Master, too. I have said everything. Young Master Jiang, please honor your promise and spare my life.”

“Very well!”

Jiang Yi nodded with satisfaction and said, “Feng’er, Golden Flood Dragon, cripple him and spare his life!”

Chi! Chi!

Once his order ended, Feng Luan and the Golden Flood Dragon’s attack turned up in ferocity. That Heaven Monarch’s divine shield was already at the brink of being destroyed, and it suddenly exploded while his body was sent flying by the blast and was turned into a bloodied mess. There were areas that had wounds that were so deep that bones were visible.


Feng Luan’s finger force shot out with lightning speed, which struck at the severely injured Heaven Monarch, piercing a hole in his dantian. That Heaven Monarch wailed out with agony and roared at Jiang Yi with resentment, “You despicable person. Didn’t you say that you will spare my life? You didn’t keep your promise!”


Jiang Yi swept an indifferent glance at him and said, “I did say I will spare your life, but I didn’t say that I wouldn’t cripple you. Aren’t you still alive?”

As he spoke, Jiang Yi took a few steps forward and threw this person into the Thearch Palace. He wasn’t going to let this person leave so easily. He had to interrogate him and get more information. Then again, was Jiang Yi going to let him leave afterward? Jiang Yi wasn’t an idiot. Why would he let this person go to rendezvous with She Fei and allow them to come and to pursue him?

Mercy to the enemy was to be merciless to oneself. Jiang Yunhai had taught him this since he was young. One must be ruthless to the enemy so as not to leave any troubles in the future.


His body flashed as he rushed at the other Heaven Monarch martial artist and stripped off all of his battle armor. He kept the saint artifact spear and his ancient divine essence ring. He then left some huge words on the ground with the Fire Dragon Sword. He then waved his hand to Feng Luan and the Golden Flood Dragon Demon Thearch while saying, “Urgent wind, stop all calling 1!”


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It is a code language to prepare for evacuation immediately.

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