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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 640: Flawless Constitution

Chapter 640: Flawless Constitution

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“Young Master, when we are in your Thearch Palace, the Astrologer will never be able to track us. After some time, he should be able to sense that you have roughly escaped to this place; and they will probably send people to search here. Furthermore… this place is very near the East Imperial Continent. If the experts are to fly over and check with their divine senses, they would probably notice the Thearch Palace.”

Qi Lao had finished his interrogation quickly and brought back plenty of information. The Heaven Monarch from the She Clan knew that he was finished for his life. Since his dantian had been crippled, he would only have death waiting for him if he was to return to the Evil Thearch City. He was only hoping to keep his life and struggle whilst at death’s door. When Qi Lao interrogated him for a moment, he immediately talked about everything he knew.

Jiang Yi had just finished checking with his Divine Perception and was now sensing the difference in his body. After hearing Qi Lao’s information, he nodded, indicating for Qi Lao to be dismissed. When Qi Lao was at the entrance, Jiang Yi then opened his mouth and said, “A few days later, I will return all your soul seals; and you can bring your clan’s Young Master back to the Umbra Continent. Remember… if you dare to reveal anything about me, I will definitely kill my way to your continent. If you dare to leak out any information, you should know of the consequences.”

“I understand, I understand!”

Qi Lao was instantly wild with joy. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t get his freedom back, but it was more important for his young lord, Prince Zhu Sui. He had always thought that Jiang Yi was just joking and never expected for him to truly be returning their freedom. He quickly knelt down and kowtowed a few times to Jiang Yi respectfully.

Jiang Yi was right. Qi Lao and the others would never reveal any information that was related to him; otherwise, more people from the great clans would come looking for trouble. The Umbra Empire might be the underlings of the Zhan Clan, but Zhu Sui’s status in the empire was too low. Any of the great clan’s young masters could play him to death, and the empire still wouldn’t even dare to let out half a fart.

When Qi Lao went out, Jiang Yi was rather relieved. If the Astrologer was unable to find him when he was in the Thearch Palace, he still had the chance to take a breath. He didn’t bother for the fact that the Astrologer could find his estimate location. His Divine Perception had a huge range, and once there was any commotion, he would immediately know.

After withdrawing his thoughts, he continued to scan his body; and he didn’t dare to believe that this body was even his. He had just gone into the sea to clean up his body, and he had this satin skin that was glowing with luster—as though he was a newborn baby. He reckoned that Yi Chan, Yin Ruobing, and Feng Luan would be envious and jealous of his skin.

This wasn’t the important point!

The important thing was that his physical body had strengthened by more than just a few folds. He felt as though his entire body was brimming with endless power. His defined muscles had made his body filled with strength and aestheticism.

His figure was originally very nice, but it was now perfect. He had broad shoulders, narrow waist, long legs—even his fingers were slender and fair. He looked like a beautiful male that was like a bright and flawless jade. He had this indescribable aura that would even attract the eyes of a man.

His body had been reformed, and there were small changes in many places. For example, his dantian that was originally oval in shape was now circular. His twelve main meridians also had been expanded by three times its thickness. There were some smaller meridians that were missing, and it was unknown if it was a good or bad thing.

“That’s right, let me try the yellow essence force in the third star sphere!”

He could easily test if his body had turned for the better or the worse. Previously, the third star sphere’s yellow essence force was overly tyrannical. Once he tried to channel it, it would go out of control in his meridians, splitting apart plenty of meridians. This was also the reason why his body had been crippled from cultivating. He could no longer cultivate any more essence force. The fourth star sphere was definitely more tyrannical than the third, and if he was to continue cultivating, his body would be forcefully burst apart.

He carefully channeled a wisp of the yellow essence force from the third star sphere. Once the essence force appeared in his meridians, Jiang Yi was tensed up as he was afraid the essence force might go berserk and cripple all his meridians.


When the essence force was in the meridians, that originally violent essence force was now like a mild stream and didn’t have any signs of going into chaos. He circulated his essence force faster and faster until it went one entire round in his body, but there were no surprises.

“It seems like my body had been cured by the reformation by the Destitute Dragon Grass.”

Jiang Yi was extremely excited as he channeled a large amount of essence force to flow around his body again. As a result, there were no signs of the essence force going out of control. It was very docile.

“Hahaha! With this yellow essence force, my dao pattern attack’s power would be at least doubled, right?”

The yellow essence force was very dominant, but Jiang Yi didn’t dare to use it previously. He only dared to channel the essence force from the first and second star sphere and not the yellow essence force. If he wasn’t in the Thearch Palace now, he would have wanted to test out the power of the yellow essence force.

“That’s right, let me try testing my essence force cultivation.”

With a thought in his mind, Jiang Yi quickly went into a meditative state and revolved the Nameless Divine Art. As a result… he abruptly opened his eyes just as he started to cultivate. The cultivation speed was too fast! It was at least 100 folds faster!

“How can this be possible? Even if this Thearch Palace was able to gather the essence force of heaven and earth, my cultivation speed should only be ten folds, right? My cultivation speed is actually 100 folds now? Could the Destitute Dragon Grass have increased my cultivation speed by ten folds?”

Jiang Yi swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva. He knew that the Destitute Dragon Grass was a miraculous herb and could reform the constitution, but he didn’t expect it to have such a great effect?

In fact, Jiang Yi didn’t know that the Destitute Dragon Grass’ name actually meant for a destitute dragon to rise towards the heavens. It was able to reform the human constitution to the flawless state that was most suited for cultivation.

The more flawless the human body’s array was, the faster it would be able to absorb heaven and earth spiritual energy. Otherwise, why would She Fei, Jian Wuying, and the others be chasing after him so frenetically? Why was the Destitute Dragon Grass actually ranked higher than the pseudo-divine artifact, Fire Cloud Bow and the Fire Cloud Armor? Or even higher than the Heaven Evasion divine skill? It was because the value of the Destitute Dragon Grass was far higher than the other items.


He paused for a moment and forcefully endured the excitement in his heart. He started to concentrate on cultivating and could feel that there were countless wisps of green essence force flowing in the fourth star sphere. Jiang Yi’s entire body was trembling. Not only did the Destitute Dragon Grass changed his body constitution, but it had also given him hope—the hope to ascend to the pinnacle of martial dao.

After cultivation for one hour, Jiang Yi stopped as now wasn’t the time to cultivate. There might be pursuers at any moment, and the most important thing was to shake off their pursuit.

He stood up and took off his clothes. His body flashed and was teleported into the bathroom. He washed up and changed into a set of clean clothes. He then strolled into Feng Luan and Qing Yu’s room.


Feng Luan and Qing Yu were currently talking softly, and when they heard footsteps on the outside, they turned around together and their eyes lit up at the same time. It was as though they couldn’t recognize Jiang Yi. Qing Yu’s mouth opened so wide that it was enough to swallow a chicken’s egg.

“What? Don’t recognize me?” Jiang Yi embarrassedly touched his head which had grown out some red hair. He then awkwardly blinked his eyes.

Qing Yu pounced over and reached out to pinch Jiang Yi’s face and gently caressed Jiang Yi’s skin like a precious gem. She then clicked her tongue in wonder and said, “Young Master, you have become dashing, and your skin is even better than mine. Tsk Tsk. Young Master, this Destitute Dragon Grass is truly mystical. You must get one for me to try.”

Feng Luan’s eyes were glowing with light waves as she scanned Jiang Yi’s body with her divine senses. She nodded slightly and said, “Young Master, this time, you are truly a destitute dragon that rose into the heavens. In the future, you will surely skyrocket up to the Nine Heavens!”


Jiang Yi laughed bitterly and reached to spank Qing Yu’s ample butt and said, “Stop messing around. Now is not the time to play with you. We need to think of a method to get rid of the two giant tails behind us. If we do not defeat the two armies from the Xie and Jian Clans, we will have to scuttle around like stray dogs. We might just perish in the Blood Night Fearsome Sea at any moment.”

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