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My Master Disconnected Yet Again (Web Novel)






Adventure Comedy Josei Romance Xianxia

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Everyone said that Yi Qing was the number one Sword Cultivator in the world, with a swordsmanship and cultivation that no one could surpass. Whether it was when he was cultivating in the Lower Realm, or when he was in the Ten Heavens of the Upper Realm, he has always been undefeated.

Yi Qing laughed and said: “That is because you do not know of my Master. If we speak of cultivation, I am not as good as she by a long mile. Thinking about it, at the start, out of the ten Heavenly Emperors of the Upper Realm, my Master beat up nine, and the one left was myself.”

“Master? You actually have a Master! Who? How come we never heard of it?”

“My Master is…. Eh? Master? Master! And my Master? Has anyone seen my Master?”

A person next to them quietly raised her paw. “I am here!”

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 577: Someone is Finding Fault2019-12-09
Chapter 576: Eating is Important2019-12-09
Chapter 575: First Round Starts2019-12-08
Chapter 574: Participating in the Competition2019-12-08
Chapter 573: The United Tournament2019-12-07
Chapter 572: Devil Shen Ying2019-12-07
Chapter 571: Clue to the Spirit Seed2019-12-06
Chapter 570: Consummation Emergency2019-12-06
Chapter 569: Lonemoon’s Wedding2019-12-05
Chapter 568: Empress Tao Chu2019-12-05
Chapter 567: Father Niu Goes Missing2019-12-04
Chapter 566: Lonemoon Rescues the Beauty2019-12-04
Chapter 565: Meeting a Demon On The Way2019-12-03
Chapter 564: Preparing to Set Off2019-12-03
Chapter 563: Chef’s Worries2019-12-02
Chapter 562: An Old Flame2019-12-02
Chapter 561: Father Niu The Mahjong King2019-12-01
Chapter 560: A Proper Association2019-12-01
Chapter 559: Administrative Association2019-11-30
Chapter 558: Packing Up2019-11-30
Chapter 557: Dispersion2019-11-29
Chapter 556: The Struggle before Death2019-11-29
Chapter 555: Manager’s Powers2019-11-29
Chapter 554: The Big Battle2019-11-29
Chapter 553: Enter or Die2019-11-29
Chapter 552: Toward the Big Dao Organization2019-11-28
Chapter 551: Pear Girl2019-11-28
Chapter 550: Locking The Plane2019-11-27
Chapter 549: The Truths of The Big Dao2019-11-27
Chapter 548: Manager’s Revenge2019-11-26
Chapter 547: A Mini Plane2019-11-26
Chapter 546: Silencing2019-11-25
Chapter 545: Guesting At The City Lord Abode2019-11-25
Chapter 544: Seizing The Merman2019-11-24
Chapter 543: Guest From The Sea2019-11-24
Chapter 542: Encountering An Illegal Inn2019-11-23
Chapter 541: Big Dao Organization2019-11-23
Chapter 540: Sudden Appearance Of An Invitation2019-11-22
Chapter 539: Twinning Planes2019-11-22
Chapter 538: The Reason For Transfer2019-11-21
Chapter 537: New Management2019-11-21
Chapter 536: A Strange Beast of Chaos2019-11-20
Chapter 535: Separation of Three Realms2019-11-20
Chapter 534: Receiving the Plane2019-11-19
Chapter 533: The First Lightning Tribulation2019-11-19
Chapter 532: The Heavenly Dao Restarts2019-11-18
Chapter 531: Chasing Another Disciple Out2019-11-18
Chapter 530: Zhi Lin’s Death2019-11-17
Chapter 529: Possession2019-11-17
Chapter 528: Something Wrong with Mushroom2019-11-16
Chapter 527: Back from Graduation Examination2019-11-16
Chapter 526: Subduing The Ghost2019-11-15
Chapter 525: Breaking Dreamland2019-11-15
Chapter 524: Falling into Sleep2019-11-14
Chapter 523: Strange Occurrence in the City2019-11-14
Chapter 522: Meeting Old Acquaintance2019-11-13
Chapter 521: Graduation Examination2019-11-13
Chapter 520: Long-Distance Show-Off2019-11-12
Chapter 519: Four Left2019-11-12
Chapter 518: Evicted From The Sect2019-11-11
Chapter 517: Complaints Back At The Sect2019-11-11
Chapter 516: Bringing About Public Wrath2019-11-10
Chapter 515: Out For Some Training And Experience2019-11-10
Chapter 514: Learn Well2019-11-09
Chapter 513: Natural Sword Embodiment2019-11-09
Chapter 512: Recruitment Test2019-11-08
Chapter 511: Recruiting Disciples2019-11-08
Chapter 510: Choosing the School’s Address2019-11-07
Chapter 509: A High-End Advertisement2019-11-07
Chapter 508: Heading to the Tiger Den2019-11-06
Chapter 507: Squirrel with Mushrooms2019-11-06
Chapter 506: Building Another School Branch2019-11-05
Chapter 505: Heading Towards The Human Race2019-11-05
Chapter 504: You Get Eaten If You Don’t Learn2019-11-04
Chapter 503: Discipline Master2019-11-04
Chapter 502: Best Mentor2019-11-03
Chapter 501: Forceful Recruitment2019-11-03
Chapter 500: Invincible School2019-11-02
Chapter 499: Trouble in the Plane2019-11-02
Chapter 498: Hong Meng’s Troubles2019-11-01
Chapter 497: Fatty Ascends2019-11-01
Chapter 496: Heavenly Dao Calculations2019-10-31
Chapter 495: Rules Of Heavenly Dao2019-10-31
Chapter 494: Truths Of Ascension2019-10-30
Chapter 493: Truths of Merit2019-10-30
Chapter 492: The Secret Of Preserving Souls2019-10-29
Chapter 491: Ferocious Beasts And Domestic Beasts2019-10-29
Chapter 490: Remaking the Seal2019-10-28
Chapter 489: Ancient Ferocious Beast2019-10-28
Chapter 488: Strange Changes in Hao Ran2019-10-27
Chapter 487: Lotus Pond Glows2019-10-27
Chapter 486: Arriving at Hao Ran Court2019-10-26
Chapter 485: Setting Off for Hao Ran2019-10-26
Chapter 484: Invitation To Hao Ran2019-10-25
Chapter 483: Hao Ran As An Arbitrator2019-10-25
Chapter 482: A Complete Victory.2019-10-24
Chapter 481: Fatty Retaliates2019-10-24
Chapter 480: Knot Untied2019-10-23
Chapter 479: Southern Land Attacked2019-10-23
Chapter 478: Source of Elixirs2019-10-22


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