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My Master Disconnected Yet Again (Web Novel)


Everyone said that Yi Qing was the number one Sword Cultivator in the world, with a swordsmanship and cultivation that no one could surpass. Whether it was when he was cultivating in the Lower Realm, or when he was in the Ten Heavens of the Upper Realm, he has always been undefeated.

Yi Qing laughed and said: “That is because you do not know of my Master. If we speak of cultivation, I am not as good as she by a long mile. Thinking about it, at the start, out of the ten Heavenly Emperors of the Upper Realm, my Master beat up nine, and the one left was myself.”

“Master? You actually have a Master! Who? How come we never heard of it?”

“My Master is…. Eh? Master? Master! And my Master? Has anyone seen my Master?”

A person next to them quietly raised her paw. “I am here!”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 704: Epilogue 2: The Difference Between a Sword Cultivator and a Pill Cultivator2020-02-11
Chapter 703: Prologue 1: Long Way to Marriage2020-02-10
Chapter 702: Going Home Together2020-02-10
Chapter 701: Passing Over the Plane2020-02-09
Chapter 700: The Reason for Judgment2020-02-09
Chapter 699: Untitled2020-02-08
Chapter 698: Just Want to Eat2020-02-08
Chapter 697: Try If You Dare2020-02-08
Chapter 696: Truth Behind Judgment2020-02-08
Chapter 695: Judgment of the Plane2020-02-06
Chapter 694: Mysterious Man2020-02-06
Chapter 693: Destroying the Core2020-02-05
Chapter 692: Fighting the Boss2020-02-05
Chapter 691: The System Chooses2020-02-04
Chapter 690: Mission Failure2020-02-04
Chapter 689: The Skyfiend Arrives2020-02-04
Chapter 688: Changing the Demonic Source2020-02-04
Chapter 687: High Level Cooperation2020-02-04
Chapter 686: Battle Between Good and Evil2020-02-04
Chapter 685: The Demonic Sect Attacks2020-02-01
Chapter 684: Tian Yi Ascends2020-02-01
Chapter 683: Traitor in the Sect2020-02-01
Chapter 682: Sudden Demonisation2020-02-01
Chapter 681: Seeking Vengeance2020-01-31
Chapter 680: Giving Thanks2020-01-31
Chapter 679: Recipe for the Demon-Breaking Pill2020-01-29
Chapter 678: Connected Seals2020-01-29
Chapter 677: Harming Others and Yourself2020-01-28
Chapter 676: Core Formation Opportunity2020-01-28
Chapter 675: Restarting the Competition2020-01-27
Chapter 674: System’s Grain Reserve2020-01-27
Chapter 673: The System’s Physical Form2020-01-26
Chapter 672: Shu Yi’s Plot2020-01-26
Chapter 671: Death of the Fiendish Cultivator2020-01-25
Chapter 670: Demonic Qi Blasts The Peak2020-01-25
Chapter 669: Odd Changes in Gui Yi2020-01-25
Chapter 668: Straight to the Finals2020-01-24
Chapter 667: Taking a Closer Look2020-01-23
Chapter 666: Professional Blackie2020-01-23
Chapter 665: There’s a Demon Outside2020-01-22
Chapter 664: Fiendish Cultivator Zhong Yi2020-01-22
Chapter 663: Natural Enemies2020-01-21
Chapter 662: Spreading Dark Fires2020-01-21
Chapter 661: Heading to Yuan Yang2020-01-20
Chapter 660: Yuan Yang’s Fiendish Cultivator2020-01-20
Chapter 659: Business at the Doorstep2020-01-19
Chapter 658: Floating Peak Full of Spirit Herbs2020-01-19
Chapter 657: The Tallest Floating Peak2020-01-18
Chapter 656: Sword Cultivators Are The Strongest2020-01-18
Chapter 655: All Together In Gui Yi2020-01-17
Chapter 654: Dignity of Sword Cultivators2020-01-17
Chapter 653: Sword Cultivators Are Incompetent2020-01-16
Chapter 652: Decisions of The Sect2020-01-16
Chapter 651: Recollections2020-01-15
Chapter 650: Infecting the Intellect2020-01-15
Chapter 649: Two Bucks Realizes2020-01-14
Chapter 648: Golden Core Lightning Tribulation2020-01-14
Chapter 647: Best Dao Partner2020-01-13
Chapter 646: Flirting By Force2020-01-13
Chapter 645: Direction of Cultivation2020-01-12
Chapter 644: Dividing the Loot Perfectly2020-01-12
Chapter 643: Successful Foundation Establishment Cultivators2020-01-11
Chapter 642: A Field Full Of Variant Plants2020-01-11
Chapter 641: Senior Sister Is Crazy2020-01-10
Chapter 640: Torment His Body and Heart2020-01-10
Chapter 639: Phenomenons in the Spirit Field2020-01-09
Chapter 638: Wasteland2020-01-09
Chapter 637: Planting Herbs in the Sect2020-01-08
Chapter 636: The Fool in the Hall2020-01-08
Chapter 635: Re-entering Gui Yi2020-01-07
Chapter 634: The Truth Behind The Invasion2020-01-07
Chapter 633: Multiple Transmigrating System2020-01-06
Chapter 632: Heading to Gui Yi2020-01-06
Chapter 631: The Invader Robs2020-01-05
Chapter 630: Switching to Gui Yi2020-01-05
Chapter 629: Searching for Two Pieces2020-01-04
Chapter 628: Little Biao’s Search2020-01-04
Chapter 627: Turn Back in Time2020-01-03
Chapter 626: Rabbit Who Frames Immortal Stones2020-01-03
Chapter 625: A Crack In The River of Forgetfulness2020-01-02
Chapter 624: Another Change in The River of Forgetfulness2020-01-02
Chapter 623: Resolve It Yourselves2020-01-01
Chapter 622: Two Managers2020-01-01
Chapter 621: Ultimate Battle in the Underworld2019-12-31
Chapter 620: Gate to Hades2019-12-31
Chapter 619: Hidden Sect2019-12-30
Chapter 618: Dispelling Spatial Li2019-12-30
Chapter 617: Living Things in Space2019-12-29
Chapter 616: Blind Together2019-12-29
Chapter 615: Corroding Vacant Valley2019-12-28
Chapter 614: Robbing and Lusting2019-12-28
Chapter 613: Itinerant Cultivators Find Lodging2019-12-27
Chapter 612: Cause of Darkness2019-12-27
Chapter 611: Natural Disaster: Fallen Night2019-12-26
Chapter 610: Disaster Response Spirit Boat2019-12-26
Chapter 609: Disaster Response Cultivators2019-12-25
Chapter 608: Dyeing The Plane Black2019-12-25
Chapter 607: Expanding The Business2019-12-24
Chapter 606: Crossing Planes To Seek Help2019-12-24
Chapter 605: Invincible skill: Acting Cute2019-12-23
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