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My Master Disconnected Yet Again (Web Novel) - Chapter 260: Paying for the Damage

Chapter 260: Paying for the Damage

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Lonemoon pondered for awhile. Back at the forest, they had been too concerned with the remnant Yin Qi. They forgot to take note of the other God Power surrounding them. They were near Wu Qi Mountain afterall – he thought it was normal for them to feel God Power around.

“After I woke up, I mistook Supreme Divinity Qian Yue for you. That was why I kept pressing him for Sect Master’s whereabouts,” Xuan Tong explained. “In the end, Supreme Divinity Bai Ze and Supreme Divinity Qian Yue began to fight. Then… you came!”

So that was what happened. Was Bai Ze the one who saved her then?

He turned to look at the person seated at the head seat. Qian Yue’s expression was so dark that it was beginning to look like ink. He looked like he was suppressing the urge to take action.

Bai Ze obviously mistook Qian Yue as Lonemoon and pressed him for Shen Ying’s whereabouts as well.

From the looks of his expression, Bai Ze had been harassing him profusely over the past few years.

The corner of Lonemoon’s mouth twitched. He lowered his voice and said, “Since we have found Shortie, we shall not hold you up any longer.” He stood up. This was so embarrassing – they had better make their leave as soon as possible.

“You’re leaving?” Qian Yue’s anger heightened. He tutted. “No one is permitted to come and go from my Thousand Feet Mountain as they please. You’ve destroyed so many of my crystal peaks. Are you not intending to make up for it at all?”

Lonemoon’s heart sank. He knew it would not be so easy to get away.

“Supreme Divinity Qian Yue, you’re overstating things. We are not the sort to do that. My Invincible Sect is a respectable Sect and we are always fair in the way we deal with matter. We would never do that to you,” Lonemoon explained in a serious tone. “So… every debt has a debtor. You should look for whoever destroyed your peaks.” He pushed the blame aside as quickly as he could.

As long as the few of them could escape, he would be happy!

The others were not his responsibility.

Everybody in the room turned to look at a certain figure in white robes.

It was him, it was him! He’s our scapegoat!


Bai Ze: “…”

Bai Ze’s expression darkened. Finally, he turned to face Qian Yue. Perhaps he knew he was in the wrong, and that was why he stepped forward and said, “This was indeed my fault. I will compensate you.” After he finished speaking, he turned and walked out.

Everybody exchanged glances and followed him.

Bai Ze stopped at the stage in front of the hall. With both of his hands, he conjured a series of strange seals. A moment later, a huge array appeared beneath his feet. It began to expand. A moment later, it filled half the sky, illuminating it with white light.

Then, everything on the ground began to shake. The shards of crystals rose, as if being pulled up by a certain string. They gathered together and formed huge crystal peaks once again. It was just like time was turning backward. All the crystal peaks in the sky re-formed around them. It did not even look like they had ever been broken.

Everybody present stared in amazement. There were plenty of arrays that could fix broken things, and apart from Shen Ying who knew no sorcery whatsoever, everybody including Shortie knew that it was easy to fix things. But the peaks were so huge. Bai Ze’s array managed to fix them in a blink of an eye. This was the first time they were seeing an array like that.

“You really are an ancient divine beast,” Qian Yue sighed in amazement. His eyes were wide.

Bai Ze had already turned around and walked over to Qian Yue. He flicked his wrist and a blue pearl appeared in his palm. He handed it over to Qian Yue and said, “This is the Soul Stabilising Pearl that you wanted. From now on, we are even.”

Qian Yue received the Soul Stabilising Pearl, his eyes twinkling. A moment later, he nodded and said, “Since you’ve done this, I will not pursue the matter any further.” He turned to survey the peaks in the air. As if recalling something, Qian Yue said, “But… while the crystal peaks are restored, at least ten of my Thousand Feet Mountain’s 9981 temples have been destroyed. You must restore them as well.”

Bai Ze nodded and said, “Alright!”

He turned around and flew toward the various peaks. Then, he began to restore the temples one by one. Thousand Feet Mountain’s temples were different from others. Although most of them were not big, they were situated on top of the crystal peaks. Some of them were even hidden in the caves and were unable to be detected. That was why Bai Ze’s array earlier was not able to restore the temples.

Yet, these were temples after all. Compared to crystal peaks, they were much easier to restore. Ten temples were completed in less than four to five hours.


Why did they have to fix the temples as well!

Lonemoon glared at Bai Ze, who was still fussing about Shen Ying. He really did kick Bai Ze too lightly that time.

Wait a moment!

“Shen Ying, what are you doing? Put that wooden beam down at once!”

“I’m helping?”

“Helping my ass! The beam has already been broken. Just eat your food and drink your water, can’t you?”


“And Bai Ze, stop stealing Chef’s seat! This place was ruined by you. Can you please have some shame!” Did he not hear Qian Yue say that not one of them could leave if he did not fix the temples!


Motherf*cker, did he even want to leave this place!

Father Niu felt extremely worn out. Apart from Shortie, all of them were cheaters who liked to drag their feet.

“Shortie, come here for a minute.” Bai Ze was finally left with the final temple. Lonemoon heaved a sigh of relief and gestured toward Xuan Tong.

Xuan Tong flew over. “Elder what are your instructions?”

“When I saw you conjuring the seal earlier, you looked much slower than before. Are you injured?”

Xuan Tong’s expression darkened. She looked down and said, “Yes… I am injured.”

“Stick out your hand and let me see.”

Lonemoon checked her meridians first, then activated her immortal Qi. He touched the center of her forehead and checked her primordial spirit. He was surprised to find that there was not a single injury in her body. Yet, for some reason, her primordial spirit was very unstable. It looked like it would come out at any moment.

“You call this an injury?” Lonemoon’s face fell. Why was this happening? When they parted ways, she was fine. “Did the ghost immortal do this?”

Xuan Tong nodded.

“I told you to take care of yourself and run away if you couldn’t fight, didn’t I?” An injury in the primordial spirit was different from a physical injury. It would be extremely difficult for her to recover after this. It did not look like much but her soul could leave her body at any time.

The others looked at Shortie worriedly.

Xuan Tong lowered her head even further. She apologised, “I’m sorry Elder Lonemoon, your disciple’s cultivation was so low. That’s why…”

“Why are you apologising? This isn’t your fault!” Lonemoon exploded.

“She must have had a Soul-Transferring spell cast on her before she got sent into the Blood-Soul Array,” Yi Qing muttered after checking her injury. “This body is not hers. Now, it’s even been injured by the ghost immortal’s Yin Qi. That’s why her primordial spirit is unstable.”

Lonemoon fell silent. He glanced at Xuan Tong. Why was this unlucky kid always getting herself into near-death situations?

“Do you have any solutions?” Shen Ying looked to the person beside her.

Suddenly, Bai Ze lit up. His eyes brightened as he answered, “Yes!” In a speed faster than any of them could achieve, he nodded his head and fixed his eyes on Shen Ying’s face for a split second. Then, he flushed fiery red before saying, “But you… you all must come back with me to Bai Yun Mountain.”

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