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My Master Disconnected Yet Again (Web Novel) - Chapter 261: Healing Souls at Bai Yun

Chapter 261: Healing Souls at Bai Yun

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“You really have a way to treat Shortie?” Lonemoon anxiously asked.

Bai Ze glanced at Lonemoon, his blush reducing. He spoke more smoothly as well. “Bai Yun Mountain has a spirit spring that can treat souls.”

Lonemoon’s heart leaped. “Alright, let’s set off immediately.”

The few of them quickly restored the last temple and flew to the entrance of the main hall. Lonemoon looked down at Qian Yue, who was surveying their workmanship. “Supreme Divinity Qian Yue, the temples have been restored. We have caused much trouble to you this time. We have to rush and get our disciple treated, so we will not stay any longer.”

Qian Yue nodded, not intending to make things any more difficult for the group. “Since my Thousand Feet Mountain has been restored to its original condition, I will not force you all to stay.” He turned and glanced at Xuan Tong, as if guessing what they were thinking. He added, “This Miss Xuan Tong’s primordial spirit is unstable. Even if she goes to the spirit spring, you all will need to use your immortal Qi to protect her. Otherwise, she would not be able to recover.”

“Thank you for your advice, Supreme Divinity Qian Yue.”

The few of them stayed no further and began to mount their swords. Qian Yue conjured a seal to bring part all the crystal peaks to form one straight path out of Thousand Feet Mountain.

“You’re not coming?” Shen Ying turned around suddenly and asked.

Qian Yue paused. He looked around, then realised that Shen Ying was talking to him. He pondered for awhile and remembered that this woman was the one that Bai Ze had spent years looking for. Yet, he could not remember her name. He smoothly said, “It’s not convenient for me to leave Thousand Feet Mountain. Please forgive me for not walking you all out.”

Shen Ying tilted her head. “Why not? Aren’t you injured as well?”

Qian Yue suddenly turned pale. There was an indiscernible expression on his face. He immediately answered, “When I was battling with Bai Ze, I did get slightly injured. I just have to rest for awhile and I will be alright.”

“Oh.” Shen Ying did not press him any further.

A moment later, the group disappeared into the distance.


“Shortie, how’s your injury?” Lonemoon asked with a stern expression. He had immediately summoned the fan-shaped dharma artifact once they got out of Thousand Feet Mountain, pulling everyone on board.

“It’s fine for now.” Xuan Tong shook her head. “It’s only my primordial spirit that’s unstable. I’m not exactly injured. As long as I’m not attacked by some kind of soul-extracting sorcery, I should be fine.”

“Yes.” Lonemoon nodded and said, “I did not ask you this before – did you manage to get a clear look at the ghost immortal who attacked you?”

“Well…” Xuan Tong frowned and answered, “That man’s body was covered with Yin Qi. My cultivation level is low – I did not manage to see his face.”

“Was it a woman?”

She pondered for awhile and shook her head. “No. Although I could not see his face, I’m quite sure that he was not a woman.”

Lonemoon and Yi Qing exchanged a meaningful glance. Their expressions darkened. “It looks like it was not Mother Feng who attacked Shortie.”

“The other party’s target is clear – it’s Shortie’s soul,” Yi Qing said in a low voice. “She dodged the bullet this time, but the person will surely be more careful in the future.”

“That’s right. Now we still have no idea who that person is and why he has his eyes on you.” The more Lonemoon spoke, the more stern his expression became. “Before we find out, you’d better not leave our side. Or rather, you’d better not leave Shen Ying’s side.”

“Alright, your disciple understands.” Xuan Tong’s eyes brightened, as if she had just won a huge prize. “I will definitely not leave Sect Master!”

Yi Qing: “…”

Lonemoon: “…”

Suddenly, Lonemoon and Yi Qing realised that they might have made a mistake. Could they really safely return to the immortal realm?

Lonemoon nudged the woman next to him who was chewing on a fruit. “Shen Ying, why are you…”

Before he could finish, Shen Ying’s eyes brightened. She answered loudly, “I remember!”

“What?” The group of them jumped. What did you remember?

Shen Ying turned and pointed to the person next to her. “So you are that Furball!”

Yi Qing: “…”

Lonemoon: “…”

Xuan Tong: “…”

Bai Ze: “…”

You’re just freaking remembering him now?


Bai Yun Mountain was Bai Ze’s abode. While Thousand Feet Mountain was filled with cold and hard crystal peaks,, Ling Tai Mountain was filled with cloud seas, Wu Qi Mountain was filled with greenery and the Dragon Abyss was filled with volcanoes, Bai Yun Mountain was exceptional. In between the layers of clouds stood a blindingly white temple. All around it was blue God Power. The place just did not feel as cold and intimidating as the other Supreme Divinities’ places. All along the way, the group saw various types of immortal beasts. Among them, there were also many divine beings.

Only then did Lonemoon and his companions have time to understand the basic story behind the Divine Underworld. It was very different from the immortal realm – the Divine World’s people were by nature more buddha like. They had no concept of territory. There were no complicated divisions into continents. The ordinary divine being went wherever he pleased, as long as he did not invade others’ homes. The Divine World not only had the various divine beings but also had formidable beasts, gentle beasts, and strange wildlife. There were also some immortal cultivators who turned into mortal divinities. They were the ones who had been left behind when the immortal realm and divine realm split.

All the divine beings were of various cultivation levels. Among them, the four divine races were the strongest – dragons, phoenixes, Qilins and black turtles. The only thing was that Qilins and black turtles already became extinct since the ancient times. Dragons and phoenixes never got along and often found themselves in fights against each other.

In sum, the divine realm was a free-range place. It was no wonder that it fell out with the immortal realm. It had so much power, yet it ended up connecting itself to the Underworld instead of making it to the end with the Immortal Realm.

Among all the divine beings, there were only five people who were fit to be called Supreme Divinities. Lonemoon could not figure out if this was purely a coincidence, but Shen Ying and the rest had come into contact with every single one of them. Needless to say, Long Zhen and Feng San were Chef’s parents. Apart from Bai Ze, there was also Supreme Divinity Hongyu. Bai Ze said that he was made out of the clear lotuses in the beginning of creation. He was the only vegetation spirit that turned into a divine being. He was absolutely pure and had nothing to fight for in this world. That was how he became the only divine being that survived from the ancient times. Ordinarily, his only hobby was to organise sermons. Over 90 percent of the divine beings in the Divine World had heard his sermons before.

Supreme Divinity Qian Yue – the one who looked exactly like Lonemoon – was the only mortal divinity that became so by ascending from the immortal realm.

“Speaking of which, Father Niu, you look different in television as well.” Shen Ying scanned him from head to toe. She still had some recollection of the nation’s father, who was known in every house and every neighbourhood, and who always had a way of doing business.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Lonemoon rolled his eyes. “Stop looking at me like you’re suspecting me of going for plastic surgery.”

“…” She never mentioned plastic surgery.

“I look different from before because when I became a Nascent Soul, I had my body broken.” Lonemoon shook the fan in his hand and proudly said, “I’m not like your chef – I was not born a sword cultivator. That’s why I had to make use of the Heavenly Tribulation when I was becoming a Nascent Soul to reform my body and cleanse my meridians. That’s why I look different.”

“Oh…” Shen Ying thought about the sect’s colourful girls. Indeed, they looked different from before they went through the lightning tribulation. They even learned how to change their forms.

“The way I look now is the result of breaking everything in my body to take on my most primordial form.” Lonemoon’s face was stern as he said, “Do you think I was born this handsome?”

“…” Where was his shame?

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