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My Master Disconnected Yet Again (Web Novel) - Chapter 515: Out For Some Training And Experience

Chapter 515: Out For Some Training And Experience

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Lonemoon continued, “Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon. Anyhow you just need to follow along and make up the numbers, you only have to act as a last resort, there’s Fatty there for everything else.”

“Sigh, how troublesome!”

“Troublesome my ass! You’re a manager in any case, could you have some awareness of your position!” Lonemoon stuffed a bag into her hand. “Here! This is the food for these few days that Chef prepared for you, quickly set off.”

With that said, without waiting for Chef who went to wash the vegetables to return, he pushed Shen Ying onto the departing pirate ship… oh no, it’s a spirit boat.

Shen Ying: “…”

“Miss Shen.” Fatty immediately waved at her.

Perhaps she was too much of a homebody, the nine disciples in the sect had only seen her once when they entered the sect, hence they also curiously turned around to look at her. A bunch of kids back them had already grown into young men and young ladies.

Shen Ying lifted the bag in her hands, seems quite heavy, before walking towards Fatty.


The place that Lonemoon had chosen, accurately speaking was outside the isolated territory of the human race, on a large island.

Fatty controlled the spirit boat to land on a leveled ground, this was the edge of the island, slightly safer. But was also covered in spirit herbs, the eyes of two disciples who specialized in pill refinement had lit up. Fatty released his divine perception and checked the area before allowing the disciples to head out.

Since it was their training, Fatty did not interfere much, letting them decide by themselves which direction to go towards. The person with the highest cultivation amongst the nine of them was Jian Xing and he was also Lonemoon’s personal disciple, so everyone indistinctly showed the tendency of letting him take the lead.

After picking a few stems of spirit herbs, the few of them made a final decision to move towards the center of the island, Fatty and Shen Ying simply followed far behind. The island was full of various types of spirit herbs and all sorts of cultivation ingredients. Much more variety than they had in the sect, the disciples who rarely came out naturally wouldn’t give up this chance.

Hence most of their time was spent on picking these ingredients. Midway, they’d also met with surprise attacks from demon beasts, but they weren’t the formidable kind, the few of them could deal with it with a joint effort. Though there were injuries, they all narrowly escaped. They continued pushing into the deeper areas. Perhaps, due to the feeling of freshness of their first outdoor training, these disciples were super energetic. In a few days’ time, they’d already travelled a very far distance.

Only every morning, afternoon and night, they had to stop at a fixed timing. And it was Fatty who forced them to stop, not for anything else, but only because… it was Shen Ying’s mealtime.

Fatty knew how punctual Shen Ying’s daily mealtime was, there essentially wouldn’t be any changes. Whereas these disciples had long mastered grain liberation, they didn’t eat and because there were very few of them in the first place, they naturally couldn’t disperse, hence everyone could only stop and wait.

At first, all the disciples were busy with picking all sorts of spirit herbs and gathering various ingredients and did not think much of it. But slowly, everything that had to be picked and gathered were more or less done. Yet everyone still had to specially stop everyday for her to finish eating, they naturally had some objections towards it. They started to show their unhappiness on their faces, especially the few younger ones, their gazes towards Shen Ying held anger.

Yet Shen Ying had absolutely no reaction, as if she couldn’t feel the resentment of them all as she continued to eat like a whirlwind sweeping up all the food. She even glanced up at Fatty, then kindly handed a bowl of white rice over. “Here!”

Fatty’s mouth twitched, instantly recalling those days of chewing on white rice. “Um, it’s fine Miss Shen, I’ve successfully mastered grain liberation.” Don’t tempt me! Hello!

“Oh.” Shen Ying took back the rice that had just been scooped and ate a mouthful. “I was just asking.”

“…” Hey, don’t tell me you never thought of giving it to me!

Fatty frowned and turned back to look at the nine disciples who were waiting at a side. He’d taught these people for so many years, naturally, he was able to guess what they were thinking. Hence he explained, “Master has instructed, during this training, we are not to disrupt Miss Shen from eating and sleeping.” Especially sleeping! Though he was slightly puzzled as to why Master emphasized on sleeping, he still advised patiently, “Cultivation isn’t a day’s work, the main objective of training is to steel your mental state, bear that in mind.”

They faltered for a moment before their expressions changed, especially the older ones, they’d reacted immediately, no longer looking irritated. But there were still a handful who remained indignant. They were young when they entered the sect and had not been through much. After practicing cultivation for these few years, they were still in their teens. Becoming cultivators that were above humans in one leap, their mentalities became arrogant.

Though for fear of it being Lonemoon’s order, they did not dare to say anything, deep down, they still resented Shen Ying for wasting their time.

They continued like this for several days, when they stopped to eat once again, a female disciple finally could not hold it in anymore and walked over with a bottle of elixir pills, saying with some anger, “Here, these are grain liberation pills.”

Shen Ying paused and turned to look over, half a mouthful of rice still in her mouth, her cheeks bulging as she chewed.

“Zi Yu!” Fatty stood up, slightly bristled. He had instructed them previously, this was Master’s orders.

“Master Hui Ze…” Zi Yu looked at Fatty slightly aggrievedly. “With this, she wouldn’t have to stop to eat.” One grain liberation pill could allow one to not feel hunger for a month.

Fatty was about to reprimand her when Shen Ying took a glance at the bottle in her hand and replied, “I don’t eat Mylikes 1 !”

“…” What?

The other party was stunned for a moment, then immediately realized that she was refusing to eat it.

“I mean well for you, after eating it, you won’t have to be so troublesome to stop and eat!” Zi Yu was even more enraged. “Why won’t you eat it?”

“Because it’s not nice!” Shen Ying replied with an expression that it was only right and natural.

“You…” Zi Yu was so angered that her face was flushed, thinking that she was intentionally finding faults. “You’re way too much, this is wasting our time, you…”

“Enough!” Before she could finish, Fatty interrupted directly. He, who was all along, kind and gentle was pulling a long face for once and had even unknowingly released some suppression as he looked towards Zi Yu heatedly. “I’ve said long ago, Miss Shen’s three meals is something that Master personally instructed and agreed to! It’s not up to you all to raise any objections.”

Zi Yu froze instantly, as if being frightened by Fatty who had suddenly turned hostile and took several steps back.

Fatty then turned towards the others. “Also, Miss Shen’s cultivation is advanced, her status is all the more special. Since all of you are practicing cultivation in the sect, you should not mean any bit of disrespect to her, otherwise, the consequence isn’t something that you can bear.”

How could he not tell the reason why Zi Yu dared to bring out the grain liberation pill to offend her in the face was actually because she saw that Shen Ying did not have any bit of Immortal Qi around her, and did not abstain from eating, she thought that her cultivation level wasn’t high or was merely a mortal. How laughable! A mortal who made an ancient ferocious beast cry with one slap, who could afford to offend her? So he might as well have made it clear, so as to prevent them from doing anything foolish in the future.

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