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My Master Disconnected Yet Again (Web Novel) - Chapter 517: Complaints Back At The Sect

Chapter 517: Complaints Back At The Sect

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After getting reprimanded by Fatty, everyone bowed their heads, but the discontent in their eyes was still present. Fatty obviously did not have the gift of gab that could brainwash one like Rabbit did. Zi Yu could not help but continued to mutter in a low voice, “But she did not need to treat Sister Zhi Lin like that…”

“Zi Yu!”

She lifted her head directly, still looking very resentful. “It would have been fine with just Master Hui Ze leading us, there wasn’t even a need for her to come along.” Became a burden instead.

“You…” Hui Ze was about to step forward.

“Fatty.” But Shen Ying suddenly spoke up, turning to look towards him, there wasn’t any bit of anger from being affronted, instead she tilted her head and said with a solemn look, “Your teaching standards are terribly diluted compared to Father Niu’s huh? Even my popularity has fallen.” The colorful girls of the Invincible Sect were much cuter, at least they all delivered fruits to her, instead of snatching her fruits.

“Huh” Fatty faltered, not understanding what she meant.

But Shen Ying took a step forward and squatted down, looking at the one called Zi Yu, asking with a hand supporting her tilted head. “Tell me girl, you really think that without me around, your training will go smoother?”

Being so seriously questioned, Zi Yu was dazed for a moment, a trace of guilt flashed across her eyes for some reason, but she still nodded stubbornly. “That’s right!”

“The rest of you think so too?” She then looked towards the remaining eight people.

They all glanced at her, some nodded resentfully, some simply kept quiet. Only the three older ones seemed like they wanted to say something and moved their mouths but did not speak up in the end.

“Alright.” Shen Ying nodded, looking like she was very good-tempered and even smiled at her. “I shall listen to you, I will wash my hands off things.”

“Eh?” Zi Yu was taken aback, what did she mean, wash her hands off what?

Fatty also panicked for no reason, somehow having an ill feeling. “Mi… Miss Shen?”

But Shen Ying had already stood up, as she was about to turn, she thought of something. “Oh yes, a word of advice for you.” Turning back, she added while staring at Zi Yu. “Stupidity will kill a person!”


What did that mean? Was she scolding her?

Before she could think further, in the next moment, everyone present, including Fatty, very obviously felt like something that they couldn’t see was suddenly being pulled back from around them, just like a huge net being suddenly retracted.


Roar, Roar, Roar…

Ear shattering roars sounded from their surroundings, rising one after another incessantly. It was as if the entire forest had awakened. Uncountable auras of demon beasts surged madly over from all directions. Those roars were vaguely coupled with suppression, all nine of them spat blood right there and then, their faces deathly pale, as their eyes widened in complete shock.

What… were those!

Fatty felt his heart skip a beat as his entire heart sank. This was the sound from a high level demon beast. No! There were even those at immortal levels, even divine levels, that were rushing towards them. He was finally enlightened, earlier on, on their way, he’d sense the aura of high level demon beasts, but those that jumped out before them were always the low level ones.

Was this all because of Miss Shen? She’d had set up something around all of them that even he could not sense, that was why those demon beasts did not find them, but now… It was all gone.

So those demon beasts had discovered their existence.

We’re dead we’re dead we’re dead we’re dead!

Fatty was about to cry, with these rookies in the Foundation Establishment stage, any high level demon beast that came would be able to finish them off with a slap. Though he wasn’t scared and was able to hold his own against it, but he had to fend for the nine other burdens too!

“Hurry!” Fatty immediately set up an array formation and eased the suppression on them as he ordered loudly. “Run! Quickly run in the direction that we came from! Towards the sea.”

Upon hearing that, all of them did not have the time to think about what was going on and stood up with panic-stricken expressions, turned and dashed wildly in the direction of the entrance, some even forgot about sword-riding.

“Move together, do not split up!” Fatty could not help but loudly reminded those who were running too fast. Pity, tremendous fear had ruled, they only focused on running forward. Fatty then had to go and carry them back, protecting them to retreat towards the sea while a dense field of high level demon beasts trailed behind them.

What was this…


Three days later, in the main hall.

Lonemoon’s mouth twitched as he swept a glance at the bunch of severely injured disciples. Some had their meridians completely broken, some had internal injuries, some even had their cultivation level go back to the Qi Refinement stage. Everyone looked pathetic and still in shock. Even Jian Xing was covered in wounds as he kneeled on one knee on the ground, seeming like he couldn’t stand.

“What happened?!” It was an ordinary training, how did things become like this in a blink of an eye? Were they on their way to having their sect wiped out?

Fatty was about to speak but Jian Xing spoke up first. “Master, it’s all because we weren’t skilled enough and could not go against those demon beasts, that’s why we were seriously injured. Please punish us.”

“All of you were injured by demon beasts?” Lonemoon frowned and turned towards Fatty who wore a miserable look too. “Fatty, weren’t you following them the whole way?” Why did things still turn out this way?

“Master.” Fatty wore an extremely guilty look. “There were really way too many demon beasts, and there were immortal beasts and divine beasts amongst them, I really couldn’t handle so many…”

“What about you, Shen Ying?” He looked towards the only completely unscathed person who had just took out a fruit that had a bite taken out of it. He’d checked beforehand, the demon beasts on the outer areas of the island were all low level ones, had they sought their own deaths and went to the deeper areas? Besides even if Fatty could not handle it all, the cheat should be able to!

“I already knocked off?” Shen Ying replied in all seriousness.

What knock off? Lonemoon was about to ask when a disciple with serious injuries struggled and fought to reply first.

“Master! Our injuries, were all thanks to her.” The one who was speaking was the disciple named Cheng Dong who’d been injured by a sixth-level demon beast at the very start. As he’d already sustained some injuries, Fatty naturally paid more attention to him during their retreat and he ended up as the one with the least injuries amongst the nine of them.

Lonemoon’s expression darkened at once, his eyes narrowed slightly, giving one an illusion of a brewing storm. “Thanks to who, you said?” Repeat yourself?

“It’s her!” Yet Cheng Dong did not notice his expression and pointed right at Shen Ying, resentment showing all over his face. “Initially it was very safe in the forest, there weren’t that many high level demon beasts. I don’t know what she did? But it suddenly lured packs of demon beasts over. It’s her! She brought the demon beasts out to attack us.”

“Hur…” Lonemoon’s smile became colder. “According to what you meant, she even has the ability to control demon beasts?”

“It must be her!” Cheng Dong said with a very certain look. “Otherwise why would so many demon beasts suddenly appear? Besides, there were so many of us and she was the only one who wasn’t injured, those demon beasts did not even attack her, she… she must be in cahoots with those demon beasts!”

“Ridiculous! Master…” Fatty was anxiously about to say something when Lonemoon lifted a hand to stop him. “Let him continue!”

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