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My Master Disconnected Yet Again (Web Novel) - Chapter 518: Evicted From The Sect

Chapter 518: Evicted From The Sect

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“Master!” Cheng Dong became increasingly indignant as he spoke on. “At that time, I was already injured, Junior Sister Zhi Lin asked her for help, she refused to and even taunted her with her speech. She even threatened us and after that, many demon beasts suddenly appeared in the forest. And…” He turned and glanced at Fatty, then gritted his teeth, like he was going all out.” And Master Hui Ze, he was biased and conniving to that bad person the whole time, totally not listening to our explanations. That was why we were injured so badly.”

“Oh?” Lonemoon’s expression became more peaceful. “So… you think that the reason why all of you were injured, was all because of Shen Ying?”

Cheng Dong did not reply, but anger contorted his face, it was evident that he thought so.

Lonemoon then turned towards the other disciples. “How about you all?” The remaining people looked at each other, seeming slightly hesitant.” He then added, “It’s alright, speak the truth, if you have the same thoughts as Cheng Dong, step forward.”

“I can prove that Senior Brother Cheng Dong was speaking the truth!” Zi Yu was the first to voice her support, even taking two steps in Cheng Dong’s direction while enduring her injuries. Giving Shen Ying a glare, she said, “It was her who caused us to be in this predicament.”

A trace of emotion flashed through Cheng Dong’s eyes as his gaze became more confident. Perhaps because there was someone leading the way, the remaining disciples also started to raise their hands.

In the end, it turned out that there was half of them who agreed with Cheng Dong, the remaining three oldest ones, Jian Xing who was kneeling this entire time and Zhi Lin who was supporting him did not raise their hands.

The fan in Lonemoon’s hand made a splintering sound from being held tightly. Inhaling deeply to suppress the restlessness deep down, his eyes grew colder. A moment later, he then looked to the remaining five and questioned, “Why didn’t you raise your hands, do you think they were lying?”

All of them were taken aback for a moment, not knowing how to reply to that. Zhi Lin was the one who spoke up after a while. “Replying to Master, I think… Sister Shen doesn’t seem to be such a bad person, though previously… but I believe she wouldn’t do such things that will harm people from the same sect and put them to death.” With that said, she even looked towards Shen Ying who was totally out of the situation with a hopeful look. “There might be other reasons for this!”

“Junior Sister Zhi Lin!” Cheng Dong sighed, heartache for her filled his eyes. “She did you in so badly, why are you still speaking for her?”

The others who’d raised their hands wore the same expressions, their resentment towards Shen Ying flared.

Lonemoon looked across these people and suddenly lifted his lips into a smile, as he questioned, a word at a time, “Then… for such a grave wrongdoing, what punishment do you think should be meted out?”

Everyone stared at each other for some time, in the end, it was still Cheng Dong who said angrily.

“For a person like her, it wouldn’t be too much to cripple her cultivation and kick her out of the sect.”

The others also nodded.

“Alright!” Lonemoon closed his eyes, he really couldn’t continue questioning. Standing up, he looked to Hui Ze and instructed, “Fatty, heal their injuries first.”

“Yes, Master!” Fatty looked at all of them, then shook his head while sighing. He then conjured a spell, a rejuvenation array instantly appeared beneath their feet. Everyone who looked miserable initially felt their bodies relax, the wounds on them swiftly healed at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. In a few moments, they were as good as new.

Fatty then brought out a bottle of elixir pills, handed it to the closest disciple and told him to distribute it. “Eat it, within three days, your meridians will recover.”

Everyone was delighted and quickly distributed the pills and swallowed them. Indeed, their remaining internal injuries eased up greatly. They could already stand and bowed towards Lonemoon. “Thank you, Master Lonemoon.”

“No need!” Lonemoon smiled at them, but there was no trace of it in his eyes. “Now that your injuries are healed, let’s talk about the punishment next.”

The people were dazed for a moment, especially the four who had pointed Shen Ying earlier, their eyes had lit up.

“As you all wish.” Lonemoon said slowly, emphasizing each word. “I am evicting you from the sect, from today onwards, four of you are no longer disciples of this sect!”

“What!” The four were stunned, thinking that they had heard wrong.

“Fatty!” Lonemoon directly ordered, “Rid them of their cultivation and send them down the mountain.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Hold on!” Cheng Dong exclaimed, his eyes filled with fear and disbelief. “Why is it us? Isn’t the one who did something wrong…”

Before he could finish, Lonemoon could not hold back and with a wave of his hand, a stream of Sword Qi struck towards him and hit his dantian. Cheng Dong felt an immense pain spread, the Spirit Qi in his entire body dissipated completely as he shrieked out loud.

“Ah!” He felt onto the ground once again and began to roll about.

“Practicing cultivation for so many years, how did all of you cultivate into a such a bunch of fools!” Lonemoon finally could not hold back and stood up with a slam on the table. Seeming like his fury had overcome him, his entire body was releasing scorching air out, the table by his side was instantly reduced to ashes.

Shen Ying finally lifted her head. “Father Niu, the table is a hundred spirit stones.”

“You shut up!”

“… Alright.”

Lonemoon then turned back and continued to rage. “Never mind if you’re stupid, you still consider yourself to be above the crowd and have no sense of gratitude. Just who was so blind back then to have recruited you bunch of trash!”

Fatty who was blind answered in a small voice, “Um… It was me.” Fatty dropped to his knees. “Please forgive me Master!” His heart ached.

The other disciples also kneeled down, their eyes filled with terror at Lonemoon suddenly flaring up, but also a little blankness.

“Do you still not know where you were wrong up till now?” Lonemoon glanced across them. “What kind of place is that island? With your Foundation Establishment stage’s sh*tty cultivation, you would be able to go deep in the forest? Or did you think there were only low level demon beasts on such a huge island!” He inhaled deeply before spitting out the words, “All of you were injured this badly even with Fatty protecting and bringing you out. How did you even get in in the first place, do you all have no f*cking idea at all?”

Everyone’s hearts sank, as if they’d never thought this way and looked up towards Shen Ying in disbelief. It’s her? How was that possible! She didn’t seem to have any bit of cultivation. But, there was indeed no problem when they went it. Subsequently, there were so many demon beasts when they came out, could it be because… they pissed her off!

“The Invincible Sect has no place for fools like you.”

“Master!” All of them finally knew fear now as they started to desperately beg for mercy. “Forgive us Master, we know we were wrong!” They’d witnessed the strength of cultivators, how would they be willing to return to being ordinary.

“Fatty, bring them down the mountain.” Lonemoon had no intention of changing his decision. The entire Invincible Sect did not let Shen Ying suffer any bit of grievance, what right did these immature ones have!

Fatty actually still did not have the heart to, after all he’d taught them for so many years. Yet he also understood that they only had themselves to blame. “Yes, Master!” He summoned three streams of Immortal Qi and dissipated the Spirit Qi in their dantian, then dragged the few of them who were still crying outside.

“Hold on!” Shen Ying suddenly voiced out.

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