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My Seatmate Tries to Make Me Fall in Love with Her by Teasing Me Repeatedly, but Somehow She Was the One Who Fell (Web Novel)


She is someone with the nickname “Seatmate Killer”, and also one of the prettiest girl in the school. Every male student that became her seatmate has confessed to her, and all of them got rejected brutally. The one who became her new seatmate, the seat beings located the furthest away from the front and beside one of the windows, thus being a godly seat that will make every male student jealous, is Narito Yuki. He is someone that generally you won’t notice at all. The entire class thought that he will fall for her in a short time, but that may not be the case…..

3984 • 2020-11-21 17:51:38


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 50: Yuuki’s Invitation2020-11-28
Chapter 49: Rin’s Request2020-11-21
Chapter 48: A Gachizei[1] Person2020-11-21
Chapter 47: A Good Friend? Two Beautiful Girls2020-11-21
Chapter 46: Yui v.s. Mizuna2020-11-21
Chapter 45: Slight Skinship2020-11-21
Chapter 44: Let’s Get Red Marks Together2020-11-21
Chapter 43: Rin-chan2020-11-21
Chapter 42: Assassin from the Seatmate Killer2020-11-21
Chapter 41: A Completely Fallen Secret Weapon2020-11-21
Chapter 40: Seatmate Breaker2020-11-21
Chapter 39: Compliant Ticket2020-11-21
Chapter 38: The Seatmate Killer’s Killer2020-11-21
Chapter 37: Sorry2020-11-21
Chapter 36: The Lap Pillow and Dozing Off2020-11-21
Chapter 35: A Date With Yui-chan Part 22020-11-21
Chapter 34: A Date With Yui-chan2020-11-21
Chapter 33: Examination Results2020-11-21
Chapter 32: Mind, Body, and Soul2020-11-21
Chapter 31: Gentle Yui Onee-chan2020-11-21
Chapter 30: Famous Actress Yui2020-11-21
Chapter 29: Absolutely Absolute2020-11-21
Chapter 28: Encounter2020-11-21
Chapter 27: An Outing With Mizuna2020-11-21
Chapter 26: The Little Devil Yui-chan2020-11-21
Chapter 25: Prayer2020-11-21
Chapter 24: Yui’s Cute Mode2020-11-21
Chapter 23: Present2020-11-21
Chapter 22: Cute Panties2020-11-21
Chapter 21: Rank #12020-11-21
Chapter 20: Alone In The Classroom2020-11-21
Chapter 19: Used Eraser2020-11-21
Chapter 18: Seatmate Killer Victim’s League2020-11-21
Chapter 18: Self-Study2020-11-21
Chapter 16: Revenge2020-11-21
Chapter 15: Kawaii Yui-chan2020-11-21
Chapter 14: Do You Want Dinner? Or Do You Want To Take a Bath?2020-11-21
Chapter 13: Lost Property2020-11-21
Chapter 12: Friend2020-11-21
Chapter 11: Bento2020-11-21
Chapter 10: Ideal Boyfriend2020-11-21
Chapter 9: Neighbor Seat Phobia2020-11-21
Chapter 8: Brother’s day2020-11-21
Chapter 7: Oniichan2020-11-21
Chapter 6: Miina2020-11-21
Chapter 5: Make Him Fall Game2020-11-21
Chapter 4: Way Back2020-11-21
Chapter 3: Giving Juice as a Gratitude2020-11-21
Chapter 2: Preparation2020-11-21
Chapter 1: Seatmate Killer2020-11-21
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