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Chapter 19: Used Eraser

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“Ah, it’s Yuuki-kun.”

As soon as Yuuki heard Yui’s voice, he was freed from the two behind him.

Keitaro suddenly put his cell phone to his ear and spun around while Sonoda quickly turned away, removed his glasses, and started wiping them with a cloth.


As she approached, Yui held up her arm as they passed each other and delivered an empty jab.

The girl walking next to her gave Yui a strange face and said,

“What are you doing, Yui?”

“We’re rivals.”

“What’s that? That’s so funny.”

The three girls walked past me while laughing.

They glanced back at me somewhat and,

“Who was that?”

“We’re in the same class.”

“Oh… he was there?”

I could hear a few words like that, but I didn’t really care.

By the way, Sonoda raised his hand at a forty-five degree angle in a gun form with a pissed off face, but I ignored him.

He looked kinda sad, and when Yuuki looked at him, he said, “What?”

“No, it’s nothing…”

He was ignored, was he okay? It was hard to hear.

However, without saying anything, Sonoda grunted and crossed his arms with a slight frown.

“It looks like now she’s… Narito-kun, it seems that she wants to bring you down. The seatmate killer is sure to killer her target this time. Her odds so far, to the best of my knowledge, are 100 percent.”

“No, if you knew, you wouldn’t have lost.”

“That’s a naive way of thinking. I don’t know what to say, I’m at the top of my grade, so I’ve had my suspicions. Wasn’t that just a tease…? But with her furious attacks, how could we resist? We were swept away in a wave and lost.”

“A raging offense isn’t really what it sounds like, is it?”

“Well, that’s the way it is, so you’ll just have to pull yourself together.”

Then Sonoda raised his index and middle fingers and waved his arms in the air.

It was kind of creepy, so Yuuki quickly turned on his heel with no reaction and returned to the classroom.


The last class of the day was over and it was after school.

Yuuki stretched slowly in his seat, and when he went to put his writing utensils into his pencil case, he drops the eraser as he tried to pick it up.


The eraser fell from the top of the desk and bounced heavily on the floor, stopping at Yui’s feet.

Yui immediately noticed, looked down at the floor, and bent down to pick up the eraser.

Seeing this, Yuuki suddenly remembered what Keitaro had said during lunch.

(Fu~, is that what she’s doing?)

A special move that was said to have driven Keitaro to confess his feelings.

Watching Yui’s behavior, I wondered what it was like in reality.


It was stolen.

Yui tried to put the eraser she picked up straight into her own pencil case.



If you paid attention to her, Yui blinked her eyes deliberately and gave him a sullen look.

When Yuuki looked at her, he could see the eraser in her hand.

“Is the one you dropped the eraser with the round corner? Or is it…”

“Can I have my eraser back?”

When I interrupted her Yui snapped back.

“It’s a joke. Mou~ you’re not very energetic, Yuuki-kun.”

“Thank you for picking up the eraser. So hand it over.”

I’m going to prove that it’s mine so that I don’t get fooled.

Then Yui suddenly sent a sidelong glance in Yuuki’s direction with a smirk.

“Hmmmm~… I just wanted something of Yuuki-kun’s~…”

Yuuki shuddered at the declaration at her declaration.

“I didn’t expect to see a thief sitting next to me…”

“No, no… I don’t know why you didn’t understand what I meant…”

“I’d be in a bit of a bind if I don’t have my eraser.”

“All right, let’s trade.”

With that said, Yui took out an eraser from her pencil case and quickly put it on my desk.

And then she laughed, but when I actually held it in my hand, it was one size smaller than the one I was using.

This is a scam.

“It’s more worn out on this side.”

“Not sure what you mean.”

“You’re not going to be able to get the bigger eraser.”

“That’s a JK’s used eraser over there. It may be small, but it’s worth it.” [T/N: JK = Short for joshikousei, meaning a high school girl.]

“I see. If it came with a picture, I could sell it.”

“Why do you sound so serious? I’m just kidding, okay?”

“Fine,” said Yui, snatching her own eraser and putting the eraser Yuuki dropped on his desk.

Apparently, it didn’t go as she expected, and she was in a slightly bad mood.

(Hmmm, I knew this was going to happen…)

According to Sonoda, she might have some kind of mental problem. As expected, the top of the grade is not to be underestimated.

If there was a deeper reason for this kind of goofiness, I thought it was a pity to offend Yui.

Luckily, Yuuki has some knowledge of how to deal with a child.

(I wish I could do something about it.)

This was exactly what his sister Mizuna was talking about, and Yuuki has the confidence backed by his past experience.

Remebering that, Yuuki does not complain to Yui, but spoke gently.

“You know, if there’s something that’s… troubling you or something, I’m all ears. Just in case.”

When I offered that, Yui looked at my still face curiously, then vigorously raised her right hand.

“Hai, hai.”

“Go ahead.”

“The person next to me suddenly said something strange at a time like this.”

“Hmm… then what should I say?”

“What you should say… well…”

Yui looked up and began to think about something.

I wondered what she was thinking, and Yui’s mouth shook, but went back to a serious face.

“Mou~~, figure it out yourself!”

“By myself…?”

Now it was Yuuki’s turn to look up at the ceiling.

I could feel a jittery gaze from right next to me, but remembered what it was like with Mizuna.

“Well, I’m sure there’s a lot going on but don’t worry.”


“It’s going to be okay. It’s gonna be fine.”

“What are you talking about? From earlier…”

Yui frowned warily.

Of course, he was concerned about Yui, but he didn’t want to let her off the hook and make more weird victims.

I looked straight into Yui’s eyes and smiled as I thought about that for some reason.

Then, Yui shook her head and bent down as if she was prostrating, but she picked herself up again and gazed back at him, but immediately stood up.

“G-go home!”

“Are you okay? Can you go home alone?”

“Of course I can! Am I a child?!”

“Be careful. Don’t stay out too late.”

“You mind your own business! Mother! No, Grandma!”

With her cheeks flushed, Yui grabbed her bag and hurriedly left her seat.

(I guess it’s something else…)

It’s not surprising, but it was different from Mizuna.

This is why this time, the opponent wasn’t a simple matter.

Yuuki, who was still in his seat, leaned his head to the side with a thoughtful face.

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