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Chapter 24: Yui’s Cute Mode

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< Maki’s POV >

After dinner, Maki got out of the bath and walked up the stairs to the second floor, where her room was located.

On her way to her room, she stopped in front of a door.

A sticker with an illustration of a cat that says “Knock First” was stuck on the tightly closed door.

It was a bit sad that recently, Yui had been holed up in her room like this.

I can’t play with Yui like this… I only have one sister, so I would like to get along more.

Maki silently twists the door knob slowly, moving skillfully, pushing the door open without a sound.

In the room, Yui was lying on her bed, looking at something that looked like a necklace that was hanging from her hand. It was interesting.

Intuitively, Maki approached the bed as soon as she entered the room and looks into Yui’s hand.

“What is that?”


Yui let out a squeal with a face as if she had seen a ghost and quickly hid the object in her hand behind her back.

Maki quickly held up her index finger.

“What’s that?”

“W-What are you talking about?”

“The thing in your hand.”

As Maki showed off her clairvoyant abilities, Yui brought her hand in front of her, as if she had already given up, and showed it to Maki as if she were dangling an sample product.

Jewelry… it seemed to just be a colored stone. It was probably some kind of power stone.

“Hehehe~. I got a present~.”

“From him? Hmmm, sounds like you’ve made some rapid progress.”

Yui smiles, “Well, well~”, but her smile was slightly awkward.

“Let me see it for a bit,” Maki said as she took the stone from Yui.

“It’s beautiful. What’s it called?”

“I don’t know, but it’s supposed to help alleviate some stress and stuff.”

“What? Are you under a lot of stress?”

Yui had a straight face for a moment, but then smiled again. She pulled back a bit.

Maki put the stone back in her hand.

“But then again, presents out of the blue are pretty weird.”

“Yeah, yeah. But I don’t want him to come on to me too aggressively~.”


When Maki gingerly got closer to her face, it was obvious that Yui’s eyes began to swim.

“Are. You. Being. Honest?”

As I moved my face even closer to the tip of her nose and eyes, Yui suddenly squeezed her eyes shut.

And then her body began to tremble.


She put her arms around me and hugs me. She pressed her face into my stomach gingerly.

Maki held Yui in her arms while trying to balance on both feet.

“What’s up with you, Yui? It’s okay. Tell me honestly.”

“Pat my head, not my but.”

I calmly got rid of my hand.

Let’s redo that.


“Who are you?!”

“He must be teasing me because he knows how I feel about him! I’ll lose!”

“…Who are you fighting against?”

“I can’t… I can’t go on like this! I don’t like being made fun of, and it’s annoying. I don’t enjoy being teased or anything, and I’m more of an S.” [T/N: Sadist]

Aren’t you more of a dominatrix…? I thought, but I didn’t dare interrupt her.

“This is a bad start. I’d rather him fall in love first, then confess. Or something like that?”

But if you keep silent, it’ll keep getting annoying.

“Why don’t you go ahead and confess to him yourself?”

“That would be embarrassing! And what if I get rejected?”

“What’s the big deal?”

I don’t get it anymore.

When I tried to push Yui’s body away from me, she clung to me with tears in her eyes.

“Mou~… Onee-chan, help me…”

“Ah, it’s been a while since you’ve been in cute mode.”

“What’s that?”

Let me explain!

The cute mode was another form of Yui, which I secretly named.

When she’s unable to do anything, she stops thinking for herself and turns into a spoiled child.

In this state, she’ll do anything you say. By the way, she’s super cute. And it makes me want to tease her really badly.

Maki was pulling on both of Yui’s cheeks with her fingers.

“Want me to tell you what’s wrong?”


“That’s because you haven’t been able to be honest with me. Let’s practice saying ‘I love you’ for once.”

Maki scolded her.

If this was the usual Yui, she would’ve said, “What? What are you talking about?” and would give Maki a cold stare.

But instead of losing her temper, Yui went into cute mode, blushed a lot, squirmed, and let out a cute voice.

“…Pw, pw, pw, pwease gwo out wif me pwease!”

“Hmm~? Is Yui a mouse?”

“Y-you’re wrong~~!”

Maki couldn’t help it as her cheeks naturally relaxed into a smirk.

She was having too much fun and wanted to tease her even more.

“Jeez.. you can’t even say it right.”

“Onee-chan’s meaaaaan~”

“Ow, ow.”

Yui squeezed her eyes shut and slaps Maki’s knees.

“Ouch, it hurts! It seriously hurts! Can you not use that rock to hit me?”

Her fist was heavy. A dull sound could be heard.

I thought it would be a good idea to treat her present as a weapon.

When she was little, Maki wouldn’t have bothered, but Yui had grown up.

It would be a shame if I got a bruise, so for the time being, I pulled her off and calmed her down.

“Easy, easy, easy. And by the way, I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m sure he has another person in mind.”

“Hehhh… but he said he doesn’t have a girlfriend…”

“Phew, that’s sweet. Did you think I was being honest? I have a hunch that Yui is… a keeper.”

“A k-keeper?”

“I’m not exactly sure, but the fact that he gave you a gift means he definitely has feelings for you.”

“Un. Un.”

“I’m sure he’s watching how you’ll react to his gifts. So right now, Yui is being tested.”

“Oh, I see!”

With a twinkle in her eyes, Yui nodded her head in admiration at each and every word.

When she does it, I couldn’t help but falter, or maybe it makes me want to talk about something else.

“But a shock can shake the scales! It’s okay, Yui. Yui is cute. You’re very cute.”


“But I think you should show him more of your girlish or sexy side. I mean, you’re like a guy at times, right?”

“I see!”

“As an older sister, I want to see more of your erotic and cute devilishness…”

“Er, etto, cute…”

“What I mean is be cuter! Push forward!”


Yui raised her fist and suddenly shouted. It’s too cute.

So when I told her to stop doing that…. apparently Normal Yui came back.

“is it okay if it happens like this?”

“Ah, it’s fine!”

“Lend me your make up!”

“It’s in the bathroom!”

When I pointed to the bathroom, she ran towards it as if she was like a dog.

I’m afraid that this was too effective.

It was like a scam.

“You’re a little devil, that’s never going to change. If you were to go into cute mode, any man would fall for you.. But I don’t want it to be an average guy.”

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to find out what he’s like.

It was a gift, but he seems to be more accustomed to women than I thought, and I’m wondering what I should do if a picturesque playboy appears.

I wonder if I’ll be able to run into him.

“Onee-chan, it’s bad! It’s bad! Help me a little!”

Yui, whose face had turned partly white, came running.

“Yes, yes,” said Maki as she left the room while being pulled by Yui.

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