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Chapter 26: The Little Devil Yui-chan

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[Here’s a selfie~. Kya~]

An attachment seemed to be sent along with the message.

As I opened it, a large image was displayed.


Who was it for a second? But I soon realized that it was a close-up photo of Yui’s voice.

Yui, who was smiling, was winking towards the camera while making a peace sign next to her eyes.

Her face was whiter than usual, her lips reddish, curly eyelashes, and big black eyes.

(Ah, cute…)

I couldn’t help but stare at it.

I didn’t really look at her face up close and personal, so when I saw her like this, I was reminded of how beautiful she was.

I could understand why the boys were crazy over her. As expected, her teeth were well aligned.

[What is this suddenly?]

But I didn’t know how to reply to such a photo when it was sent to me out of the blue, so I just replied with that.

After a slight pause, she sent,

[Thanks for the present. I don’t think I’ve properly said thank you, yet. When I look at it, I feel relaxed. It must have great power.”

[Yeah, that’s the one. Sorry, I gave you a lucky charm on accident.]

Replying to that, Yuuki stopped.

There was a possibility that she was very angry beyond the screen.

So I’m just going to ask her.

[Sorry, are you mad at me?]

[No. Not at all? I won’t blame you if you made a mistake.]

[If it works, then it’s okay. Like they say, ‘Don’t let a gift go to waste’.]

The replies stopped coming again.

Is she still mad at me?

But it may just be that she’s simply busy.

“What are you doing, Yuuki-kun!”

And then Mizuna suddenly hugged me from behind.

I suddenly lost my balance, and fell down on the bed.

A soft feeling and pressure hit my back as I lay on my stomach.

Mizuna brought her face close to my ear.

“Did I scare you?”

“I’m super surprised.”

“You’re saying that very calmly.”

“Just got off me. You’re heavy.”

Mizuna laughed and clung onto me insistently, so I used my hands to raise myself up, forcing her to get off.

Rolling onto the bed, Mizuna picked up Yuuki’s phone, which had fell onto the bed, and looked at the screen.

“What are you looking at?”

“Just give it back to me.”

I reached out and tried to take the phone back.


Suddenly, Mizuna had a pitying look on her face.

I was wondering what happened all of a sudden, when Mizuna showed me a picture of Yui on the screen and,

“You don’t have a girlfriend so you’re going after idols.”

“No, no, no, it’s not like that.”

“No way, this girl is definitely an idol or something. Haha, now, Yuuki-kun, even if you think she’s cute, having a strangers picture is…”

“She’s not a stranger. I was just on LINE.”

When I say that, Mizuna leaned forward with a change in her mood.

“What?! You’re on LINE with this person right now?! Really! This is a great chance!”

“What do you mean, chance?”

“Her name is Yui-chan huh, it’s so cute~ Cutee~”

Again, Mizuna started messing with other people’s phones without permission.

For a girl who asks “Isn’t Mizuna cuter?” whenever she sees an idol on TV, for her to call someone else cute was unusual praise from her.

She started scrolling through the phone and sighed, “Ahhhh.”

“This is no good Yuuki-kun~. You can’t do it like this. You have to be more aggressive.”


“For example – ‘what kind of panties are you wearing right now’ – and so on.”

“You’re just like an old man.”

“Wow, look at that, you guys are in sync! Interesting!”

Mizuna quickly showed me the screen.

There was a message saying [What kind of panties are you wearing right now?] and a reply saying [You old man].

“What the hell are you sending?!”

“Ah. Yuuki-kun is unsually in a bit of a panic.”

“Give it back.”

“No, no, no, no!”

I took back the phone from Mizuna, who was pouting.

I tried to correct her immediately, but I got another message from Yui.

[Yadaaaaaa! Yuuki-kun’s a pervert!]

(What is this kind of character…)

A sudden change from calling me an old man. It seemed like the kind of thing Yui would do.

I would be able to tell if I could see her face, but it was hard to tell from a text alone.

I’m not sure if she was up to something again, but I’m sending her a message as well.

[Just now, that was a mistake.]

[Oh dear, Yuuki-kun… I wonder what kind of things you’re imagining right now?]

[White panties with a bow?]

When I sent that, she stopped replying again.

When I was about to put my phone away, Mizuna peeked in from the side and said,

“You can’t Yuuki-kun, you can’t do that! Give it! Let me borrow it!”

“Ah, hey!”

She snatched the cell phone from Yuuki’s hand and dexterously used her fingers to type out letters at a terrifying speed. The same handiwork as usual.

As I was unconsciously transfixed by her skill, I noticed that a message had been sent, and I hurriedly took the phone back.

“What the did you do?

“Hey, hey, how did she reply?”

“That’s enough.”

Mizuna deliberately came so close to Yuuki that their cheeks were almost touching and looks into the screen.

As expected, Yuuki sent a message correcting Yui again, who was silent.


—On the other hand, on the bed inside Yui’s room, Yui’s figure was staring at the screen of her phone as if to devour it.

I failed last night, but today I was able to get a pretty good makeover with Maki’s help.

As soon as she was done, Maki said, “Oh no, Yui-chan is too pretty! Super cute!”, but it was the first time I had put on so much makeup, so I was honestly surprised myself.

Afterwards, Maki took a bunch of pictures of me with her phone and said, “Just send them!”, so I sent a picture to Yuuki with high spirits.

But he was like, [What’s the matter with you all of a sudden?] I thought, (What the hell is this guy doing all of a sudden…) and I returned to my normal straight face.

I switched to the topic of gifts to change topic, but even there, I discovered that the stone given to me was wrong.

(Well, it’s still okay. I’m not stressed or sick to begin with, right?)

I gripped the stone with my nails biting into it just in time.

(Wait, wait a second… I’m the little devil, Yui-chan… I’m a little devil…)

So the abrupt [What kind of panties are you wearing right now?] was surprising.

[White panties with a bow?]

However, with this one sentence, I started coughing. “Bufooo!”

I remembered that they were seen and remembered that time, and my body started to get hot.

A little devil with those cute panties was a funny thing.

As I thought, being a little devil was a little reckless for me…

[That picture is so cute!]

[Super cute!]


[I love you!]

[Oh my god!]

A series of messages were sent at a fast pace.

As soon as her eyes saw the messages, Yui’s eyes widened and went, “Bufooo!” again. All sorts of things blew out of her nose and mouth.

I hurriedly wiped it off with a tissue.

(I finally did it! I caught him!)

Yui excitedly typed out letters and sent them to Yuuki.

[I like you too! I love you, Yuuki-kun!]

(Yes! Mutual feelings! Couple formed!)

I did it. I had done it.

I was in a situation where I should have been cautious and rushed to get a definite answer. I just went along with the mood.

However, there was no doubt that Yuuki confessed first. This was a complete victory.

Hahahaha! Yui was about to strike a guts pose, when she received a reply from the other side.

[I’m sorry, that was my sister.]


Liquid squirted from Yui’s mouth and nose.

I think something came out of my ears, too.


Panicking, Yui reflexively thought about smashing her phone, but there was no point in doing that.

Nevertheless, she managed to come up with a plan to recover in her confused mind and typed with wobbly fingers.

[My sister sent that one too!]

I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of situation this was, but it was the only thing I could think of in the spur of the moment.

I was staring at the screen, almost devouring it to see how the other side would respond.

[It’s tough for both of us.]

[Yeah! It’s tough!]

(It’s okay! Safe!)

It was foolproof.

It was foolproof….

After losing all of the strength in her body, Yui nodded her head with a gulp.

When she accidentally slipped her hand and dropped her phone on the floor something glittered near her.

If you looked closely, you could see that a hundred yen coin had fallen on the edge of the carpet.

“I got money. Good luck right away…”

Reaching out her hand and picking up the hundred yen coin, Yui smiled happily.

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