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Chapter 27: An Outing With Mizuna

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The next day, the typhoon passed without incident, and it was a sunny day for the first time in a long time.

On this perfect day off, Mizuna wanted to go see an anime movie that came into theaters the other day. I wanted to buy a game and some mangas again.

But she couldn’t go alone, and of course she doesn’t have any friends to go with her, so Yuuki had to go with her. It was the usual pattern.

When Yuuki finished getting ready to go out in a suitable outfit, he went and sat on the sofa in the living room and vaguely looked at the information of the movie on her phone.

It seems to be a movie of a late night anime, but I didn’t see it, so I don’t know much about it.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Yuuki-kun.”

Mizuna, who had been tautly getting ready in her room earlier, appeared.

She was wearing a thin white short-sleeved blouse and a patterned over-the-knee skirt. She was carrying a small red backpack on her back.

Mizuna came right in front of Yuuki and spun around on the spot.

“How is it?”

“Un, it’s cute and cuddly.”

When I said that, Mizuna smiled happily and said that she had done it. [T/N: As in achieved her goal]

And as she glanced at the hem of her skirt, she said,

“My underwear’s cute too.”

“Don’t show me your underwear.”

She was messing with her skirt.

“Have some shame…”

“No way~. I don’t always do this kind of thing, you know?”

“Of course you do. Slut.”

“I’ll only do it in front of Yuuki-kun.”

“I don’t need that kind of special treatment.”

I wish she would learn from a person who turned red and left on their own after someone saw their panties.

“Ta-da! Just put this on and you’re invincible.”

On both wrists, where Mizuna held up her arms, there were bracelets with power stones of different colors attached to each bracelet.

In addition, she has a necklace-like transparent stone hanging from her neck.

At this point, there was a possibility that this could be seen as some kind of religious thing.

“This will keep the demons away!”

“What kind of place do you think we’re going to?”

“There’s a lot of demons out there.”

It seems that the demons that Mizuna was referring to are the people who look a bit scary…

This is a loose judgement, but by her standards, Keitaro and others might be certified as demons.

“Let’s go!”

Mizuna took out a brimmed hat with an M embroidered on it from her backpack and put in it.

This is completely unrelated, but the M came from Mizuna’s name. She says it’s her favorite.

The first stop after leaving the house is the train station.

From there, we took the train for three stops and arrived at a large station.

Our destination is a commercial complex in the area. You could find a movie theater, an anime shop, and other places to finish Mizuna’s business.

As we start walking to the station, Mizuna followed right beside me.

When Mizuna wanted to hold my hand, I told her it was too hot.

“If you hold hands with Mizuna, Yuuki-kun won’t be attacked by demons anymore.”

“You’re like a psychic.”

And so on and so forth, forcing me to take her hand.

When a group of young men hanging out in front of a convenience store came into view on the way, Mizuna quickly shurnk back, using Yuuki as a shield.

She was acting suspiciously, blatantly tilting the brim of her hat. Eventually, they passed by safely.

“That was dangerous. A swarm of demons frightened me…”

“That just makes you look even more conspicuous.”

As the number of people approached the station, Mizuna started to talk less.

However, this is also what happens usually. Once inside the station premises, Yuuki smoothly passed through the waves of people while pulling Mizuna’s hand and went to the uphill platform.

Then I got on the train and came to my destination.

Since it was already around noon, I decided to have lunch at a fast food place.

I wanted to tell Mizuna to go ahead and save a seat for me, but she didn’t want to leave me, so I couldn’t.

As we stood in line at the counter together, I asked, “What do you want?” When I asked her, Mizuna gave me an earful, but I couldn’t hear her because of the noise around me and because her voice was too low.

“What? Can you ask for it yourself?”

Mizuna shook her head.

It was as if she’s playing a game where she would lose if she spoke.

“I’m starving.”

When we took a seat and I breathed a sigh of relief, Mizuna suddenly started talking more. She’s in a good mood whenever she eats.

“It’s a good idea,” she said as she bit into the hamburger, “but when I group of girls about the same age as me came next to us, I started to sneak around.”

Since Yuuki was not good at talking too much, they left the place early to after cleaning up.

Then we went to the movie theater next to the station.

Mizuna had left all the preparation to Yuuki. He wanted to be seated at a place where no one was nearby. That’s what he wanted.

I bought a caramel flavored popcorn for her, because she said it was separate from her lunch. I sat down, and Mizuna was in a good move and started talking about the movie we were about to watch, and so on and so on.

She talked endlessly about the movie, and by the time the movie was about to start, she had eaten more than half of the popcorn.

When the movie started, she stopped eating and concentrated on the movie.

“That was interesting~”

When the movie was over and we left the theater, Mizuna started talking about her impressions with a satisfied look on her face, talking about this and that with passion.

When Yuuki was agreeing with her, she said,

“Yuuki-kun, you fell asleep on the way here.”

“No, I didn’t.”

I only lost consciousness for a short time.

After that, we went to the building where Mizuna’s favorite anime shop was located.

This building was full of shops of that type, and you could get most of the things you wanted to if you go between floors.

Mizuna’s focus was on a new manga and game software.

For manga, she preferred to read shonen manga rather than shoujo manga, which she shares with Yuuki.

“I haven’t spent much of my pocket money yet this month, so that’s good.”

As soon as she enters the building, Mizuna began to ask for various things.

Actually, my father keeps a reasonable amount of money for living expenses, but if I handed it over to Mizuna, it would be wasted, so Yuuki manages the money to some extent.

“Muffu, big catch…”

Mizuna, who paid with her own bill, chuckles as she put away the product she purchased in her backpack.

However, once she successfully obtained her desired items, she couldn’t wait to get home.

So from then on, we didn’t stop anymore and came straight to the nearest station.

After getting off the train and exiting the ticket gate,

“Should we get a bento or something for dinner?”

When I said that, Mizuna excitedly said, “Gyudon!” and pointed to a gyudon restaurant, so I bought some to-go.


“Now all that’s left to do is to go home,” she said as she turned to the station exit.

“Heh~? Onee-chan said it first, right?”

“Ah~ I don’t know what you mean~?”

A couple of women came out of the entrance of the department store connected to the station, carrying shopping bags in their hands, arguing about something.

When I casually glanced in that direction, my eyes met the eyes of one of them as I heard a familiar voice.

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