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Chapter 28: Encounter

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We stop and look at each other.


I thought I recognized her from somewhere, but the voice confirmed it. It was Yui.

It was partly because she was in casual clothes, unlike the school uniform which I was used to seeing, but I didn’t expect to run into her here by accident.

Slightly later, Yuuki raised his hand and said, “Hey,” and suddenly the woman who was walking next to Yui was closing on Yui’s face.

“Well, well, wellll~? Do you know him?”

“…H-he’s my classmate.”

When Yui said that she had a face that looked like she bit down on a bitter worm.

She pushed aside Yui and stood in from of Yuuki.

“Could it be that you’re Yuuki Narito-kun?”


It was very strange to have a stranger call me by my full name out of the blue when I first meet them.

I was confused as to how I should respond.

“I’m Maki, Yui’s sister. Nice to meet you.”

Maki gave a relaxed bow.

Her fluffy brown hair, which reached her shoulders, swayed gently and she smelled faintly of sweet perfume.

“Nice to meet you…”

Yuuki awkwardly bowed his head.

Then Maki raised her face and scanned him from top to bottom, as if she was assessing him.

Yuuki observed the other person’s behavior serioiusly.

—It’s true that they’re sisters, and the details are different, but Yui’s and her faces were similar.

And she also looks a little more mature and calm.

I’d like to say that she has a very gentle impression, not only because of her bubbly appearance, but also because of the upturned corners of her mouth, her slightly droopy eyes, and relaxed voice.

It was a far cry from Yui, who looks like she doesn’t have enough calcium.

“You should have dressed up more, Yui.”

“Shut up.”

While Yui was dressed in denim jeans and a white shirt, Maki was wearing a pale blue one-piece.

One was in sneakers and one was in heels. I’m sure you could say they’re sisters, but they’re definitely different.

Yuuki thought it was a little interesting.

“The picture of Yui yesterday was pretty.”

“Eh… wai-wha… why are you saying that now?!”

“Today’s normal.”

“N-normal and bad!!”

“I think normal is good.”

Yui, who quickly turned red, approached him quickly, but looked back at Maki.

Maki nodded with a big smile and sent a meaningful look to Yui.

“Heh~ heh~…”

“What’s with that face?”

“What do you mean~? Isn’t this my normal face~?”

“You have a weird face.”

“I’ll remember that later.”

A person who keeps laughing and smiling.

I also remembered that she even sends messages on Yui’s LINE without permission, so maybe she’s also a little mischievous.

(I hope they get along.)

As I was wondering about that, Maki smiled at me as if nothing had happened.

“Hey, Narito-kun. Ah, is Yuuki-kun okay?”

“Either is fine.”

“You can call me Maki. Or better yet, how about Maki-oneechan?”

You can say whatever you want, but it’s hard to tell if Yui’s silently sending pressure at me from the side.

However, Maki wasn’t concerned about that, and she looked straight at me and asked a series of questions.

“Which do you prefer, Yuuki-kun, breasts or the butt?”


As I froze in place after being asked such a question, Yui, who seemed to have finally reached the end of her patience, pushed Maki away and came in between us.

“Hai hai, that was nothing, sorry~”

“Hey, Yui! What are you thinking, grabbing your sister’s face?”

“Would you say the same thing in Gun Fight?” [T/N: I don’t know what this references ガン○ムファイト, if it even is one.]

“What is that… No, it’s better to check your habits…”

“Hey, wait… your voice is a little loud!”

“Why don’t we go to a coffee shop somewhere and talk?”

“W-wait a sec, onee-chan…”

This time, Maki pushed away Yui’s face with a grunt. These sisters seem to lay their hands on each other easily.

Maki, who tried to go ahead and say, “Well, let’s go?” notices Mizuna, who had been hiding behind Yuuki for a long time.

“Ara? That child is…”

When Maki bent her back down and looked at her, Mizuna suddenly jumped out from behind Yuuki.

And then, started glaring upwardly at Maki.

“I-I’m… Yuuki-kun’s girlfriend!”

She squeezed her eyes shut and shouted that with a strained voice.

At her words, the place instantly froze in an instant.

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