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Chapter 31: Gentle Yui Onee-chan

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“Welcome back, Yuuki-kun!”

Please don’t open the door without permission and ring the intercom.

That’s what I asked, and when I did that, Mizuna, in a white apron and strange white hat, greeted Yuuki vigorously.

“I’m home.”

Yuuki said and shifted half a step to the side, trying to introduce Yui, who was standing behind him.

But as soon as Mizuna saw Yui, she turned around and withdrew back into the house.

As usual, she was dressed in a T-shirt, giving her a sense of openness. Her panties weren’t visible.

Seeing that, Yui suddenly blew out.

“Why is she like that?! She’s not wearing any underwear!”

“Just a T-shirt is fine.”

“You’re kidding, right?! What’s usually going on?!”

She looked like she was seeing something weird.

It seemed as if she was about to say that Yuuki was the one who made Mizuna do it.

I wasn’t going to let her misunderstand me in a strange way.

“I hear there’s a craze for maids going on right now.”

While explaining that, I invited Yui, who was giving me an even more questioning look, inside.

She went straight ahead and entered the living room, but there was no sign of Mizuna.

I hadn’t said anything about Yui coming, so I might have surprised her with the suddenness of the situation.

“I’ll be back in a minute.”

For now, he sat Yui down on the couch and went to Mizuna’s room.

The door to her room was open slightly. I noticed that Mizuna was peeking through the gap, trying to see what was going on.

The door was almost closed when their eyes met, but he quickly put his hand on the knob and pushed it open.

When Yuuki stepped into the room, Mizuna slammed the door shut with a bang and stood as if she was holding the door closed with her back.


“Why do you have to close it?”

I’m not going to let anyone come in on this.

Mizuna has taken off her apron before I knew it and is wearing shorts underneath.

“What the hell, you can actually wear clothes!”

“Don’t talk like I’m some sort of caveman.”

“You are a caveman.”

Apparently, she’ll wear clothes when others are around. Of course.

“She’s a guest, come out and say hello.”

When I said that, Mizuna beckoned to me, “Lend me your ear,” so I sat down in the middle of the room and moved my face closer to her.

Mizuna, in a rather gentle tone of voice, said,

“Yuuki-kun. You can’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“How much did you pay her?”

“No, it’s not like I’m renting her or anything.”

“We can’t afford to buy her.”

“That’s not it. She’s my… girlfriend.”


Mizuna’s mouth was half open and her voice was stifled, her eyes widened and she staggered back and froze.

There was no way that she was seriously reacting in such an exaggerated way.

“Y-uour girlfriend, where and who…”

“You’ve seen her before. The photo on my cellphone.”


I left the room with Mizuna who cocks her head.

Mizuna sneaks a distant peek at Yui, who was sitting on the sofa, and said,

“Ah, could that be Yui-chan….!?”

She finally noticed.

The picture Mizuna had seen before was a close-up, so maybe the atmosphere was a little different.

“I’m Yui-chan… what should I do….”

When Mizuna fluttered around, Yui waved her hand with a slightly awkward smile.

As for Mizuna, she seemed to think she was hiding, but in reality, she was sneaking around completely obviously.

“Shit! She moved to me just now!”

“All right. Just come out already.”

I pushed her back, but Mizuna tried to dig in her feet, so I took her arm and dragged her away.

And even though she was right in front of her, Mizuna was still persistent in giving me an earful.

“…Is it okay? Does she bite?”

“Be careful.”

“Hey, dude.”

Sje seemed to have heard everything.

Yui, who had been staring at Yuuki, smiled and turned to Mizuna.

“It’s okay, are you scared~?”

I told Yui in advance, “Be careful because Mizuna’s extremely shy.”

“It’s Yui onee-chan~! Onee-chan is kind~!”

Yui was smiling while using a voice I’ve never heard before.

It’s as if she was trying to tell herself that she’s a kind older sister, but I wonder if she’s usually mistreated by her sister.

Mizuna was gazing at her with a sense of shyness… but eventually, as if she had made up her mind, she spoke to Yui.

“Ah, um!”

“Yeah, what is it”

“W-what kind of panties are you wearing!?”

“….What did you just say?”

The gentle Yui oneechan’s face was caught in one shot.

Mizuna quickly turned around and whispered to Yuuki.

“After all, it’s scary… I was trying to open up to her…”

“What are you talking about? It’s probably just regular white panties. With a ribbon.”

“Hey, dude, that’s sexual harassment.”

She seems to hear everything.

Yui glared at me as if she was trying to put a curse on me.

Then Mizuna, seeing this, quickly stood in front of Yuuki and bowed her head, as if she had thought of something.

“I’m sorry, my Yuuki-kun said something weird…”

“Wait, you’re not my owner, okay?”

“How about 30 minutes? Or maybe a punishment game…”

“I’m telling you, that’s wrong.”

Eventually, Yui, who couldn’t bear to watch, opened her mouth with a slightly nervous look.

“Well, I’m Yuuki-kun’s girlfriend, Takatsuki Yui. Nice to meet you.”

“When did that happen?”

Mizuna bent her heard to ask Yuuki instead of Yui.

Since we came here without deciding on any details, it would be bad if she got too intrusive.

“Let’s see… starting today?”

“Today!? Which on of you confessed?”

“It was…”

Yuuki looked over at Yui with a troubled face.

“You’re the one that confessed, right, Yuuki-kun?”

She quickly inserted herself into the conversation. Her tone was really natural.

It wasn’t a problem, because it was a lie anyways, so it didn’t matter which side confessed, but was this something she can’t give up on?

“Ah, Yuuki-kun did…? Hmmm…. Oh, could it have something to do with LINE?”

“No, that doesn’t have anything to do with it…”

I had a brief thought, “It’s because of you!”

“Oh, come to think about it, that one time on LINE…”

“N-no! That had nothing to do with it!”

But suddenly I was interrupted by Yui.

What are you blushing about and why are you getting mad at me while denying it?

I think she said that because my sister was the one who asked about it in the first place.

“Heh~~ Did Yuuki-kun really confess? How’d you do it?”

How, you say? I glanced over at Yui again for help, but she quickly looked away. She stopped helping me since a while ago.

It was no use, so Yuuki decided to make stuff up.

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