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Chapter 32: Mind, Body, and Soul

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“Well, I like Yui, so I asked her to go out with me.”

When I said that, Yui tried to cover her mouth with her hands.

I thought it was a sign of something, but didn’t decide on anything like that.

She ended up turning her face away and started to curl up, so I went over to Mizuna.

“Well, that’s about it… now I have a girlfriend. Now you have to make a friend too, Mizuna.”

“Well, it can’t just be any girl, you know…”

“Nah, she’s my girlfriend.”

“So I’m just saying that… yeah! You have to have your mind, body, and soul together. So Mizuna will test you!”

Mizuna said to Yuuki, “Come,” and left the living room.

It seems difficult for her to talk to Yui directly.

“Heh~ something looks interesting.”

I didn’t understand what she meant, but Yui, who seemed to be in a good mood, followed Mizuna.

I was wondering where to go, but I went to Mizuna’s room.

Mizuna opened the door and pointed inside.

“First of all, is the heart with the mind. That is, purity without dullness. So let’s see if you can clean up this room.”

“This is Mizuna’s room, isn’t it? You’re trying to make me clean your room.”

I don’t see what that has to do with heart.

Today was the first time I’ve been in Mizuna’s room in a while, but there were curled up tissues and wrappers on the desk, food scraps on the carpet, and manga that were piled up in a haphazard manner. Frankly speaking, it was a mess.

“How is it? Isn’t it a bit complicated~?”

Mizuna showed off her dirty room and smiled.

However, Yui looks around the room without any surprise and says without a care in the world,

“Well, it’s pretty cute compared to my sister’s room.”


“I’m going to clean it up, aren’t I?”

While Yuuki and Mizuna were left in a daze, Yui stepped into the room and began to clean up the trash quickly.

She threw the trash into a large plastic bag.

She vacuums first, tidying up the big stuff, as if she’s always doing this, and she was really good at it.

In no time at all, Yui gathered up the trash, stacking magazines in one place, and picking up manga that had fallen off the side of the desk.

“Ah, ‘Go-Tobun restu no Imouto’… is this Mizuna’s?” [T/N: Reference to the Quintessential Quintuplets, aka Go-Tōbun no Hanayome. Also, real quick, Miku was best girl, don’t @ me.]

“Mmm… but…”

“That’s what I’m reading! This is the new volume!”

As I recall, Mizuna bought this when we went out yeseterday.

It’s her current favorite, and they were talking about it passionately. But since Yuuki hasn’t read it, he just replied in an appropriate manner.

As soon as Mizuna realized that Yui was someone she could talk to, she began opening up, “This part over here~, about this character~” and doesn’t stop.

As expected of a self-proclaimed onee-chan, Yui also says, “Yes, yes, I get you!” and made the conversation more lively.

It seems they were really attached to the series. Yuuki couldn’t help but jump in.

“What’s the story about?”

“It’s about how the protagonist wakes up in the morning and his sister multiplied into five! I’m still reading it, but it’s interesting.”

“Isn’t that too much to ask for? Realistically, if there were five sisters, I’d definitely die of overwork.”

“Who are you talking about!”

Mizuna pushed on my shoulder.

In the case of being x5, I would be pushed into the wall.

“Yuuki-kun, you should take a proper look at it before you complain!”

Saying that, Mizuna took one of the volumes from her shelf and pushed it to me.

“Ah, that’s nice~. Can I read too?”

“Mizuna wants to read it together!”

Mizuna said, and they all sat down and read the manga together.

“Yuuki-kun, you should start from the first volume!” she said, so Yuuki listened and spread out the manga.

Before long, cleaning up was forgotten and everyone was reading manga.


“So, let’s move on to the next test… After mind, comes the body and skill. The skill, of course, is… cooking!”

Eventually, when they finished reading the entire volume, Mizuna said something like that as if she just remembered, and they all went back to the living room.

Pure enjoyment of manga… that is, the mind. I don’t know about that, but it seems to be the end of the mind test.

By the way, Yui and her seemed to bond over the manga and opened up. They were able to talk to each other face to face for a bit.

“Over here!”

Mizuna beckons me towards the kitchen.

There was a weird scene in the kitchen, where the rice that had been frozen in Tupperware was in a thawed state, and a bowl and a raw egg were to the side.

“What is this…”

“I was just about to make omurice for Yuuki-kun.” [T/N: In case you don’t know what omurice is, click here]

“Omurice again?”

“I messed up a bit last time.”

I’ve been feeding it to her with a nonchalant look on my face, but it seems to have been a mistake after all.

Mizuna urged Yui to go ahead and make omurice with the ingredients that are ready.

“So I have to just make omurice?”

“Hmmm~…. is it a little difficult for Yui-chan~?”

“I don’t think there’s anything hard about it…”

Saying that, Yui stood in the kitchen, looking over the stove, frying pans, and other cooking utensils all around.

“It’s a little different from our own kitchen…”

“No excuses.”

Yui smiles at Mizuna, who was looking smug. She looks quite relaxed.

“Can I use the stuff in the fridge, too?”

“Be my guest.”

Mizuna asked for a moment, “Is there anything else you could use?”, but immediately made a sharp look.

She was also standing behind Yui, but she was told to sit down and wait, so she meekly withdrew and took a seat at the table.

Eventually, the frying pan made a sizzling sound and a fragrant smell wafts through the air.

Yuuki sat next to Mizuna, who started fiddling with her cell phone, and watched Yui’s handiwork.

Her image of using the knife to turn the frying pan agilely, felt like she mastered the art of it, which gave Yuuki the impression that it’s quite different from what he usually sees at school.

(I knew something happened to her in the past…)

Just as he was wondering if her family environment had cast a dark shadow over her personality, a plate of omurice was placed on the table. [T/N: It took me a bit to understand this, so maybe I’m just dumb, but he’s talking about her knife skills and wonders if they came from her supposed dark past.]

The surface of the steamy egg was marked with a heart in ketchup.

“Mizuna is too fussy about her cooking.”

Mizuna licked her tongue and looked at the omelet in front of her, viewing it from multiple angles here and there.

She’s really picky about her likes and dislikes.

“Go ahead.”

As Yui stood at the side of the table and smiled, Mizuna scooped up the edge of the omelet with a spoon, smelled it, and threw it into her mouth.

And as she began to chew, she said,


She started to say something but clamped her mouth down.

Then she slowly swallows.

“…It’s so-so.”

“Don’t you actually think it’s really good?”

Yuuki took the spoon from Mizuna and took a little bite.

Mizuna’s omurice the other day was just had ketchup, but this one had chopped onions and sausage cut into small pieces mixed in.

The egg, which was crucial, was also fluffy on the surface and melty inside. There was almost nothing to complain about.

“Wow, this is delicious… I didn’t know it was going to be this different.”

When he complimented it, Yui, right beside him, puffed out her chest.

“Well, they always make me do it… I cook often.”

It was a little worrying to hear her rephrase it, but she seemed to be unquestionably skilled when it comes to making bentos and cooking.

Mizuna also took the spoon back from Yuuki and was shoveling it into her mouth single-mindedly.

“I didn’t expect Yui-chan to specialize in omelets and rice…”

“Wait, Mizuna, didn’t you eat those cookies last time? Those were made by Yui, after all.”

“What the hell! Now you say that!”

Saying that, Mizuna suddenly goes up to Yui.

In short, she wanted her to make more cookies.

“Well, I don’t have any ingredients right now, so… maybe next time.”

“Next time… Yahoooooooooooo!!”

Mizuna jumped on the spot, pumping her fists into the air.

In this situation, Mizuna would have to accept Yui.

“Mizuna, does that make you feel better now?”

“That has nothing to do with it.”

“You’re still going to keep going?”

Surprisingly, she was being stubborn.

Quickly, Mizuna distanced herself from Yui, and thrust her finger towards Yui fiercely.

“The last one is the soul of body and mind. This one is….. a body check!”

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