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Chapter 33: Examination Results

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Yui, who had a relaxed expression up to this point, froze with her eyes darting about.

Mizuna didn’t care, and she took Yui’s arm and immediately began to stroke her palm.

“Muhoho, smoooooth~”

“Wha- wait a minute…”

Yui sent a puzzled glance to Yuuki.

On the other hand, Yuuki was looking at Mizuna, watching her with great emotion as Mizuna interacted with other people without fear.

“Mm, Yuuki-kun is looking at me like you’re judging me!”

“I didn’t mean to look at you like that.”

“But it’s not like that. This is a tough call!”

Mizuna said, “Yui-chan, come here!” and pulled Yui towards herself.

Yui showed a disagreeable attitude, perhaps because she had a bad feeling, but eventually she was taken away without being able to do anything.

And Yuuki watched the two go with an unimaginable feeling.


As Yuuki leaned back on the couch alone to watch TV, the two of them returned a short while later.

Mizuna had a difficult expression, while Yui was blushing and looking down.

Upon closer inspection, Yui’s clothes seemed to be disheveled, with the collar of her blouse slightly crooked and her skirt lightly folded….


“What happened?”

“She touched me…”

I heard a thumping sound in the back room.

but Mizuna, in the center of the living room, said to no one,

“…The judging is done. The result is…”

And she looked over at Yuuki and Yui’s faces.

“Boooooooooooooooooo! Rejected!”

She pursed her lips and stuck out her arms in a cross shape.

After Yuuki and Yui looked at each other once, Yui tilted her head towards Mizuna with a bitter smile.

“Hey, I wonder what went wrong…”

“Yui-chan has passed! She gets five stars!”

“Eh, then why…”

“Yuuki-kun fails!!”

Mizuna pointed at Yuuki.

I was unexpectedly completely disqualified.

“Why am I rejected? I wasn’t even tested.”

“She’s just… too good for Yuuki-kun.”

Well, that’s certainly choose.

If I ignore her words and actions, Yui was an unmistakable beauty known to the whole school.

If I said that aloud, she’ll get mad, but she’s surprisingly good at housework.

“Well, to be honest, I don’t think it’s a good match either.”

“Ah, is that right? I don’t think I’m that good…”

Yui fidgeted as if she had difficultly saying that. In addiction, her acting ability made her suspicious.

Normally, Yuuki was just a mere mob, overshadowed by Yui, who sat next to him.

Of course, Mizuna, who isn’t supposed to know the circumstances, shook her head and said,

“Hmm… how do I put it… it’s about love. I can vaguely feel it from Yui-chan, but I can’t feel the love from Yuuki-kun.”

“Ah?! What do you feel from me?!”


“Ah, um… well…”

Yui glances at Mizuna and glances back to Yuuki for a moment.

As expected… this was also due to the performance of the famous actress Yui. Yuuki didn’t notice at all, but there was something that only women can communicate to each other.

“Somehow I feel like they got closer…”

The position between the two of them was about three people.

I’m not sure how close two lovers should be, of course, but if Yui is doing her best to act, I can’t afford to ruin it.

“No, that’s not it, see?”

Thinking that, Yuuki stood up and got close enough for his and Yui’s shoulders to touch.



Mizuna urges me further.

“Well, then…”

Should I have done that?

When I gently looked at Yui’s face, who was standing next to me, the other side returned a similarly probing look.

Even though we looked at each other, the meaning wasn’t very clear, so I put my arms around Yui and hugged her.


As soon as I did so, Yui made a strange noise.

Was that too much? When I looked at her face again, I saw Yui, whose cheeks had quickly turned pink, making a subtle expression that could neither be taken as an okay or a no go.

The feeling that I got when I touched her shoulder was softer than I had thought, but the first thing I thought about when I was this close to her was,

“You smell good… are you using a perfume?”

“I’m not using one!”



This is strange…. and as I sniffed her again, Mizuna suddenly interrupted in a high pitched voice.

“Stoooop! Don’t flirt in front of your sister!!”

“Mizuna told me to do it.”

“I didn’t tell you to be anything like a perverted old man!!”

Mizuna stepped in between us and pulled me off.

Perverted old man…? And when Yuuki was slightly shocked,

“So, um… I was wondering what you like about Yui-chan.”

It’s only natural that she would ask those kinds of questions.

But of course, we haven’t talked about anything like that, so what should I say to her?

When I glanced at Yui’s face, she made eye contact and mouthed something to me.

“…Her butt?”

“Ev-er-y-thing! How did you hear butt?!” [T/N: Yuuki said ‘denbu’ (butt) while Yui was mouthing ‘zenbu’ (everything, or all)]

“I meant everything…”

“What the hell?”

She lightly bumped me with her shoulder, but I couldn’t help but laugh at how she acts.

“What the hell? Why are you laughing? There’s nothing funny!”

“I like everything about you… also, it’s interesting.”

“N-no! Hey, this isn’t the time to flirt… d-don’t you get it?! You could just say something like ‘cute and kind’!”

“You’re so pretty and sweet.”

“You’ve been told. Right? For example, how we’re together.”

“Hmmm, I wonder… I enjoy… being with Yui?”

“Yeah, yeah, and?”


“Oh, shut up.”

It seems that Yui didn’t like that at all.

Then Mizuna, who was watching the exchange between Yuuki and Yui, waved her hands and said,

“Hai, stop, stop. Fine, I get it. It’s fine.”

What do I do now?

I thought they had figured out that she was a fake girlfriend, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

Mizuna gingerly folded her arms, and, with a somewhat distant look in her eyes,

“I see… Yuuki-kun finally has a girlfriend… and he’s grown up to this point…”

“Don’t be like that. It’s your turn now.”

“What do you mean?”


When I said that, Mizuna averted her eyes.

I decided to make sure to nail it down.

“I’m sure you said absolutely, right?”

“Well, if Mizuna feels that way, it’s an easy win.”

“Where are you going?”

“To the toilet.”

Mizuna slipped away quickly.

Yuuki lightly smiled at Yui, who was also left behind.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but it seems she thinks you’re really my girlfriend.”

“W-well, at first glance, I guess we look pretty natural, don’t we…?”

“It’s thanks to Yui’s acting that you were able to give off that vague feeling of love. Yup, you’re a great actress.”

“No, no~ I’m already a great actor.”

Hahaha, and Yui laughs at me. It’s a good thing that she’s in a good mood. Her voice was usually upbeat.

At any rate, I hope that this will bring about a good change in Mizuna.

…Mizuna probably thinks the same thing, Yuuki thought, as she didn’t show any signs of returning from the bathroom.

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