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Chapter 34: A Date With Yui-chan

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A few days later.

When Yuuki returned home from school, he found Mizuna on the living room sofa messing with her cell phone in a distracted manner.

Most of the time when Mizuna was using her phone, she was playing a game, and a loud noise came from her phone, but today it was remarkably quiet.

When he changed out of my uniform into casual wear and sat down next to her, Mizuna quickly put her phone down for a second.

“What’s up?”

“I’m just on LINE with a friend.”


Mizuna awkwardly laughed.

“Yeah, I’ve made a friend. Hehe….”

“Well, good job. What’s their name?”


“Isn’t that a doll?” [T/N: Rika-chan/Licca-chan]

“Shh, shh, shh!”

Mizuna huffed and left the living room.

After that, she didn’t come out of her room very often, and when she came out for dinner, she immediately withdrew after.

Furthermore, the next day, she came home from school later than Yuuki, which was unusual.

“I’m calling my friend so don’t come in!”

And she immediately went to her room.

Why did she leave rather than call me right after she came home?

But when she finally showed up at dinner, she said,

“I’m busy. I’m too busy to keep Yuuki-kun company~.”

She was mumbling something and fiddling with her phone.

The maid boom seems to have blown over. It’s easier because you don’t have to clean up after all.

Conversations with Mizuna where naturally decreasing, but as if she suddenly remembered,

“By the way, how is Yui-chan? I haven’t seen here since I met her.”

And then she tsk-tsked.

The famous actress needed a little rest, so I hadn’t invited her to my house since then.

I mean, there was no point in risking bringing her over, and it almost seemed like she was out of the woods when this happened.

“You’re not going on a date with Yui-chan even though you have the day off tomorrow?”

When she said something like that, I was at a loss for an answer.

I had to choice but to tell Yui, and she said “It can’t be helped…” and we hurriedly arranged to have what looked like a date.


And that day.

When Yuuki finished dressing up and went out to the living room, Mizuna was also getting dressed and preparing to go out.

I’m going to ask her if she wants to tag along our pretend date.

“Do you want to come with me, Mizuna?”

“What kind of couples go on a date with their sisters?”

“Huh? So you’re going somewhere?”

“I’m just hanging out with friends.”

Hmph, Mizuna made a pouty face. Apparently, it was not what Yuuki had expected.

That unidentified friend was finally becoming more and more of a concern.

“Just in case, they’re not a stranger from the internet or something, are they?”

“No! We’re friends’ from school!”

Well, in the first place, I don’t think she has the guts to meet a stranger in the first place.

That said, it was hard to imagine that Mizuna would go out somewhere by herself.

I’m going to suggest she come with us again, as I’m sure she’s just being weirdly stubborn anyway.

“Do you want to come with me, Mizuna?”

“Why do you keep asking me that?! Mizuna said she’s going out with her friends!”

If she insists on it, it’s probably not a good idea to keep bothering her.

It may be that her friend is not just a friend… but a boyfriend.

In either case, it’s worrying, but that kind of excessive meddling may be hindering Mizuna’s independence.

“Just go, Yuuki-kun, hurry up!”

“Don’t stay out too late, Mizuna.”

I left the house first.


The meeting place was in the square in front of the nearest station.

Yuuki, who came on foot, arrived a little earlier than the appointed time.

Although there were a few clouds, the weather was fine and the air was crisp, so it was very comfortable.

There was a pleasant breeze blowing from time to time, and on a day like this, just soaking up the sun’s rays in a daze outside would feel great.

When Yuuki was sitting near the meeting place watching the traffic and waves of people being spat out from the station, a shadow fell in front of him.

“Heyyy, are you’re awake~?”

When I looked up, I saw the person I was waiting for… Yui was in front of my face, waving her hands from side to side.

As soon as our eyes met, Yui smiled.

“Did you wait?”

“I did. You’re six minutes late.”

“At a time like this, wouldn’t it be better to say you weren’t waiting at all and just arrived?”

Yuuki took his eyes off the clock tower in front of the station and stood up.

And when he moved his gaze once again to Yui, she grinned and she straightened his collar.

“Sorry, I got a little messed up at home and left late.”

She was wearing a white blouse with a bow at her chest and a standard length skirt with a checkered pattern.

She looked like a different person from the last time I saw her in casual clothes. She was dressed up like a cute doll.

“You look pretty.”

“You said that too late.”

Replying to this, Yui looks at him as Yuuki carefully examined her. Yui seemed to be uncomfortable and grabbed his forearm and gazed at him.

“I hope you’re not going to stare at me too long…”

“Sorry. I just thought you were really cute. You look like a little girl.”

When I said that, Yui’s mouth slackened to the side, but when she noticed my gaze, she made a straight face and said,

“M-moving on! Where are you thinking of going, Yuuki-kun?”

“I don’t really have a place in particular in mind.”

As soon as I said that, Yui came closer to my face and gave me a weird look.

“…What’s with that? So why did you say you to meet at the station.”

“I thought it would be easy.”

I didn’t have any other intentions.

When I said that, Yui let out a dismissive sigh, “Huh~”.

“What do you mean by that? You didn’t make a plan.”

“Well, what can I say, I was expecting Mizuna to come along for some reason.”

“…What does that mean?”

“I was wondering if she wanted to go out with us. But it seems she made a friend, so she was meeting up with her friend…”

“Oh, that’s great! She made a friend that fast? That’s good, why are you being so worried?”

“No, it’s not that… well, it’s just that I’m a bit trapped.”

“Aren’t you worrying to much, Yuuki-kun? Mizuna chan is cute and bright, although a little weird… but it didn’t seem like she didn’t have any friends at all.”

It’s no wonder that Yui got that impression.

The last time they met, she was strangely comfortable with Yui, who she was supposed to have met for the first time, surprising Yuuki.

“Well, anyway, usually when I go out, I’m just taking Mizuna wherever she wants to go.”

“Hmm… so where do you want to go, Yuuki-kun?”

“No where in particular.”

“So you want to go home?”

“In that case, I’ll just follow you wherever you want to go.”

“Eh? Me? I don’t really know where to go…?”

“I’ve never done this, so I don’t know where to go. Is Yui used to this?”


Her speech was strangely muddled. She’s acting strangely suspicious.

Maybe she was nervous? I thought, but I didn’t understand because she was acting relaxed.

Yui tooked out her cellphone and started to mess with it.

“Well then, first of all, let’s go to a cafe…”

“Ah, I just had an idea. There was a place I wanted to go.”


“Let’s go.”

With that said, I took Yui’s hand.

—They held hands tightly, but Yui suddenly let go of his fingers.

As usual, she was blushing for some reason.

“H-hey! Why are you holding my hand all of a sudden?!”

“Ah, sorry, sorry. I shouldn’t have…”

“…W-well, since I’m your fake g-girlfriend, I should…”

“Mizuna’s not even here right now, so it’s fine. Ah, but if you don’t hold my hand, will you get lost?”


In the end, while keeping a delicate distance from each other, Yuuki and Yui headed towards the direction of a bus stop.

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