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Chapter 35: A Date With Yui-chan Part 2

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[T/N: The original title is just ‘Date 2’, but it isn’t their second date so I changed the title]

The bus took us to the largest park in the area, which was about 20 minutes away.

The park is divided into an area with a playground, a gymnasium, and a large field.

In addition, there was a long sidewalk around the perimeter of the park, and Yuuki and Yui were walking along it.

As they left the main area, which was crowded with people, and moved on to the less popular areas, the man-made structures decreased and the smell in the air changes as the greenery starts to increase.

“So this is Yuuki-kun’s favorite date spot, huh?”

Yui looked around and says that in an admiring tone.

In contrast, Yuuki was using his regular tone of voice.

“It’s not like that, I come here sometimes. Alone.”


“Whenever I’m having trouble thinking of something.”

“I’m sorry about that.”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying right now, but there’s something I like about this place.”

Was she angry that I forced her to come with me without asking her?

When I glanced over at Yui’s face, she seemed to have forgotten about the conversation and raised her voice while pointing forward.

“There’s a pond! So it’s like this over here, I’ve never been here before.”

Just as Yui said, there was a large oval-shaped pond with several small rivers flowing from it.

“Look at that red bird. It’s fast.”

We walked slowly around the pond, watching the birds swimming in the water.

There were few people around and the only noise was the occasional sound of the birds’ wings beating, so it was very quiet.

“Shall we eat over there?”

As Yuuki pointed out, there were a number of benches lined up at equal intervals at some distance from the pond.

The area around the benches was lined with tall trees, which made it cool and shady.

It was Yuuki’s favorite spot.

“It’s cooler here.”

Yui said that as she looked around.

Yuuki went ahead and sat down on the bench and pulled out a convenience store bag with onigiri and bread from the body bag on his shoulder. [T/N: Onigiri = Rice balls]

He bought it at a convenience store on the way here, when they got off the bus.

Yui, who sat next to him, also took out some food from her own bag as well.

As soon as Yuuki was about to open the seal and the onigiri and put it in his mouth, for some reason, Yui was clenching a 100-yen coin in her fingertips.

“What’s that?”

“I found it on the bench.”

“You’re lucky.”


She doesn’t seem to be very happy.

Maybe she was a person who had a lot of money to spare.

They both started having lunch a little late.

Yui bought only onigiri and sandwiches, which was quite a small amount of food.

While they were eating, Yuuki was silent. Eventually, Yui couldn’t stand it.

“To tell you the truth, this is the first time I’ve ever gone out alone with a boy.”


“And now… I’m quite relieved. My sister told me a lot of things yesterday. She told me that I shouldn’t do this or that on the first date, what kind of places to eat at and what not to. I felt like an idiot for thinking about so many things.”

“Really? Well, you say first date, but it’s not really a date…”

“Right! I know that!”

Suddenly, he heard a loud voice. Yui seemed to be in a bad mood for some reason.

Yui’s gaze landed on Yuuki’s half-eaten onigiri.

“You didn’t think I was going to eat onigiri from a convenience store in a park, did you?”

“Oh, sorry. I knew you didn’t want to go do this.”

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about how surprisingly good it was!”

Yuuki wasn’t sure why she was slightly pissed off, but he’s glad.

At any rate, he decided that this was her being tsundere, and tried to put the rest of the onigiri in his mouth at once.

“But if you had told me from the start we were coming to a place like this, I would have made you a bento or something…”

“Really? I can’t wait to try your bento again.”

“Mmm-hmm, yeah?”

Yui took a bite of the sandwich while being slightly flushed.

Her behavior was obviously strange. Needless to say, her cheeks loosened.

“Yui is easy to understand.” [T/N: …]

“Eh, y-you’re lying!”

“You really are. Fufu.” [T/N: …]

His expression naturally relaxed as well.

But when Yui saw that, her face became suspicious.

“…You’re smiling all over the place, aren’t you? You rarely smile.”

“It’s a beautiful day. It’s not too hot or cold… it’s quiet and breezy… and I felt happy.”

“And you’re sitting next to a beautiful girl.”


“I’m going to give it a quick spin.”

“Be happy in the present. Do that over and over again, and you’ll be happy forever.”

“What’s up with the poem all of a sudden?”

This is exactly what the doctor said.

When I went to Mizuna’s counseling session a long time ago, I listened with her.

It had something in common to what our mother had said, and their words left a deep impression on me.

“How about Yui?”

“Oh, me? I’m also… happy, you know?”

“That’s good.”

Yuuki smiled at her.

Perhaps she was embarrassed by it, but Yui turned her eyes away from Yuuki and began to concentrate on eating.

Eventually, when lunch was over, the two of them looked at the pond in a daze for a while.

It was a very soothing moment… but a sudden feeling of sleepiness attacked Yuuki, partly because his stomach was bloated.

Noticing that his eyelids were gradually lowering, Yui next to him looked at his face and smiled.

“You look sleepy, Yuuki-kun, fufu… Well then~… shall I give you a lap pillow?”

“Are you sure? Lucky me.”

“E-eh? W-wait a minute! I’m kidding, kidding!”

Yui desperately presses against Yuuki’s head.

Yui was in a panic and her face was quickly reddening.

“That’s not what a I meant! Yuuki-kun said, ‘What are you saying all of a sudden’, well I’m about to blush like mad! Don’t try to get a lap pillow out of it!”

“What? That wasn’t a funny joke.”

“Why do you sound a little angry?”

There were some things you can joke about and there were some things you can’t.

For Yuuki, whose sleepiness had reached it’s limit, it was the latter.

When Yuuki gave her a complaining look, “I can’t go to sleep,” Yui grinned and said,

“Ah, do you want a lap pillow that badly~?”

“I need a pillow.”

“You can’t say that. If you want me to do it for you, say that you want to have sweet, cute, Yui-chan’s lap pillow.”

“I want sweet, cute, Yui-chan’s lap pillow.”

“You’re too honest it’s scary…”

Yui was slightly taken aback. She cleared her throat and sat down on the bench and grabbed her skirt hem and stretched it out.

And then, in the same position, she looked away and said in a small voice, “G-go ahead.”

Seeing this, without hesitation, Yuuki rotated his body ninety degrees to the side, and without hesitation, put his head on her lap.

“Heh… it smells good.”

“Don’t smell it! Look the other way!”

The tip of his nose, which was facing her stomach, rolled over to the other side.

The thighs touching his face were much softer than he had expected it to be and felt very good.

“Ah~~…. I’ve done it now… Hey, I’m just a fake girlfriend, you know?”

“It doesn’t matter right now?”

“Yuuki-kun sure has a convenient way of thinking, huh?”

A finger reached out from above and poked his cheek.

But he couldn’t leave the pillow he had.

Yuuki relaxed and closed his eyes.

“Then, good night.”

“Eh, wait… seriously?”

Despite what she was saying, Yui seemed to have a nice balance with her legs. It was very comfortable.

As soon as he saw that he could rest his head in peace like this, Yuuki fell asleep in no time.

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