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Chapter 41: A Completely Fallen Secret Weapon

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“I don’t think… I’ve ever seen such a beautiful sight before.”

Sonoda pinched the frames of his glasses and looked at the two.

Then, Keitaro, with an amused grin, poked Yuuki with his elbow and said,

“Hey, Yuuki, go over and ask her what they’re talking about.”

“Ehhh. Nah, it sounds like a pain.”

“Are you even listening to us? Don’t ruin the flow of their conversation. Just take your seat with an aloof expression like usual and listen in.”

Before he could argue back, Yuuki was pushed by Keitaro into the classroom.

He couldn’t help but trudge back to his seat.

And as he settled into his hair with a casual expression, he could hear the conversation of the two people next to him.

“It’s okay, it’s okay~.”

“Mou~ I can’t help it.”

What he picked up first was the tone of Rin’s voice, which was gentle, almost as if she were a different person.

When he snuck a glance, Rin was smiling, making Yuuki suspect that she really was a different person.

“Are you not taking notes? That’s not good, don’t do that.”

Although her tone was angry, she couldn’t help but smile.

Yui was shaking in her arms, being pampered.

A lovey-dovey atmosphere was coming off of them.

It was quite eerie to see the person who had been teasing Yuuki so much become this way.

“Hey, Yuuki-kun, don’t I have a great secret weapon~?”

Then Yui talked to Yuuki. She pulled Rin’s wrist and lifted it up.

Apparently, the secret weapon Yui was talking about was her.

“Class 4, Rin-chan. She’s a super smart girl. I’m going to have her teach me~ and that’ll help me win!”

For some reason, while Yui was talking, Rin was sending him glares the whole time.

It was kind of scary, so Yuuki tried to avoid looking at Rin as much as possible.

“Heh, you two are good friends, huh.”

“It’s Max Heart.” 1

“What are you talking about, Yui?”

It seems Rin has opened her heart to Yui, but do they really have a deep connection?

“Did you know each other as kids or something?”

“Nope. But we were sitting next to each other last year! We were lucky.”

The basic seating order of all classes alternated between men and women, but probably because of the numbers of students in each class, they happened to be seated next to each other.

So it’s not like they’ve known each other for very long…

(…wait, they sat next to each other?)

Yuuki’s forehead wrinkled.

It didn’t really matter how friendly the two were, but when it came to that detail, the story suddenly changed.

Yuuki thought back to Sonoda’s reasoning behind Yui’s name.

(An epic battle between the Seatmate Killer vs. the Seatmate Breaker had already broken out…?)

And it was unreasonable to assume that it was coming to an end.

Furthermore, judging by Rin’s appearance, the winner was clear.

(That mean’s she… already fell to the Seatmate Killer…?)

That was the natural conclusion.

Apparently, the Seatmate Killer killed indiscriminately towards both men and women.

“The Seatmate Killer is scary…”

“…What are you frowning about?”

Yui had an unfamiliar attitude.

This was the first time Yuuki saw Rin like this, so it didn’t seem like the two were getting along particularly well on a regular basis.

Before the test, she was treated as a secret weapon and was called upon.

(Another poor victim…)

She was completely dancing in the Seatmate Killer’s palm.

As Yuuki looked at Rin with pity,

“What are you staring at?”

She asked him that warily.

The tone of her voice was cold, as if she was a different person from when she was talking to Yui.

“Do you have something to say?”

Of course there were things he wanted to say. But he couldn’t just tell her ‘you’re being tricked’ right in front of Yui.

Because she was already brainwashed. It was hard to think she would believe Yuuki.

When Yuuki lamented over such a dilemma, Yui stood up to see if he felt okay.

“Hey, Rin-chan! Don’t make such a scary face~!”

She went behind Rin and then quickly wrapped her arms around her back and hugged her tightly.


Then an odd sound came from Rin’s mouth.

Her cheeks, ears, and face turned red.

“H-hey, Yui! S-stop it!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine~”

Yui, who was nibbling on Rin’s neck, peeked out from behind her and said,

“See, Rin is actually a moe character. She’s not scary, okay?”

“You’re red too, Yui.”

“When have I ever blushed before?”

“You do it all the time.”

“That’s just hot blood. It doubles attack power.”

While saying something Yuuki didn’t understand, Yui grabbed Rin’s arms and felt them.”

“Punipuni2 you have nice upper arms~. How envious~.”

“Can I try it?”

“No, of course not.”

He said it as a joke, but got a serious reply.

Yui put her face close to the nape of Rin’s neck and pulled on her nose.

“You smell good~. I’m so enviable~.”

“Yui smells good too, don’t you? I love that scent.”


Yui suddenly let out a strange sound and blew out, and turned red.

“Eh, pervert, pervert! Rin-chan, this guy has a smell fetish, watch out!”

“…How do you know what Yui smells like?”

The blood quickly drained from Rin’s face, who had been so red earlier.

Zugogogo… the pressure from her seemed to be audible.

When he looked to Yui for help, he wondered if this was an over reaction.

“I’m not helping you out! It’s your fault for saying something like that!”

He was abandoned.

Finally, Rin had a look of alarm.

“Yui, if you feel like he’s going to do something to you, tell me right away.”

“Yeah, thanks, Rin-chan~.”

“Jeez, you’re so familiar with Yui… and why does it seem like you’re looking at someone pathetic?”

She turned her hostile gaze on Yuuki.

Again, Yui hurriedly stepped in between them and started waving her hands frantically in front of Rin’s face.

“Look, Rin-chan, you can’t do that! Don’t do that again!”

“That guy was looking at me and it was annoying.”

“Well, he’s a little weird. Yuuki-kun, say sorr, too.”


“See? He’s a good boy at heart.”

Yui made a gesture in the air as if she was patting Yuuki’s head.

When Rin saw that, her face became even scarier.

(She’s also pretty wild…)

Since he had decided to watch over and rehabilitate Yui, it was also his responsibility to provide care for her victims.

For now, it might be a good idea to introduce her to some of her fellow victoms.

Pointing to the entrance where Keitaro and Sonoda were, he said,

“You’ve got comrades over there, if you want to join them.”


With a glare, Rin looked back toward the doorway.

Then immediately, like trained assassin’s, Keitaro and Sonoda quickly hid in the shadows.

“…What comrades?”

“Over there…”

When he looked at them again, Keitaro desperately beckoned Yuuki to come.

Even from a distance, Rin’s intimidating aura was pretty bad.

“Excuse me.”

After all, she’s a tough opponent to beat without a plan.

Yuuki slipped past her and went back over to Keitaro.

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